When you get a facial, the idea is to pull the dirt and oil from below the surface of the skin so the subdermis has a chance to heal and revitalize itself. Unfortunately the immediate (albeit it temporary) effect is the appearance of unhealthy skin because you've now pulled the dirt and oil to the surface.

The lesson then, is to get regular facials so the effects aren't so dramatic each time you do it, and to NOT get your first facial in the days leading up to a casting, go-see or booking.

Of course if you take the time to look after your skin every day, it will also decrease the negative effects of your facial. Avoiding smoky areas, washing your face regularly with a good cleanser, and using toner and conditioner to finish of the routine will greatly enhance skin's health and appearance.

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What if I can't afford to get regular facials?

One of the most effective, inexpensive methods we've seen is the egg white. If you're vegan (like me) it might be an issue, but otherwise it's only the "gross" factor that makes this unappealing. One egg white is more than enough to do your face.

Simply wash your face first, then spread the white of the raw egg across the surface of your face.

One thing that needs to be stressed with anything to do with skin care, is to develop a good understanding of your skin type. If you aren't sure, find out whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, Martian skin... whatever. Learn your skin type and take care of it.