Skincare Basics

Skin care is a science of its own. A necessary part of a model's day, skin care is not something to be taken lightly. Instead, educate yourself fully, and keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in skin care.

The better you take care of your skin, the more favorable impression you will make, and the longer your career will last.

Every model (in fact, everyone who cares about their appearance) should follow a twice-daily skin care regimen. Generally included in this are the three products: cleanser, toner and conditioner.

There are many types available at pharmacies. If you're unfamiliar with these products, ask someone where to find them. Some of the better known brands are Biore, Vaseline and Neutrogena.

Getting enough sleep, staying away from cigarette smoke, drinking plenty of water and protecting your skin from the sun also go a long way to preserving your skin. But that's just the day-to-day stuff.

Models should also treat themselves to regular facials, and steam their face from time-to-time.

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Cleansing removes dirt, makeup and other foreign matters from the skin's surface, and can come in a variety of forms:

Soap - Not usually recommended for the face, as soaps are usually too harsh for the face's sensitive surface. Even Dove now states on its web site that it's beauty bar is not a soap, but rather a beauty bar, and they feature a "sensitive skin" bar, as well as cleansing cloths designed specifically for the face.

More popular cleansers usually come in the form of scrubs that may or may not require you to dampen your face first. Some lather, some contain gritty-feeling beads and others merely apply with a cotton ball.

If possible, consult a dermatologist to determine your skin type and its unique needs before selecting a cleanser.

Ingredients to avoid in a good cleanser are alkaline and ash, which may clog the pores.


Usually the second step in the skin care regimen is the toner.

The purpose of this clear liquid is to get inside the pores and dissolve the materials which are clogging or enlarging them.

Some contain alcohol. Consult your dermatologist to see if that is something which with you should be concerned.

Generally the toner/astringent is applied with a cotton ball, and leaves a slight tingling feeling. If it burns, or leaves your skin feeling too dry, you should likely try a new product.


The third step in the daily skin care regimen.

The purpose of these creams or lotions is to protect your skin for the day or night ahead, and to smooth-out wrinkles and fine lines in the complexion.

Some people use the same product morning and evening, while others choose a different product for separate occasions.

One thing of which to be sure, is the one you use in the morning contains a Sun Protection Factor (S.P.F.) of at least 15.

Other qualities to look for in a good conditioner are vitamin E (important to the skin), one that goes on without feeling oily or greasy, and one that absorbs quickly into the skin.