Spring/Summer 2009


Montréal Fashion Week officially got underway this morning, with Evan Biddell's open photo shoot concept at Marché Bonsecour.

Stunning in the opening event were five Giovanni models; Christiane Sophie, Lee Dares, Tori Leach, Isabelle Giguere and Stefanie Nazoyan.

Leach and Nazoyan will travel to Toronto for L'Oréal Fashion Week following the Montréal shows.

Biddell's showroom presentation is scheduled for Wednesday here, and he too will be showing in Toronto next week.

Giovanni's Christiane Sophie, Lee Dares, Tori Leach,
Isabelle Giguere
and Stephanie Nazoyan with Evan Biddell

Montage's Renee Thompson
for Andy Thê-Anh
Marché Bonsecour is a pretty swell venue for Montréal Fashion Week. For those that haven't been, the market is locted in Vieux-Montréal; the historic cobblestoned streets that run adjacent the St. Lawrence River.

Although there is an air of excitement around the shows, attendance has been surprisingly light. Other than Muse par Christian Chenail and Andy Thê-Anh, the other on-site shows were disappointingly sparse. Having seen the frenzy a Lucien Matis show causes in Toronto, I was definitely surprised to sit in a half-empty room Tuesday.

I've seen the same thing happen to really talented Montréal designers in Toronto, too. Usually one well-reviewed collection creates enough buzz to fill the seats next time, so hopefully if Matis does return to Québec next season the turnout will be better.

Interestingly, Fashion Design Council of Canada President Robin Kay - just days before Toronto's shows open - made the trek to La Belle Province, as did Toronto-based designers Biddell and Matis, and Toronto models Tori Leach (Giovanni) and Renee Thompson (Montage).

It's been common for Montréalers to head to Toronto for the more high-profile L'Oréal Fashion Week, but this reverse migration is definitely a positive sign for Québec's fashion community.

Modelresource had some "camera issues," so unfortunately this page isn't nearly as colourful as I might like, but highlights included:
  • Thompson, Leach and Victoria Denofrio (Giovanni) - three of the best walks going.
  • Montage's Stephanie Rudyk, who looks very strong in her second season of shows.
  • Finally getting to see Folio's Tyo, who is a local favourite, but someone I never get to see in Toronto.
  • Andy Thê-Anh's entire show, which was both wildly entertaining and beautiful
Sensation Mode (the organization that produces Montréal Fashion Week) has a pretty great policy of allowing media to re-publish select photos from their website. There isn't a huge selection, but I sure appreciate what there is.

Specs' Catherine for Dinh Ba and Giovanni's Lee Dares for Lucien Matis
photo: Jimmy Hamelin

Giovanni's Victoria Denofrio and Christiane Sophie for Andy Thê-Anh

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