Spring/Summer 2008


Teisha for GSUS

My first glimpse of Next's Teisha came a full year ago, when she appeared in the Chio di Stefania D show that closed out SS/07.

Nobody around me knew who she was. Nobody knew who she was with. Chantale Nadeau reminded me Friday that this was the girl that self-promoted herself right into L'Oréal Fashion Week.

I had several chances to work with the 17-year-old this week and I adore this girl, especially now that I recall how she worked her way into the industry.

The 5'8½" brunette was part of the Nada Yousif lineup of new faces on Friday, before letting down her hair to rock GSUS' runway.

Throughout the day today I'll be catching up images and stories from Day FIVE, getting my recap online, sharing my thoughts on Robin Kay, posting Pink Tartan's lineup, and hopefully (if I have time) finishing my story on the Nada Yousif/Modelresource New Face Show.

Keep checking back...

Ford's Sam Heinrich was one of the busiest models this season, adding three more bookings on Friday.

Starting with Pink Tartan's 10:00 a.m. call time, following through with Nada Yousif and still on site to promote a new magazine when the tents closed after midnight, the Kelowna model's hair must be hating her by now.

Heinrich's mother and sister flew out from B.C. last week to see the model's first fashion week. They can't be disappointed in their investment.

Sam Heinrich in Pink Tartan and for Eye Candy
photo on the left by Maja Hajduk

I didn't plan on writing about Robin Kay this season. Honestly, it's getting silly. But, here it is... my thoughts on the whole Robin Kay thing.

Now back to more important things...

Since scouting whiz Corey Mann defected to Vancouver a couple years ago, Next Canada has scooped up some amazing West Coast talent, including this trio.

Els, Kelsey and Kaela made up 25% of the Pink Tartan lineup Friday, only hours before the first two hopped a flight home. Kaela returned to B.C. on Saturday.

Els, Kelsey and Kaela before Pink Tartan

Kudos to the FDCC for making a bigger commitment to staying current this season by keeping its website fresh.

The shot below is of Ford's Katie Bishop in Slavka Plavsic Wednesday.

Bishop closed out fashion week with two more shows Friday, before modelling again in the afterparty.

Katie Bishop on the L'Oréal Fashion Week website

While Modelresource spent the week getting to know B&M's Lisa Porter in person, Québec residents were getting to know her image in Clin D'Oeil.

Porter is definitely unique, and that captivating thing she has in her face translates very well to the runway.

Wait until the Steven Trigueros video comes out... you'll see what I mean.

Lisa Porter in Pink Tartan (photo: Matthew Lyn)
and in Clin D'Oeil (photo: Hamish Kippen).

It was great to see Elmer Olsen's Sarra Jane in town for fashion week.

Like Lisa Porter, Sarra Jane is someone Modelresource has been a fan of right from the beginning.

The 5'9½" Ottawa model opened David Dixon's show on Wednesday evening.

Sarra Jane gets her hair touched up by L'Oréal Paris'
hair artist Eric del Monaco, prior to Paul Hardy Friday.

From the first time I met Elmer Olsen's Darlene in August, I knew I wanted to cast her in a fashion show, so when I got the opportunity to have her for Nada Yousif's collection I didn't delay.

The 15-year-old Sudbury model is just simply outstanding. In addition to walking in my New Face lineup, she also did the Paul Hardy show just before, and Seven Eighty immediately following, without ever missing a step.

Seriously, keep watching this one.

One of Modelresource's new faves: Darlene in Nada Yousif
photo: Maja Hajduk.

And then there's Victoria.

I nearly fell over when this 5'10" 15-year-old glided into the Steven Trigueros casting.

She's now just over a month into her career with Elmer Olsen and meeting her the second time I was sure I wanted her to close Nada Yousif's show. Which she did. And the photos look amazing!

Victoria drops an adjustable hem in Nada Yousif,
before returning down the runway to close the show.
photos: Maja Hajduk

Pink Tartan opted to show outside the fashion week environment this season, choosing a salon style presentation instead, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville.

Top row: Irina Funtikova (Elite), Cate Chant (Sutherland), Kelsey (Next)
Second Row: Kate Somers (Ford), Kaela (Next), Tara Gill (Elmer Olsen)
Third Row: Lisa Porter (B&M), Sam Heinrich (Ford), Elyse Saunders (Ford)
Bottom Row: Amanda Tataryn (Sutherland), Els (Next), Tori Leach (B&M)
photos: Maja Hajduk





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