Realities of Modelling

  • Modelling is by its very nature, sexual. Selling an attractive image is why models are hired. If a model can't put forward a confident image with the knowledge that it is his/her body on display, they are in the wrong field.

  • Shyness is not a good quality for a model. Fashion shows may not have separate dressing rooms. Photo shoots may not have private changing facilities. Clients or scouts may opt to take your measurements to see if you fit the mould.

  • A lot of people are in this industry for less-than honourable reasons. There are always people trying to take advantage of "starry-eyed, model wannabe's." No agency can protect you from everything. Although a good agency will try to limit a model's exposure to such types, it is impossible to weed through everyone.

  • Models have to be healthy. Models must take care of themselves and be willing to do the work necessary to maintain a marketable image. Even plus-size models have to appear healthy and attractive.

  • Models must constantly educate themselves. It is vital a model understands the world of fashion and the expectations involved. This means keeping up-to-date with trends, knowing what's required in their market, understanding the roles of the various people involved, etc. It is a lot to learn because things change so quickly in this industry.

  • Rejection is more common than acceptance. When a model competes for a job she is up against several other models. Not everyone can get the job. Quite often the rejection will be cold and flat with no apologies or explanation. Other times there will be an explanation, and it won't be sugarcoated.

  • Modelling is seldom glamorous. There is the opportunity to travel, meet amazing people, be seen by a lot of people, and make a lot of money, but it is a lot of work. Photoshoots can start at sunrise, and involve standing around for hours. The demands of photographers, stylists, art directors, agents and clients can be overwhelming. You may have to rush to one location, only to have to wait around to be seen, and then promptly rejected.