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Summer 2006

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I live in London Ontario and I want to get in to modelling. I want to know if I can remain in London and be signed to a Toronto agency, or if I have to move to Toronto. I'm 18 and I am still in high school so moving at this point is not an option.

Modelresource's reply

Excellent question! We asked B&M Models' Gail McInnes to reply, since she so kindly wrote a great article about modelling in Toronto for Modelresource last summer.

You will need to physically come into Toronto to do castings, photo shoots, bookings etc. The majority of these take place during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 9am 5pm.

You do not necessarily have to live in the city of Toronto. However, because many clients need to see you in person you will have to be prepared to travel to Toronto quite frequently. If you are not able to commit to driving in and out of the city at this time, then you may want to wait until you are more available to do that. London is only about a 2 hour drive to Toronto; of course that all depends on what time you're driving into the city and traffic etc, so it is totally doable.

Schooling of any kind is highly important, so if you are planning to model while in school you will have to be sure that you are up to date on all assignments and book out with your agency when you have any presentations or exams. Communicating to your agent about your schedule is essential. Also, if at any time you feel like the travel is getting too much between the two cities and you are working frequently then you may want to consider moving to the city.