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April 2009

April 30, 2021

Sutherland new face Alex

New from Sutherland, is Alex.

the 5'10" 16-year-old is being developed by Chantale Nadeau, who kindly provided Modelresource with these snapshots and video.

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Sutherland new face Alex

April 30, 2021

Next's Sandra Bérubé
Modelresource told you a few weeks ago about Sandra Bérubé's stay in Paris, and appearance in May's Elle Canada.

That first Elle shoot must have made an impression on Maude Arsenault ( because the release of the June issue features the Montréal photographer working with the 5'8" blonde once again.

Still overseas meanwhile, Next's Bérubé is flying to Ibiza next week to shoot a twelve page editorial for French magazine Femme, and remaining in Paris for the busy season.

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Sandra Bérubé in Elle Canada, by Maude Arsenault

April 29, 2021

Next's Kelsey Van Mook
for Rawsthorne
Image source:
After opening Givenchy in Paris and subsequently being named a Top 10 Newcomer on, Kelsey Van Mook has been in demand, to say the least.

Currently the Next model finds herself in Australia with Chic, where she's doing the thing she's become so well known for internationally; working the runway.

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is dominating the downunder fashion scene right now, and Vancouver's Van Mook looks devine.

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Kelsey Van Mook for Zimmerman (left) and Zambesi
Image source:

April 28, 2021

Ford new face Asha
photo: Alvaro Goveia
makeup & hair: David Goveia

Measuring in at 5'11" is 14-year-old new face Asha.

The Ford find signed just before LG Fashion Week, then made her runway debut immediately after for Carlie Wong.

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Asha, by Maja Hajduk (left) and for Carlie Wong
Runway photo by Felix Wong (

April 28, 2021

I Models' Amanda Balsdon
opening Commes des Garçons
Since opening the Commes des Garçons Paris runway in March, Amanda Balsdon has been one busy model.

The I Models beauty left France early following that show, direct-booked to New York, where she ended up staying for a few weeks.

Currently the 5'10½" brunette is in Singapore with Looque, where she just landed the cover and editorial for L'Officiel.

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Amanda Balsdon by Anthony Parmelee (New York)

April 27, 2021

Chantale Nadeau's Amber Pyper
Northern Alberta's Amber Pyper still has another year of school to finish, but that hasn't stopped the Chantale Nadeau model from flying east for bookings.

Pictured here is the new Soïa & Kyo campaign, booked through Folio and shot by Leda & St-Jacques (, as well as new images below from Montréal photographer Saad El-Hakkak (

Pyper will be spending her summer in Toronto, where she is represented by Ford.

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Amber Pyper, for Soïa & Kyo

Amber Pyper, by Saad El-Hakkak

April 24, 2021

Emme's Kaitlyn Vanderkooi in Flare
We'll draw your attention back to March, when Modelresource told you to expect big things from Kaitlyn Vanderkooi this year.

The Agence Emme model is definitely on a roll...

Next brought the B.C. model to Toronto for the current Flare, shot by Chris Nicholls (

Folio meanwhile, shipped Vanderkooi off to Mexico with Patrice Massé ( to shoot the summer Twik campaign for Québec's Simons.

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Kaitlyn Vanderkooi in Flare, by Chris Nicholls

Kaitlyn Vanderkooi for Twik, by Patrice Massé

April 24, 2021


Not all new faces are brand new.

Such is the case with CoverModels Taylor.

Says agency owner Viresh Pujara, "I wanted to show you a girl that I've had on my board since she was 11½... I could see the potential in her then."

5'8" Taylor will turn 14 in June, and we're told the doctor has predicted her frame should get to about 5'10" (her shoe size is currently 9½).

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CoverModels' Taylor

April 24, 2021

Next's Cailin Hill in Elle
It's been about a month since Next's Cailin Hill returned from Tokyo... and now the tearsheets are finding their way to Canada as well.

The 5'9" blonde was kept very, very, very busy with Stage Models, appearing in Vogue, Elle, Madame Figaro, Harper's Bazaar and several other top magazines, while also shooting a bunch of lucrative campaign work.

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Cailin Hill, editorial and campaign work from Japan

April 23, 2021

Ford's Kate Somers
in Dazed & Confused
For most people, visiting Stonehenge would be enough of an experience.

Kate Somers took it several steps further however, being photographed by Mel Bles for an amazing spread now on display in Dazed & Confused.

It's the Ford model's second D&C appearance in recent months, having also had the cover and another rather remarkable spread in December.

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Kate Somers by Mel Bles, styled by Katie Shillingford

April 23, 2021

Chantale Nadeau's Amanda Tataryn
in Madame Figaro
Waterdown, Ontario's Amanda Tataryn has signed with Muse in New York, and is bringing some fresh new tearsheets with her.

The Chantale Nadeau model is featured on the cover of the newest LOU LOU, photographed by Geneviève Charbonneau (

It's the second time Tataryn (with Sutherland in Toronto, and Montage in Montréal) has collected the shopping magazine's English and French covers, having also appeared last summer.

The 5'11" brunette also appears in the May issue of Madame Figaro.

(more images below)

Amanda Tataryn's 2009 and 2008 LOU LOU covers
both photos: Geneviève Charbonneau

Amanda Tataryn digitals, from Muse

April 22, 2021

Next's Lea

A first look at Lea...

This 5'9" 16-year-old was scouted by - and is now being developed by - Next in Montréal.

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Next new face Lea

April 22, 2021

Folio's Célestine in Grazia
After spending her winter in the City of Lights, Folio's Célestine returns to Montréal for a little home time.

Lots of tearsheets from Paris (where she is with Karin) will follow the 5'9" model in coming weeks.

Already with her are editorial from Grazia, and campaign for Zadig & Voltaire fragrance.

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Célestine, for Zadig & Voltaire fragrance

April 21, 2021

Montage's Jessiann by Owen Bruce
On this, the 21st day of April, Owen Bruce ( turns 21.

The man has done rather well for himself, considering.

These are some of his more recent images, captured during a March visit to Montréal, and featuring Montage's punishingly beautiful Jessiann Gravel.

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Jessiann Gravel by Owen Bruce
styling: Rene LeBlanc; makeup & hair: Marco Marsolais (Giovanni)

April 20, 2021

M.I.M.'s Paméla Bernier
I think it's safe to say this is pretty much what everyone in the Canadian industry has been waiting for...

Paméla Bernier - undoubtedly one of the most naturally beautiful human beings I've ever met - has a major international cover. shared this photo this afternoon, featuring the Models International Management 17-year-old on the face of 10 Magazine, photographed by Richard Burbridge

April 20, 2021

Mode's Caitlyn Thomas

Last week Modelresource introduced you to April.

Also from Mode's Calgary office comes Caitlin Thomas, a 5'9" fiery redhead.

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Mode's 5'9" new face Caitlyn Thomas

April 17, 2021

Modelresource watched the Project Runway Canada - Season II finale on Tuesday at a party hosted by Season I winner Evan Biddell (

I had a chance there to sit and chat with Shiya Zhao, who walked in the finale collection for winning designer Sunny Fong.

The Chantale Nadeau model has built an incredibly solid portfolio at home and overseas (her placements include Sutherland in Toronto, Montage in Montréal, Trump in New York and Why Not in Milan).

These fantastic new images of Zhao were produced by Owen Bruce (

(images below)

Shiya Zhao

Shiya Zhao
Chantale Nadeau's Shiya Zhao by Owen Bruce
styling: Richard Autio; makeup & hair: Anna Nenoiu

April 16, 2021

Addison Gill for V Mag
photo: Paul Rowland
Video of Addison Gill's first shoot for V Magazine has been circulating the 'net for a few weeks now, but if you haven't enjoyed it yet (or want to again), it accompanies a feature story on

Since her European commitments took a break in March, the Sutherland model has been busy on this side of the lake, shooting Marlowe's campaign, an eight page Flare story with Chris Nicholls ( and the cover of FQ, all while catching up on the school work she missed during show season.

Sutherland booker Brandon Hall tells Modelresource the 16-year-old's next big shoot is for Teen Vogue, scheduled for next week.

April 15, 2021

Montage's Isabelle Giguère in Prim
New work from Mackenzie Duncan ( in PRIM Magazine, featuring Montage's Isabelle Giguère.

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Isabelle Giguère in Prim by Mackenzie Duncan
makeup and hair: Nico GP

April 15, 2021

Simona McIntyre for Glow
photo: Gabor Jurina
Back in February, while most of us were freezing our butts off during an uncharacteristically cold winter - even by Canadian standards - Simona McIntyre was frolicking around St. Lucia, shooting Glow with Gabor Jurina (

That issue is out now, with the Chantale Nadeau / Sutherland model on the cover, across several pages, and even on the website.

McIntyre didn't escape the Canadian winter completely however. The 5'10" blonde did spend a few disgustingly cold December days in Montréal (where she is with Montage) to shoot Elle Canada with Nelson Simoneau (

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Simona McIntyre in Elle Canada by Nelson Simoneau

April 14, 2021

Modelresource is loving the work of Jessie Craig ( more and more and more.

The Paris-based Canadian recently shot Elmer Olsen's Elise Hélène Gatschene for Dirrty Glam magazine, video of which can be seen below.

More of Craig's recent work can be found on her blog, located at

April 13, 2021

Mode's April Kargard

Introducing April...

The 15-year-old comes from Mode's Calgary bureau, which found her at the 2006 Calgary Stampede.

Now 5'9½" and with three years of development, the promotion is underway.

(more images below)

Mode new face April Kargard

April 13, 2021

Modelresource's latest Featured Model, Billie-Jazz Marcuzzo, is sporting a new look.

The 21-year-old has shorn the length and relaunched with a more flirty hairstyle.

Folio was kind enough to send along this video, to show off the new 'do.

April 9, 2021

Next's Jean-François Poirier
Way back in January, Modelresource tipped you off to the impending Louis Vuitton campaign shot by Jean-François Poirier.

The Next model's images are now safely imbedded in his portfolio, and circulating heavily in global fashion mags.

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Jean-François Poirier for Louis Vuitton

April 8, 2021

Anita Norris' Hudson Allison

Here's Hudson...

The 6'0" 18-year-old is signed to Anita Norris in London, and is meeting with agencies in Toronto this week.

Stay tuned...

(more images below)

New Face Hudson Allison

April 8, 2021

Folio's Ryan Martel in Elle Canada
photo: Maude Arsenault
Another model appearing in Elle Canada's new face story (along with Sandra, Meagan and Chelsea) is one very familiar to Modelresource readers.

Ryan Martel has been featured regularly on this site in the last 18 months, and shows no signs of losing momentum.

The newly turned 16-year-old appears not only in the Maude Arsenault ( story, but also in an editorial by Leda & St-Jacques ( in the same issue.

Expect to more from Martel in Z!NK and Pure in the coming weeks, and two more issues of Elle in the months to follow.

We'll keep you updated...

(more images below)

Ryan Martel in Elle Canada by Leda & St-Jacques

April 7, 2021

IMM's Dani Thompson
What is generally Modelresource's most productive day of the year is now less than four weeks away.

International Model Management's 15th Annual Cover Model Search is planned for May 3rd in Barrie, at the Roxx nightclub.

This is one of the most remarkable events on the modelling calendar because scouts - literally dozens of them - come from around the planet to sit in a nightclub in Barrie to see Michèle Miller's latest finds.

Undoubtedly one of the best pure scouts in the business, Miller has a phenomenal and well documented record for finding and developing top models.

Currently, for instance, Dani Thompson is a very busy girl in London (with Profile), where among her many jobs she just shot for TopShop.

For more information on the IMM Cover Model search, contact Michèle Miller at (705) 739-8285 or at

April 6, 2021

Next's Sandra in Elle Canada
photo: Maude Arsenault
Last week Modelresource told you about Chelsea Coyle and Meagan King in Elle Canada's new face story by Maude Arsenault (

Now meet Next's Sandra.

The 5'8½" blonde recently arrived in Paris, where Karin confirmed three editorials for her in the first seven days.

21-year-old Sandra also appears in the most recent Naked Eye, and will be in the next issue of Elle Canada as well.

(more images below)

Sandra in Naked Eye

April 6, 2021

Elmer Olsen's Andi Muise
closing outfit for Brandon Dwyer
photo: Felix Wong
Brandon Dwyer was already fairly well known in Southern Ontario before becoming a finalist for Project Runway Canada - Season II.

That the Barrie designer is now known by a much broader fashion community only built interest in his most recent collection, which showed Friday evening in downtown Toronto.

Adding even more to the hype, was the appearance of his close, personal friend Andi Muise in the opening and closing outfits.

April 3, 2021

Next's Sarah Ruba for Braun
Modelresource has been a big fan of Sarah Ruba since we first wrote about her in April, 2005.

Faces like hers just don't come along very often.

Now living in New York, the Next model has been enjoying a fantastic career, appearing in Old Navy commercials, walking Betsey Johnson's runway, scoring the recent Converse Chuck Taylor campaign, and a thousand other things she likely never dreamed of doing, before she was scouted at a downtown Toronto Starbucks.

Next's Sarah Ruba for Smart Set
photo: Geneviève Charbonneau
The good stuff keeps rolling in for the 23-year-old, who now appears in an international Braun campaign, and nationwide for a major Canadian women's wear retailer.

This is second season for the Hamilton model in Smart Set, and according to her Montréal Manager, Didier Belleguic, a return for Season III is already confirmed.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the spring campaign shoot with photographer Geneviève Charbonneau (, check out the "Seen + Heard" section at

April 2, 2021

Next's Meagan in Elle Canada
photo: Maude Arsenault
Earlier today Modelresource gave you a glimpse of the latest Elle Canada new face story, shot by Maude Arsenault (

Also included in that feature is Next's Meagan King.

The 18-year-old appears in the new Lush as well, shot by Koby (

(more images below)

Meagan King in Lush, by Koby

April 2, 2021

Chantale Nadeau's Chelsea Coyle
Modelresource's own Editorial Assistant Chelsea Coyle is featured in the latest Elle Canada, in a new face story by Maude Arsenault.

The Chantale Nadeau model shot the image in Montréal late last year.

Weeks later she returned to Montréal (where she is placed with Giovanni) and worked again with Arsenault on another series, to be released in the near future.

Coyle is spending this week catwalking at the One of a Kind show in Toronto (where she is placed with Sutherland).

April 1, 2021

CoverModels' Laura K
CoverModels has a couple of new faces proudly on display.

Laura K is a 19-year-old Carleton University Student, originally from Vancouver.

The 5'8" dark blonde is now placed with Next in Toronto.

Even more recently scouted by CoverModels' owner Viresh Pujara is Giselle; 5'9", with brown hair and brown eyes, discovered just last week.

(more images below)

CoverModels' Laura K

CoverModels' Giselle

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