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August 2005

August 31, 2021

Taylor McKay
Taylor McKay
A couple weeks ago modelresource told you a bit about Sutherland Models' 20th anniversary party.

The event brought in more than 400 people, including editorial staff from Fashion and Flare, and top Toronto photographers like George Whiteside, Josh Cornell, Dan Lim and Walter Singh.

The evening also feautured the announcement of the agency's most recent model search winner. 15-year-old Taylor McKay is 5'8" and according to Sutherland booker Daisy Chung, has a perfect body.

She was chosen out of more than 3,000 entries, based on "her fantastic personality and her great sense of maturity." Daisy adds "She has legs that go on forever and a smile that lights up the room."

Part of Taylor's prize package was a $3,500 Pierre Laurent watch from the award winning Cadrage Collection.

August 28, 2021

Kelly Streit
Kelly Streit in Manhattan,
February 2005
True story: At 1:15 this morning I was sitting in a Toronto emergency vet clinic with my ailing cat when my BlackBerry started buzzing. A few thousand kilometres away it was 11:15 on a Calgary Saturday night, and Mode Models guru Kelly Streit was on his computer enthusiastically promoting his models.

Seriously, this is what he does. When I interviewed Giovanni scout Brooke Tremain last year, she relayed a tale of Kelly on his computer at 6:00 a.m. in Portland, Oregon drumming up interest in gorgeous young American model Brandi Brechbiel (who has since gone on to much bigger things).

The guy is everywhere. The picture on the right was taken when I ran into him at Olympus Fashion Week in New York. A few weeks later I bumped into him at L'Oreal Fashion Week back here in Toronto.

Modelresource is heading to Calgary for a couple weeks, where Kelly Streit has promised to sit still long enough to be interviewed.

Be watching for that story, as well regular updates and features, as Modelresource comes to you from The Heart of the New West.

August 26, 2021

Modelresource stopped by B&M Friday to meet Jislain.

The Montréal model is in Toronto to shoot for Birks, before continuing with a hectic schedule that normally keeps him overseas.

Jislain's advice to new male models is to be careful where you spend your money. His own experience saw him spending $400.00 on his first test shoot, which produced sketchy results. Within two months however, he was fortunate enough to meet a scout from South Africa and almost immediately was working in Cape Town. Upon his return to Canada he dumped his original agency (the one that "coordinated" the test shoot) and signed with B&M.

Since his first campaign for Tommy Hilfiger, Jislain has gone on to do such lucrative bookings as Zegna, Esprit, Men's Health, Vanity Fair and Ralph Lauren. And he has only been modelling for three years.

August 25, 2021

Ryka and Tamara
Ryka (left) and Tamara
As promised... more from last evening's Endless Summer Soirée, staged by Ford Models.

There's something about the name, "Ford Models" that evokes images of warm summer evenings, sipping cocktails and milling about with interesting, stylish people.

Last night's event on the patio of the ultra-stylish Ultra certainly didn't disappoint.

At one point the crowd numbered close to 400 people, including prominent photographers, editors and of course, dozens of amazing models.

Although the festivities didn't wind up until sometime this morning, Ford Director Cathy LeDrew looked surprisingly well rested when I saw her getting her 9:00 a.m. Starbucks fix.

Thank you to Ford for an excellent evening!

Cathy LeDrew and Diane Lang
Ford Agency Directors
Cathy Ledrew and Diane Lang

Cathy LeDrew with Sherry
Cathy LeDrew and Sherry Martincic
Flare staff (from left): Fashion Editor Liz Cabral, Beauty Editor Juliette Lie, Marketing Editor Tammy Palmer and Editor-in-Chief Lisa Tant
Flare staff (from left):
Fashion Editor Liz Cabral,
Beauty Editor Juliette Lie,
Market Editor Tammy Palmer and
Editor-in-Chief Lisa Tant

Stylist Helen and model Erika
Stylist Helen with Model Erika

August 24, 2021

Ford's Endless Summer Soiree invitation Be sure to check back Thursday to see photos from Ford Models' Endless Summer Soirée, happening tonight.

The Toronto office of the prestigious Ford network is in its tenth year of operation, and modelresource is very excited to be attending this evening's event.

August 18, 2021

Lisa Cant coaster
Lisa Cant - definitely in!
Little known fact: Modelresource collects drink coasters.
Better known fact: Modelresource adores Lisa Cant.

Imagine then how happy I was to pocket... errr... receive a Lisa Cant coaster at Sutherland Models' 20th anniversary party last night.

The theme was "Inside Out" (Lisa Cant is "in," while the silhouetted pose from Sutherland's 1985 roster is "out" - had to have that explained to me).

The event, held at the Monte Cristo restaurant, was packed with the likes of Fashion Television's Glen Baxter, photographers Bryan Ishiguro & David Moo King of Mooishi, photographer Geoff Barrenger, stylist Rita Liefhebber, and Model/Scout/Manager Chantale Nadeau.

Congratulations to Sutherland on a great evening.

Men's Manager Laura Virdo<br>with international star Francisco Randez
Men's Manager Laura Virdo with
international star Francisco Randez

Brandon Hall with Nelly Tysrlin
Agent Brandon Hall with
top model Nelly Tsyrlin.
David Moo King and Bryan Ishiguro of Mooishi
David Moo King &
Bryan Ishiguro of Mooishi.

Myo with Chantale Nadeau
Student and teacher:
Myo with Chantale Nadeau.

August 16, 2021

Brandon Neville
A couple weeks ago modelresource bumped into Elite's Stephanie Grubesic, who was just returning from Milan and looking absolutely gorgeous.

Yesterday we learned another of the Newface 2005 alumni, Stylus Canada's Brandon Neville has just returned from his extended stay in Japan, and shot yesterday for Levi's.

While in the Far East, Neville booked Calvin Klein, Comme Des Garcons, Herbal Essence, Prada, Admag, Diesel and Michelle Klein.

According to the staff at Stylus, New York's SVM Models has also been drumming up serious interest for the 6'1" model in the States.

August 12, 2021

Twyla Hayes
Twyla Hayes
Astute readers will note the Canada's Top Models section just underwent a bit of an update.

New additions include Sarah Ruba, Aryka Noble, Julia Dunstall, Jae Brickman, Nelly Tsyrlin and the devine Twyla Hayes.

Canada's modelling industry has never looked better.

August 11, 2021

Sarah Ruba
Sarah Ruba
For those keeping score at home, Next Models' Sarah Ruba has now done a bazillion major editorials since April and according to her agent, Lorraine Hartnett is only slowing down when she chooses to.

Right now, for instance, super-cute Sarah is cutting an album with her band Birdseyeing It.

Recently however, the 19-year-old was in Prince Edward Island to shoot Abercrombie & Fitch with Bruce Weber and has also been working with Ellen von Unwerth and Walter Chin. Oh right, then there's that exclusive option for Prada/Miu Miu in September.

August 10, 2021

Julia Dunstall
Julia Dunstall
Giovanni Models continues to pull together major bookings, this time matching up gorgeous newcomer Julia Dunstall with a coveted Holt Renfrew shoot.

Modelresource had the opportunity to meet with the beautiful Nothern Alberta model before she left town last night.

Julia, for those unfamilier, has had the Midas Touch since Mode Models placed her on the world stage in April. In a few short months she's done Chanel's couture show in Paris, shot with Steven Meisel, and landed in Italian Vogue a couple times. Oh, and a bunch more.

The Julia Dunstall story is coming soon...

August 9, 2021

Daisy Chung
Daisy Chung
Sutherland Models is welcoming back Daisy Chung from maternity leave.

Daisy has been with the agency for close to 15 years, and the agency is very relieved to have her back in time for its 20th anniversary celebration next week.

Welcome back Daisy!

August 8, 2021

Aryka Noble
Aryka Noble
Elite has given a fresh new look to its website,

The site is used extensively for its North American interests and boasts an impressive number of high profile Canucks, like beautiful Aryka Noble.

August 5, 2021

Adam Janzen
Adam Janzen
In the short time Stylus Canada has been around it has done an excellent job of building up a very forward-looking men's board, with a good mix of clean-cut and edgy types.

Now the agency is starting to see the payoff in the form of some major client work.

Among the recent bookings, 6'0" Adam Janzen just this week secured a piece of Abercrombie's next campaign.

August 4, 2021

Irina Funtikova
Irina Funtikova
by Geoff Barrenger
Way back in March, Modelresource did a New Face Preview to show off some of the area's rising stars.

Since then we watched as Stylus Canada's Brandon Neville took off in Tokyo, Ford's Quinn Cooper conquered Paris, and practically knighted Elmer Olsen's Madeleine Berrevoets.

This year's crop produced a lot more success stories than those. The entire experience was full of exceptional models that can currently be found working around the world. One girl that really caught Modelresource's attention however, was Irina Funtikova.

In 2002 Modelresource received an e-mail from a young Irina, then a successful rhythmic gymnast, looking to get a start in modelling. A few years later there she was standing in the same room.

Elite agent Matti Gidilevich sent notice yesterday that Irina is continuing her strides to success, making a stop in New York this weekend.

Says Matti, "She was going to leave last week, but booked the Dominique De Sentino campaign... so she stayed for that... and now she leaves on Saturday to shoot Z!NK with Tetsuya Niikura."

Modelresource expects Irina to be spending a lot more time in New York in the near future.

August 1, 2021

Nam Models
Welcome to August!

Modelresource is working through the summer on a variety of features, including a profile on B&M Model Management, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

We're are also arranging an interview with Annak of Nam Model Management. We first met her two years ago, when then unsigned, she was working a Janet T. Planet fashion show. One of the nicest, smartest and most determined people we've met... we couldn't resist introducing her to you.

Also watch for a new feature from Toronto makeup artist Naaema Rehmani, more answers to your questions and more tips from the people doing the hiring.

And of course, watch this space for more of what is happening around the industry.

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