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Summer 2005

Your feedback:

My concern is the portfolio I have with my current agency.

My booker/agent NEVER worked with me to help me pick a "theme" or what clothes I should model. As a result the photographer was running around his studio with ideas on the background (he mainly always put me behind a window with the same lighting), and what clothes I should be wearing. As a result, the pictures don't look like they came out of a Vogue magazine. As well, I was modelling ALL winter clothes. You always see me in long sleeves and clothes that look like they should be worn during a blizzard.

When I look at Ford Toronto's website, my pictures cannot even hold a candle to the quality, styling etc. Will I be rejected by an agency based upon my portfolio?

My concern is how am I going to go to the best agencies in Toronto and present them pictures that don't look like editorials from Flare or Elle Canada?

Should I not bring a book and pretend I'm 100% new to the business or should I explain to them the circumstances behind this?

Modelresource's reply:

We went straight to Ford Models' Cathy LeDrew for this answer:

Most good agencies can see beyond bad photos. Your portfolio is more than just one photo shoot and if it helps, it often takes a few photo sessions and a range of images to book a model. The season of clothing will not make a difference and the models with "Vogue" shots in their books didn't get them from a test, there are many professionals on set including wardrobe stylists who all help to portray the look. My best advise when you are shooting at this stage of your career is to keep things simple.

If you are really unhappy with your photographs don't show them in your interviews with agencies, bring snap shots from home. We can usually tell if you are photogenic.

If you are already with an agency I suggest you discuss your concerns so this doesn't happen again.

Best of luck!


Cathy LeDrew