Runway Technique for New Models

As with all things modelling, there are no rules that canít be broken. The following list is not meant to be the final word on runway. Instead it is a guideline for models starting out.

If you are a new model and wanting to practice at home, we suggest this is a good way to start. When a designer is offering you hundreds or thousands of dollars to show off her creations, forget this list and listen carefully:

  • Keep your chin level. You don't want your nose in the air, or your eyes on your feet.
  • Hold your butt tight. Imagine you are trying to hold a coin with your butt.
  • Keep your shoulders back.
  • Imagine an invisable hook attached to your sternum (breast bone) and lifting straight up.
  • Swing both arms evenly. Most new models have a tendency to swing just one arm.
  • Curl your fingers. Making fists or holding the fingers straight lets the crowd know you're nervous. Instead your fingers should brush your legs as they pass.
  • Take long strides. Smooth, flowing strides look better than short, choppy ones.
  • Don't move your mouth. If you're trying to count your steps, don't move your lips.
  • If you make a mistake, KEEP GOING. Quite often the crowd will have missed it completely. What makes a model better is not just how seldom they screw up, but also how they recover from their mistakes.
  • PRACTISE. Learning to "walk like a model" isn't as easy as it seems. Get a full-length mirror and some upbeat music to ensure it all comes together.

Most of the tips above apply to guys too. The difference between the sexes is that girls are supposed to look polished and poised. Guys are supposed to look cocky and less-refined.

Whereas girls do a one-line walk, guys do a two-line walk (which is pretty much how you'd normally walk). It's still important to stand tall and confident, but not to look like you care so much.

Remember the reason you are on the runway is to show-off the clothes. Whether or not you like the clothes is irrelevant. You're a model and are expected to make the clothes appealing to the crowd. They may not fit properly -- they may not be anything you'd EVER want in your closet. It doesn't matter. What's important is convincing people they want those clothes in their closet.