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April 2008

April 29, 2021

Ryan Martel
Folio's Ryan Martel in Pure
The new issue of PURE is out in Québec, and features Folio's Ryan Martel and Stephanie Rudyk; two new faces Modelresource is following closely.

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Stephanie Rudyk
Stephanie Rudyk in PURE

April 28, 2021

Renee Lacombe
Renée Lacombe for Zenobia
photo: Richard Bernardin
With her first year of post-secondary studies behind her, Renée Lacombe has decided to return to Europe, where she will be based with Karin in Paris.

Better still, she's heading to Paris with some campaign materials in her book, complements of Zenobia, and photographer Richard Bernardin.

And she isn't the only Next model with a new campaign to her credit. Jean-François Poirier is also now appearing in the Fila Vintage Collection.

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Jean-Fran├žois Poirier
Next's Jean-François Poirier (left) for Fila

April 24, 2021

Charlotte Le Bon
Thomson in Neo2
photo: Paco Garcia
The men's board at Elmer Olsen continues to rack up the editorials, covers and campaigns.

On the left is new face Thomson, who was shot by Paco Garcia for Neo2, and by Mackenzie James for fantasticsmag.

Below, no stranger to Modelresource readers, is Alex Loomans' latest look for Polo Ralph Lauren, as well as Jason King, who just landed on the cover of Men's Health.

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Alex Loomans and Jason King
Elmer Olsen's Alex Loomans (left) and Jason King

April 23, 2021

Charlotte Le Bon
Folio's Charlotte Le Bon
New editorial from Charlotte Le Bon, who finds herself in Europe these days.

The Folio model appears in the latest Spanish Marie Claire magazine, in two spreads shot at London museums.

The image on the right was taken at the Victoria & Albert, while the photos below were shot inside the Tate Modern.

Le Bon is scheduled to return to North America at the end of May.

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Charlotte Le Bon
Charlotte Le Bon in Spanish Marie Claire, photo: Outomuro

April 17, 2021

Folio's Julia, 5'11"
Two from Folio's new face board that Modelresource expects to be seeing much more from in the future:

On the left is one of a recent set of snapshots on 5'11" Julia.

And below are the latest prints added to 5'10" Aurélie's ever-expanding portfolio.

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Folio's Aurélie, 5'10"

April 15, 2021

Kelsey Van Mook
Next's Kelsey Van Mook
photo: Paco Garcia
styling: Juliana Schiavinatto
hair & makeup: Greg Wencel

It is becoming difficult not to notice Kelsey Van Mook these days.

Monday, after flipping through Flare's colourful one-girl story featuring the remarkable Next model (shot by Chris Nicholls), I went browsing through L'Oréal Fashion Week video on Kelsey everywhere.

Then, because good things happen in threes, Paco Garcia shipped me a couple of pretty awesome outtakes from the upcoming Style Monte Carlo, featuring none other than Ms. Van Mook.

April 14, 2021

Stephanie Rudyk
Sutherland's Stephanie Rudyk in Clin d'Oeil
photo: Josh Cornell

A couple months ago Modelresource introduced you to Stephanie Rudyk.

Since then the Sutherland model has, as expected, gone on to establish herself both in print and on the runway.

The shot on the left is taken from a spread in the latest Clin d'Oeil.

The 5'11" redhead is also seen in the new issue of Kill Magazine.

April 10, 2021

Details of the Ford Supermodel of the World cross-Canada search, which begins Saturday in Vancouver.

Ford Models

April 9, 2021

Kate Bock
Kate Bock for Lise Watier Déserable

It sure isn't difficult to spot Kate Bock these days.

Her Lise Watier Désirable campaign is seemingly everywhere, and now the Folio/Lizbell model is also appearing in Elle Canada and Elle Québec

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Kate Bock
Kate Bock in Elle Canada, by Malina Corpadean

April 9, 2021

Modelresource gave you a glimpse of Leah Christ during L'Oréal Fashion Week.

The Lizbell product isn't the only new girl shaking things up at Ford in Toronto.

Below are four fresh faces, all shot by Modelresource contributing panelist Hamish Kippen (who, incidentally, recently relaunched his website).

Leah Christ
Leah Christ (178 cm), photo: Hamish Kippen

Kirsten (178 cm), photo: Hamish Kippen
Courtney Lewis
Courtney Lewis (181 cm), photo: Hamish Kippen
Alexandra (178 cm), photo: Hamish Kippen

April 9, 2021

It has been a while since Modelresource introduced you to Delphie.

The staff at Folio have been working behind the scenes however, developing and promoting the new face into what we see here: a viable campaign girl, whose image is attached New York designer Sophie Theallet's latest collection.


Delphie for Sophie Theallet, photos: Leda & St-Jacques

April 8, 2021

Justyna in e-mail blast
Modelresource told you about Justyna's success the other day.

It seems the Giovanni model has also caught the eye of this month, which is usually a sign of good things ahead.

And she wasn't the only Canadian to do so, as Tara Gill is also featured in the monthly round-up of models making waves internationally.

Modelresource tallied 18 runways this season (New York, Milan & Paris) for the Elmer Olsen model, including Hermès, Givenchy, Emmanuel Ungaro, Gianfranco Ferre and Roberto Cavalli, before returning to Toronto where she was a L'Oréal Fashion Week fixture.

The image below, provided by Elmer Olsen Models, provides some highlights from Gill's season.

Tara Gill
Highlights from Tara Gill's European show season, courtesy Elmer Olsen Models

April 6, 2021

Justyna in Fashion & Design Festival Toronto
photo: Maja Hajduk
Look back to what Modelresource wrote about Justyna 18 months ago.
"I'm wondering how long before fashion editors catch on to this face. I always write about what a star she is on the runway, but everything about Giovanni's Justyna is beautiful.

She's bright, she's interesting and hopefully it won't be much longer before photographers and editors start demanding more of her time."
Even that was a full year after I became a dedicated fan of the 5'11" model. I have been singing her praises now, for more than two-and-a-half years.

Now that Bruce Weber has seen her, expect the rest of the world to start sharing in what you've already known.

Since shooting Abercrombie & Fitch recently, her agency has had requests for her book from Joe KcKenna, and she has since shot for Vogue Italia and V Magazine.

Marilyn's is now representing the 5'11" brunette in New York, which should ensure the momentum continues.

April 3, 2021

Kelsey Van Mook
Next' Kelsey Van Mook
photo: Paco Garcia
Styling: Juliana Schiavinatto
Makeup: Greg Wencel
If you haven't seen it yet, here is a look at the cover of Canada's newest fashion/lifestyle mag, and a girl whose career is on overdrive.

Kelsey Van Mook, the West Coast brunette that just swept through L'Oréal Fashion Week (claiming Modelresource's Top Model selection), shot the cover of Vie in South Africa with Paco Garcia.

Modelresource has learned the pair also collaborated on an upcoming spread in Style Monte Carlo.

Van Mook currently sits at #20 in our ranking of Top Canadian Models, jumping eight spots from March.

Kim Cloutier
Next' Kim Cloutier in Elle Canada
photo: Richard Bernardin
hair&makeup: Nicolas Blanchet
styling: Cloé Legault
Another Next Model on a tear (collecting tears) is Kim Cloutier.

The 5'9", green-eyed brunette is featured in the new Elle Canada, photographed by Modelresource contributing panelist Richard Bernardin, as well as in the new English-language Icon magazine, and on the cover of Sirene.

The 20-year-old is now based in New York.

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Kim Cloutier
Kim Cloutier in Icon, photo: Paul Farrell, styling: Karen Clarkson
Kim Cloutier
Kim Cloutier in Sirene

Julian Samani
Julian Samani (left) for Adidas
And finally, a look at Next's Julien Samani.

The new face just shot Dubuc's campaign and an ad for Adidas, while sqeezing in a few shows at Montréal Fashion Week.

Julian Samani
Julian Samani for DUBUC

April 2, 2021

Specs' Chantal for Lou Lou
photo: Geneviève Charbonneau
It's always nice for new faces to get tears - especially covers - so early in their careers.

Specs Chantal is twice fortunate then, picking up the English and French covers (and accompanying editorials) for Lou Lou.

Video of the editorial shoot, featuring the 5'10" red head, can be seen on Lou Lou's website.

(This was Modelresource's April Fool's Day joke)

The New Modelresource, launching April 15th
You may have noticed Modelresource was offline for most of the last week.

Before I get into the reasons for that, a quick history lesson:

Until recently Ireland had one of the poorest economies among the world's "developed nations."

The Irish had suffered miserably following eight centuries of English imperialism (for more info, look up Stongbow, Cromwell, Pitt, etc.) that blighted the country until the successful revolution of 1919-1921.

Unemployment and crime were rampant in the 1990s, and I - resident then - got mixed up in a street gang called the Shillelagh Boys; a relationship that went sour following an unfortunate St. Patrick's Day incident that was inspired in part by several pints of green stout, and many fingers of Bushmills.

It was an ugly time, but President Mary Robinson, the island nation's first female head of state, led a charge to reverse fortunes.

Her government deported "undesirables" such as myself to places like Saskatchewan or Van Diemen's Land (where many of my compatriots ended up), while simultaneously scouring the U.S. in search of Irish emigrées and descendants, imploring business leaders to re-invest in the homeland.

The mission was successful, and the country's economy became known worldwide as "The Celtic Tiger," in reference to aggressive policies that spurred investment and created thousands of well-paid jobs.

Suddenly Ireland was drawing skilled immigrants, reversing centuries of mass exodus, and is currently second only to India in terms of software manufacturing.

Modelresource, you may already know, actually started in Dublin's trendy "Temple Bar" district in the 1990s, shortly before the Emerald Isle's reversal of fortunes and my run-ins with the Dublin Constabulary.

As part of my plea bargain agreement, the government agreed to finance my takeover of a failing Saskatoon modelling agency in 1997, and cover my relocation expenses.

Within a year however, I was headhunted by a representative of the Alberta government, which was secretly - I can tell you now - investing heavily in Fashion I.T., and at the Klein government's insistence (and generous bankroll) I set up shop in Calgary, where I stayed until 2001.

This is where we get back to the reasons for my recent disappearance.

My past indiscretions in Ireland have been forgiven it seems, as I am now myself a wanted commodity in a country that continues to move its culture forward, while preserving its rich and fascinating heritage.

Everything comes full circle, and as of April 15th, Modelresource will be based again in the Irish capital to promote that nation's modelling industry.

The P3 (Public-Private Partnership) office, as part of the 2008 National Development Plan, has established a Joint-Fashion Sectretariat, granting Modelresource a well-equipped office furnished with the latest in Irish technology, and access to the country's finest Couturiers.

My new title is Joint-Associate Deputy Minister; Fashion Modelling.

Please don't think I am leaving behind my passion for the Canadian modelling industry.

I'm not. will continue to operate with funding from the European Union, The Office of the Taoiseach and the Liffey Fashion Collective, promoting Canadian models within the lucrative Cork & Kerry corridor, and throughout the provinces of Leincester and Antrim (we're still currently in negotiations with the government of Connacht).

Models and agencies interested in opportunities in Wexford, Waterford or New Ross, where exchange treaties are already in place, should consult our recruitment page for visa information, full sponsorships (including the innovative Eirefare programme) and guaranteed booking status.


Dan Grant

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