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Summer 2005

Your feedback:

My Toronto agency found some New York agencies that are interested in me.

My question is, considering I have gotten zero response thus far in Toronto, which is an "easier" market than New York, am I safe to think that going to New York would be a waste of cash and time since NYC is more competitive - I'll be up against thousands of models including supermodels for jobs?

Modelresource's reply:

New York and Toronto are very different places and even though there are way more models in NY, there are also a lot more opportunities.

Usually the New York agencies (the GOOD New York agencies) have a good sense of what will and will not work. They are too busy to waste time and effort on people they don't feel strongly about.

Unfortunately though, everything in modelling is a risk. You have to ask yourself "Am I going to regret it later if I don't try?"

I would head to New York and look at it as a vacation/learning opportunity. New York is an amazing city, so you certainly won't be bored if you go. If you do end up getting work, all the better.

As for the part about being up against supermodels - they often price themselves out of the smaller bookings. You need to start somewhere and although it isn't unheard of for a new face to book Calvin Klein, the supermodels generally won't be doing the small, local bookings which can still buy your groceries and build your portfolio.