Backstage Readiness

Eddie Maleterre with Christina Ionno
As part of this site's ongoing commitment to helping models make the most of their opportunities, Modelresource recently sat down with L'Oréal Paris makeup artist Eddie Maleterre and L'Oréal Paris hair stylist Eric Del Monaco to learn what they expect models to know. The pair is the creative force behind the looks at L'Oréal Fashion Week, and have an incredible amount of experience making models look runway ready.

The most important point they want you to note is they are the artists, and they need a clean canvas on which to do their work. Maleterre tells Modelresource "It's good when they arrive with nothing on their face. No makeup, no mascara, nothing. Because we are very busy and we need to work fast. If they arrive with beautiful skin, and beautiful hair - no roots - it's perfect for us, and for them too."

Del Monaco echos that sentiment, saying "it's really important that they come with their hair washed, dried and with absolutely no product in it whatsoever. No spray, no gel, nothing, nothing, nothing." Ideally he would like the hair washed the night before, with a bit of conditioner applied right afterwards. But, he notes, the conditioner should only be applied to the hair itself. "Not on the scalp. Sometimes we need the scalp to be a little pliable."
IMPORTANT: When the models come backstage they should wear very open shirts. A lot wear t-shirts up near their neck, or in the colder months they wear turtlenecks, and with makeup or a really intricate hairstyle it's very hard to pull it over the head. - Eric Del Monaco
Being prepared however, isn't something one can leave to the last minute. Maleterre says models need to be aware of what they're working with all the time. "It's their work. Even if they're students or have jobs, they work with their skin, their hair and their body. The thing I ask them is to take care of their skin. To do a scrub once a week, to drink a lot of water."

But as Maleterre notes, many models are afraid to have a facial because it can make skin break out. "Sure, at the beginning everything will come because it's exfoliating, but in three months everything will be very clean and beautiful." (more about facials here)

Maleterre suggests that agencies should consider talking to their models to see which products work best, then making a list for all the models to follow. Also useful, he says, would be instructions on how to use the products.

He feels most of the models at L'Oréal Fashion Week show up prepared, but one model in particular Maleterre noted for having great skin was Elite's Christina Ionno. Her system:
"Water is the main source to keep your skin hydrated. Drink water even if you don't feel thirsty. Wash & moisturize your face and body, morning and night. No sleeping with makeup (that feels gross anyway). Lovely skin comes from the food you eat. I eat a lot of "healthy fats" such as avocado and salmon (my favourites!) olive oil, trail mix, etc. It is all about keeping good habits."


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