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April 2007

April 30, 2021

Gail McInnes
Gail McInnes
While Modelresource was dealing with some server issues last week, one of our favourite people left the industry.

Gail McInnes, who was the resource to whom Modelresource most often turned, resigned her position at B&M.

The native of Scotland says her days as a booker are behind her, and she is taking time to "do my other work and maybe find something that will make me happy"

April 24, 2021

Mode Models, as you may already know, currently has three faces placed among the Top 50 on (Johanna Stickland, Julia Dunstall and Heather Marks). It's a pretty impressive claim.

So when agency owner Kelly Streit sends out notice that he's excited about his next model, you tend to get a little excited along with him.

Gloria is the 5'9½, 15-year-old that Streit is gushing over right now, and in an industry with no guarantees that's as close to a sure thing that you can get.

Mode's 5'9½ Gloria

April 20, 2021

A couple months ago Modelresource told you about Portfolio : Derrière l'Image; a Québec reality series that would launch two modelling careers.

The winners were announced Thursday night, and Folio's newest models are Mimi and Marckendzy.

Mimi and Marckendzy
Mimi et Marckendzy

April 19, 2021

Brandon Neville
Brandon Neville
Following a successful year in Asia, Stylus Canada's Brandon Neville is finally sleeping in his own bed again.

His time abroad was divided between Korea, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Mainland China, building a strong portfolio and walking for designers like Gucci, DKNY, Prada, Burberry and cK.

April 18, 2021

Simona, by Hamish Kippen
Chantale Nadeau makes it all seem so easy. Find a great girl (she makes it seem like they're everywhere), groom them seemingly in a matter of days, and pick and choose from waiting agencies.

Of course it's not quite that simple, but when your model search turns up faces like these two... well... the next stages certainly become less difficult.

Nadeau's most recent model search winner is a stunning 5'10", 17-year-old named Simona who is placed with Sutherland in Toronto, and will be spending her summer in New York with Marilyn.

Runner up Amber, a striking 5'8", 14-year-old from Grande Prairie, Alberta will be in Toronto for the summer.

Simona and Amber
Simona, by Koby & Lori; and Amber by Owen Bruce

April 18, 2021

The Toronto Fashion Incubator held its "Ultimate Platinum TFI " event Tuesday, featuring amazing platinum-coloured creations by some of this city's top designers.

Twenty-two models took part in the New Labels show, that also helped marked 20 years of TFI.

A big thanks to B&M booker Gail McInnes - a longtime supporter and volunteer at TFI - for all her help last night.

Pictured below are B&M's Catherine Emmanuel (the new face of B&M's website), Amy Lalonde, booker Emma Barker, Shani Feldman and Natalie Brown.
Catherine, Amy, Emma, Shani and Natalie
Catherine, Amy, Emma, Shani & Natalie

April 17, 2021

Maia Neuman
Maia Neuman
Photo by Robert Collins
Last year, while quietly enjoying my mocha at one of the neighbourhood Starbucks I had my first meeting with Pat Jarosz.

I was working on this site when a swarm of models descended on the café; an occurance that caused me to jump from my seat to figure out who brought them.

Jarosz has been around the Toronto industry for two decades, but has called Wasaga Beach home for a number of years.

She now conducts model searches around Southern and Central Ontario, finding a lot of success by finding a lot of great faces.

One of the major beneficiaries of Jarosz' ongoing scouting has been Elmer Olsen, whose agency now represents several of her discoveries. Says Olsen, "I've always looked forward to Pat's model searches because she has the rare ability to see beyond a girl's beauty. She has a great eye and I've enjoyed working with many of her discoveries."

Pictured here are three model search finds now represented by Elmer Olsen Models.

Nicole and Chloe
Nicole & Chloe
Photos by Robert Collins

April 16, 2021

Bree Condon
Bree Condon
Folio holds the Montréal rights to book GUESS? girl Bree Condon, which means that technically they have four girls flying off to China this week.

Along with the Texas brunette, Ariane (who has shot for GUESS? in the past), Charlotte and Melany are also off to the Far East.

The foursome has been booked to add profile to the GUESS? China grand opening at Shanghai's Infinity Mall.

Melany, Ariane and Charlotte
Melany, Ariane and Charlotte

April 12, 2021

Corestone's Danielle seems to be making the most of her first overseas experience.

The 5'11" brunette has been in Thailand since January, collecting tears like the one on the left from Front Magazine.

Modelresource has also learned Danielle will be appearing in the May issues of We and Madame Figaro, and will be departing shortly for her second international placement, this time in Singapore

April 11, 2021

Alicia Hughes
Alicia Hughes, by Kevin Sinclair
Modelresource introduced you to Alicia Hughes in November, when she was named the winner of Chantale Nadeau's model search.

Now the 20-year-old blonde is being premiered on as well, thanks to Code Models, which has done an excellent job promoting Canadians in New York.

The images of Hughes - who, by the way, is one of the nicest people you will ever meet - were taken last week by Kevin Sinclair.

The Guelph, Ontario model is represented in Toronto by Sutherland and in Montréal by Folio.

Check back to Modelresource to see Chantale Nadeau's newest Model Search winner, coming soon.

April 10, 2021

You may have already noticed that Elmer Olsen Models recently updated the layout its website (seen here).

Now they have also updated the look of their comp cards.

Pictured below on the new-fangled layout is Alana Zimmer, who according to agent Ryan Greenwood has just confirmed Marc Jacobs (with Juergen Teller), and Missoni Sport (with Terry Tsolis).

Simply stunning.
Alana Zimmer
Alana Zimmer's new comp with Elmer Olsen Models

April 9, 2021

Modelresource recently had the chance to get some valuable insights into the Milano market from someone with 20 years experience in the fashion capital.

Paul Kopp - seen below with Corestone's Gabriela Pierantoni and models from both Corestone and Calgary's Images - made seven Canadian stops, scouting for Joy Models and Look Now.

Modelresource will have his insights later this week.

Paul, Gaby and the models
Paul Kopp, Gabriela Pierantoni, Leanne (Corestone),
Taylor (Images, Corestone), Jillian (Images), & Caroline (Corestone)

April 8, 2021

Alex Loomans
Alex Loomans
Big news from Elmer Olsen, where men's booker Tara Lanoway informs Modelresource that Alex Loomans is the new face of Polo.

6'2" Loomans, who bears a striking in-person resemblance to Prince Harry, is represented in New York by IMG.

April 3, 2021

Kaitlyn Vanderkooi
Kaitlyn Vanderkooi has picked up on someone Modelresource has been telling you about since July.

Kaitlyn Vanderkooi, (who also appears here and here) is affiliated with Elite New York on hintmag's Model Mania section, although she actually calls Storm Models her mother agent. In Canada the 5'9½" brunette is placed Elmer Olsen (Toronto) and Folio (Montréal).

Speaking of Folio, thanks for all the great feedback we heard from Modelresource's little April Fool's prank.

April 2, 2021

Luke Marek
Luke Marek
B&M may as well stand for "Bruce & Mel" for all the Hollister-related bookings the agency seems to be finding.

For the fourth time in very recent memory a B&M model - Luke Marek in this case - has been booked to shoot with Bruce Weber.

Carolyn Hayes has done so twice, and Alex Jack once, while Paulina Murchie shot with Weber for Abercrombie & Fitch.

6'1" Marek is off to Austin, Texas for his shoot.

If you're wondering what B&M actually stands for, please have a look at Modelresource's August 2005 agency profile.

April Fool's Day, 2007

Folio Toronto
Kelly Craig, of the box-office hit 300,
is expected at Folio Toronto's
April 13th launch party
In what may have been the worst kept secret in Canada's modelling industry, Montréal's Folio Models has announced it will be opening a Toronto location.

A 1,900 square-foot Fashion District location was secured in February, and is now set to open for business on April 16th.

Folio booker Alexandre de Bellefeuille tells Modelresource he will be temporarily relocating to "The Big Smoke" to ensure a smooth transition. He also says two bilingual agents have already been hired; one with experience booking in Toronto, the other well known for her scouting and development of new faces.

"We've been planning this for over a year," says de Bellefeuille, "and although we expected to be open much sooner, we've been too busy with our Montréal clients to get everything done before now."

As in Montréal, Folio Toronto will be representing women, men and artists, many of whom will be attending the agency's launch party on April 13th.

de Bellefeuille says he wants to be clear he is not looking to recruit models from other Toronto agencies, saying the number of Montréal-based models without Toronto representation will keep them busy enough in the beginning. He does say however, scouting for new faces is already underway.

Contact information for Folio Toronto, including the agency's new web site can be found on Modelresource's Toronto agency listings.

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