Water has long been thought to be a model's best friend, claiming to clear the skin, accelerate the metabolism and flush out impurities. But how important is it really?

Dr Barney Kenet, M.D. is a dermatologist in New York, and the author of "How to Wash Your Face" (Simon & Schuster).

According to Kenet's book, water is important to keeping your body healthy, but the effect it has on your skin is only relative to the effect on the rest of you. In other words, the healthier your lifestyle, the healthier your skin will be.

Healthscout, an on-line service, published a report questioning the need for so much water in the average diet ("Do We Need All That Water?" June 9, 2021).

The article lists sources in the United States questioning the common "eight glasses a day" rule, and stating we get enough water from the foods we are likely already eating.

That having been said, the American Dietetic Association still recommends six to eight glasses each day, and list the following benefits of water on it's web site:

  • transports nutrients
  • carries away waste
  • moistens eyes, mouth and nose
  • hydrates skin
  • ensures adequate blood volume
  • forms main component of body fluids
  • protects against heat exhaustion
  • acts as insulation in the cold
  • helps carry medicines to the proper places in the body

The Mayo Clinic's online site simply states water is important to everyday living, and when you're thirsty, water is usually the best choice.

The other important point which seems to appear consistently is that if you are looking to replenish your water supply with other fluids (containing water), beware of alcohol or caffeine which increase urine output and consequently have a dehydrating effect.

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