Preparing for Open Calls

Open calls -- the time set aside by modelling agencies to meet with models that don't have appointments -- can be incredibly frustrating, nerve-wracking and time-consuming.

Often, unless you already have a mother agent on a first name basis with the scouts at an agency, an open call is your only chance to be seen.

Present yourself exactly the way you would any time you meet with an agent.

When you arrive, be prepared to wait. Be prepared to be rejected outright. As with all things 'modelling,' be prepared for just about anything.

To best be prepared for an open call, bring a book or magazine... you never know how long the wait will be. Bring a bottle of water or juice. Bring make-up in case you need to freshen up. If you have a portfolio, bring it. If you have some snapshots, bring them.

Interact with the other models. Be friendly... you don't know who's watching. The agency staff want to see models with personality and confidence.

The best way to approach the open call is as a casting. The scouts/bookers are the clients you need to impress.