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August 2007

August 31, 2021

Christiane Lacroix, in Pure

Flip over to (when you're done here) and scroll around until you find "CLUSH" - you will actually have stumbled upon Next Canada's Christiane Lacroix. Sorry guys, not literally.

The sexy 5'11" blonde (who we're told is NOT related to Christian Lacroix) had a busy stay in Paris recently, and will be returning to the City of Lights in September.

In addition to her work for Diesel, Lacroix can also be seen in French Glamour and Pure.

Christiane Lacroix for Diesel (left) and in French Glamour

August 30, 2021

A few weeks ago Modelresource got its monthly update from, and as frequently happens one of Kelly Streit's Mode Models was featured on Model Mania.

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Collison, as featured on hintmag

Then a strange thing happened as Meghan Collison was removed the site, leading me (and apparently to wonder what happened.

Now the Edmonton model has re-emerged, this time on's list of Top Newcomers for the UPCOMING show season (I can't recall ever before pre-selecting a top newcomer).

There will be no surpressing this girl now.

August 29, 2021

Sutherland's Robyn Sinclair
Sutherland's Men's Director was kind enough to send us an update on two-time Polo campaign guy, Robyn Sinclair.

According to Daisy Chew, the former hockey player from east Toronto is "in the September issue of Harpar's with Kate Hudson... AND he is in Numero Homme Fall '07 with Matthias Vriens... AND September L'Uomo Vogue with Joe McKenna."

"He recently returned home," Chew continues, "to take his mom on a mini vacation to Montreal because he wanted to pamper her! how sweet is that? then he had to rush home to work with Bruce Weber... hmmmm... how many other guys can say that?"

August 28, 2021

These have not yet been released, but Modelresource is giving you a first look at outstanding new images of Richelle Dobson's new Elle Québec spread, shot by Geoff Barrenger.

The Chantale Nadeau / Folio / Sutherland model's car broke down the morning of the shoot we're told, but she looks anything but flustered in these shots.

Richelle Dobson

August 28, 2021

Modelresource's favourite things about Fashion Design Festival Toronto:

1. That the models were included in the marketing of the event.
2. Paid shows, and lots of 'em.
3. Having the event open to the public so families can see what they've invested so much time and energy into.
4. An elevated runway so everyone that wanted a decent sightline had one.
5. A schedule that meant something.
6. The DJs and live music (awesome!).
7. Mixing the crowds inside the VIP tent so agents weren't segregated from clients.
8. Renee Thompson's playfulness on the runway when the occassions warrented (considering it was a series of consumer-oriented shows, I would have liked to have seen more smiles and more interaction).
9. Maja Hajduk for helping me out at the last minute with her brilliant photography.
10. Watching Ford booker Sarah Arnesen leap into the crowd to scout fresh-faced spectators.

Sutherland's Richelle Dobson - photo: Chantale Nadeau

Next's Ainsley McWha - photo: Maja Hajduk

Elmer Olsen's Oksana - photo: Maja Hajduk

Ford's Tamara - photo: Maja Hajduk

NAM's Taryn Loggie - photo: Maja Hajduk

B&M's Lauren - photo: Maja Hajduk

August 27, 2021

Photographer Maja Hajduk
The inaugural Fahion Design Festival Toronto ended Saturday, following three days of shows capturing the attention of thousands.

Thanks to photographer Maja Hajduk (that's her in the photo pit), Modelresource is able to get you a better selection of runway shots (below).

Definitely, from a spectator standpoint the event was a success, with great sightlines from all around the square, weather that was cooperative for the most part, and a well-organized, accomodative staff.

One of the great things about FDFT was the fact that the public, including friends, agents and parents could get to the shows.

Enjoy the photos below for now... more will follow tomorrow.

Ford's Tamara with Sarah Silverthorne & Sarah Arneson

Ford's Kiley Hodgson (left) & Chantale Nadeau

Also great to see was the number of shows featuring guys.

Elmer Olsen's Joseph - photo: Maja Hajduk

Folio/Sutherland's Francisco Randez - photo: Maja Hajduk

You've never seen so many men scramble to learn about the extra features on their cameras, as when the lingerie special is announced.

Giovanni's Justyna - photo: Maja Hajduk

The finale - photo: Maja Hajduk

The end of the first ever FDFT

August 24, 2021

If you're hoping to be scouted, there are worse places you could have been last night than in front of the V.I.P. tent at Dundas Square.

Staff from at least six of the city's top agencies were on hand Thursday, to support Day One of Fashion Design Festival Toronto.

Impressively nearly everything ran on time and the atmosphere was charged until the final show - a spectacular presentation of Toronto designers - ended just before 10:30.

Day Two kicks off at 12:30 this afternoon, and as I write this the forecast calls for evening thundershowers. I'm not sure how this would impact the shows, but if it happens I'll let you know.

B&M's Rachel Bryan (rumoured to be leading off Saturday's lingerie finale)
with B&M's Lauren

Ford's very busy Jenn Gouveia

Ford booker Sarah Arnesen with Ford model Valeriya

NAM owner Norwayne Anderson with Giovanni model Gigi

Ford model Tenika who stood in the V.I.P. tent loudly cheering the on-stage models

Elmer Olsen Men's manager Tara Lanoway, who is always smiling

August 23, 2021

It's 12:15 on an muggy, Toronto afternoon. The air is thick with humidity (seriously, someone behind me is on their cell phone explaining "it's not the heat..."). It's really uncomfortable.

Clean-faced models near the hair & makeup area step lightly, trying to find the safe spot that keeps them within hearing distance of artists, but far enough that they can breathe.

It's Dundas Square, Toronto's world-class (said with a hint of sarcasm) venue, where (hopefully...) otherwise unengaged passers-by will hear the bass pumping and turn their head long enough to get hooked in.

Realistically, for Fashion Design Festival Toronto, this is the logical choice. It's central, it's accessible. It has a contrived energy that will hold you long enough to see if this event is for you.

From an industry perspective, it is a well-presented series of paid shows, with an elevated stage, a professional sound system and a plan. It's well promoted and it understands that Toronto is not Milan - there's no point in pretending that running two hours late is fashionable here.

I'm not normally one to take shots, but since the FDCC's website took aim at Montréal a couple years ago... well... fair is fair: Toronto Fashion Week has lessons to learn and they would do well to have someone on site taking notes.

Here, the media are taken care of. The registration is efficient. And the models... yeah, the models... they are part of the event, and they're paid. It's a lovely site.

At FDFT, is mentioned in the Richelle Dobson program book write-up. At Toronto Fashion Week the models get less attention than the gum on the bottom of the chair.

Clearly the organizers of FDFT are intent on getting noticed. Impressive, eye-catching tents sprung up here in recent days, while staff passing out program books ringed the downtown core. Now loud music echoes throughout the square 30 minutes before the shows are scheduled to start - all timed to coincide with corporate Toronto's lunch hour.

I've been able to get to the hair & makeup area, but only briefly, and only while accompanied by FDFT staff. This needs to be fixed (I'm not going to steal the clothes).

This is consumer-driven in every way, with snappy 1960s tunes propelling the likes of Giovanni's Gigi (a.k.a. superstar-in-the-making) and Elmer Olsen's Grace (when New York gets hold of her, she'll make someone a LOT of money) down the catwalk, giving fashion newbies a chance to experience what they suspect really happens in buyer-driven shows. The Canadian reality of course, is that this is so much more slick.

I'm in the V.I.P. tent, surrounded by the usual looking Toronto fashion crowd, bopping along to The Hollies, Petula Clark and Van Morrison. The more rebellious (?) of the bunch flaunt Toronto's smoking by-law by lighting up under the covered portion of the open-air tent. Princess needs attention.

Sadly, following The Bay's set (they're the major sponsor, and showing each of the three days) a lull sets over the crowd before the Liz Claiborne show. The audience has thinned.

The sun has now emerged, and the sun is angry. The air is hot. Models from the first show are filtering out - there's Ford's Bojana, now Sutherland's timeless Shainaz. Tenika (also Ford - love this girl) sits in the crowd beneath an umbrella I'm certain was intended to repel the rain. Now it blocks the late August rays.

The Liz Claiborne set also runs without a hitch. Giovanni's Justyna - you hear it here often - the best walk in the country.

How much does Modelresource love an event that gives a page of the program book to several of the models involved? A lot!

I would build an agency around Penticton's Gigi

Super cool, super beautiful Grace

Recently back from Milan, Giovanni's Marco Grubesic

B&M's runway superstar Rachel Bryan in makeup

Ford is always well represented, here featuring Tenika, Rose and Bojana

Unless you trip her, you probably can't get a bad runway shot of Giovanni's Justyna

August 23, 2021

This is something I've been hoping to see.

Jae Brickman, from the first time I met her, was someone I really, really liked.

Now the 5'11" 19-year-old Sutherland Model, who was working in Paris until June, looks ready to make an even bigger impact when she returns to City in the fall.

This shot is from a striking series by photographer Malcolm Tweedy; a well respected photographer who Sutherland booker Brandon Hall says he is "so excited" to see back in Toronto.

Jae Brickman
photo: Malcolm Tweedy
styling: Christine Vieira (Elite Artists)
makeup: Sabrina Rinaldi (Judy Inc.)

August 23, 2021

As many of Canada's models make their way to New York for show castings, here's a quick reminder of one Modelresource is watching closely.

Elmer Olsen's Taryn Davidson, we're told, is already on hold for an exclusive in Milan, while prepping for the shows at Bryant Park.

The images below are from the latest NY Magazine, booked through DNA.

Taryn Davidson

August 22, 2021

There's a familiar face on the streets of Montréal, but in a different role than before.

Isabelle Trudel, a former scout/agent with Next has been flying solo for the past six months, working mostly in Québec, but occasionally in Ontario too.

The result has been faces placed not only at home, but also with agencies in New York and Milan.

One of Trudel's newest finds is a gorgeous 16-year-old named Delphie, discovered last month. The 5'9" brunette has signed to Folio in Montréal, and IMG worldwide.

Isabel Trudel's discovery, Delphie

August 22, 2021

Alicia Hughes
Big things are happening for Sutherland models, both at home and in New York.

Alicia Hughes, who Modelresource has been telling you about since November, just booked a huge U.S. print & tv campaign for department store TK Maxx, while finding time to shoot Adele Wechsler's latest campaign and doing a L'Oréal print campaign yesterday.

According to Sutherland's Agency Director Carole Reynolds, Hughes is also on hold for some major shows in NYC, with two major casting agents wrestling over her exclusivity.

New face Amanda Tataryn, meanwhile, is just getting introduced to Toronto clients and is already confirmed to shoot Pink Tartan's lookbook this weekend.

August 21, 2021

Alex Loomans for Polo Ralph Lauren
Modelresource has been keeping you updated on the progress of Alex Loomans' career

Now his booker, Elmer Olsen's Tara Lanoway (who, incidentally, is celebrating a birthday today) is helping in the effort by sending along a scan from the new issue of GQ.

August 20, 2021

Despite the fact most of Italy's modelling industry has shut down for the month of August, Modelresource was able to get a copy of the latest Vogue Italia (thanks to my wife, who grabbed it in the airport on her way back from Rome).

Among the highlights: a stunning only-girl series by Greg Lotus, featuting Sofi Berelidze.

With show season just weeks away, the timing couldn't be better for Elmer Olsen's model to emerge on such highly influential pages.

Sofi Berelidze in Vogue Italia
photography: Greg Lotus

August 17, 2021

Monica Vaughan
Giovanni is happy to have Monica Vaughan back in Montréal for a couple weeks.

The 5'10" Québécoise has been based in Paris for the past five years, where she books extensively throughout Europe and into New York.

Montréal-based booker Louise Corbeil tells Modelresource this year has been very busy for Vaughan, with recent work for J. Crew and numerous shoots for H&M in various locations.

Vaughan arrived home Thursday, and will be in Canada until September 1st.

August 16, 2021

Charlotte Le Bon
Since Modelresource posted Charlotte Le Bon's Model of the Week profile, we've been hearing a lot about her sense of humour.

Now the Folio model is looking pretty serious (and seriously pretty) in the new Jacob Lingerie campaign, just released

August 16, 2021

Screenshot of
Richelle Dobson's video, introducing
Fashion & Design Festival Toronto
The inaugural Fashion & Design Festival Toronto is now one week from its debut.

According to Theresa Quick of The PR Department, 50 models from 10 agencies (eight Toronto, two Montréal) are booked to work three days of shows at Dundas Square.

The more established Montréal version - known as Festival Mode et Design de Montréal - has an excellent reputation within the modelling community, so Modelresource is very excited to see this come to Toronto.

We'll be backstage throughout the event, as mainstream labels and many of our favourite Toronto and Montréal designers show their wares directly to consumers.

For more information, and to see a really cool video featuring Modelresource favourite Richelle Dobson, check out the FDFT website.

August 15, 2021

by Norman Wong
One of the new faces featured in last week's Bootcamp 2 Big Time event was a girl by the name of Chantilly, who we heard great things about from photographer Norman Wong.

The Elmer Olsen brunette seems to have made an impression on others as well, as her editorial debut has already been shot by Montréal photographers Leda et St Jacques for Elle Canada.

August 14, 2021

Lisa Porter
One of those girls Modelresource has been tracking from the beginning - Lisa Porter - continues to progress.

According to B&M owner Mel Mateus, the 5'9" redhead shot Clin D'Oeil the other day with Hamish Kippen, in what Mateus - who was on set for part of the shoot - describes as wardrobe that looked like it was designed specifically for Lisa.

Porter recently returned to Toronto from Europe, and is currently waiting on tears from American Harpers Bazaar, Greek Harpers Bazaar and several others.

August 13, 2021

Beauty Bootcamp
photo: Matthew Lyn
As Modelresource predicted, Bootcamp 2 Big Time was indeed a remarkable event.

A crew of 30 Elmer Olsen models got a crash course in industry realities on Thursday, with lessons on runway technique, basic makeup application, simple but effective workouts, hair styling and realities of international travel.

Featured speakers included local legend Moe Kelso and former booker and still part-time model Elisabeth LePage.

EO star power came in the form of top international models Sarra Jane (DNA), Breanna (IMG), Maria Dvirnik (IMG), and Sofi Berelidze (Supreme).

The daytime study session was followed Thursday evening by a fashion show at The Guvernment nightclub, which also included 14 male models being heavily promoted for new opportunities.

It made for a long, but very well-executed runway show, and the comments from the international scouts suggested they were very happy with what they saw.

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Sarra Jane, Breanna, Maria Dvirnik and Sofi Berelidze
photo: Matthew Lyn (

Callbacks took place Friday morning, conducted in a format closely resembling what occurs at modelling conventions, with scouts set up at tables around a room, and models circulating to their respective appointments.

Among the new faces Modelresource met for the first time and will continue to watch closely are 5'11" Tara Gill and 5'10½" Darlene, both of whom were stunning on the runway and charming in the callbacks.

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Tara Gill & Darlene
photos: Matthew Lyn (

What made this different from most callback settings was the number of staff Elmer Olsen had on hand to support their models as they met with scouts from agencies like DNA, IMG, Women and Marilyn.

Despite the fact agencies in Milan and Paris are closed right now, top representatives were on hand from Why Not and Brave in Milan, while Canadian Michael Lord returned from the booking table at Nathalie in Paris.

Representatives from Viva in Paris couldn't be in Toronto last week, but did come two weeks earlier and - according to Elmer Olsen booker Ryan Greenwood - are very interested in nine of the girls from the showcase.

There's a good chance you'll see more from this event in the coming weeks, as a lot of television crews were on hand.

Congratulations to Elmer's staff for pulling off a smooth, successful event.

Getting instruction as cameras look on
photo: Matthew Lyn (

Lindsay (left) & Sydney
photos: Matthew Lyn (

Lizz Marks (left) & Dominique
photos: Matthew Lyn (

Andrew Coatsworth (left) & Darryl
photos: Matthew Lyn (

August 13, 2021

New faces Amanda Tataryn
and Simona McIntyre
I've heard it said a number of times in recent months; if there is one agency that has developed more than any other this year it's Chantale Nadeau's.

Without a doubt two of the models most responsible for that claim are Amanda Tataryn (Sutherland, DNA), from the Hamilton area, and British Columbia's Simona McIntyre (Sutherland, Marilyn).

Both were in attendance Wednesday evening as Nadeau put her new and established faces on display for an assembled crowd of international scouts and local industry types.

Catie Chant
photo: Justin Borbely
The pair was joined by approximately 20 other girls courting further opportunities under Nadeau's direction, all making themselves available for callbacks with the scouts on the following afternoon - all, that is, except for McIntyre who flew to New York after the showcase to shoot Nylon.

Set at Queen Street West's Camera Lounge, the showcase was a productive one according to Nadeau, who has been following up placement offers ever since.

Among the new faces you can expect to hear more about on Modelresource in the coming months is 5'9", 17-year-old Catie Chant, who received major interest from New York agencies.

Amanda & Simona - Ford's Adrianne Ho behind Simona

Ford's Erin Blaak with Elite's Melina

Sutherland's Jessi & Claire Oleson

August 3, 2021

It isn't just the heat responsible for the exhaustion on the faces of Elmer Olsen's staff these days. The agency is preparing for "Bootcamp 2 Big Time" - a showcase sponsored in part by Cargo Cosmetics that promises to be quite remarkable.

Next Thursday, scouts representing 20 top international agencies will be in Toronto, checking in on the new offerings from Elmer Olsen. 30 females and 14 males - all relative new faces - will be put through a model bootcamp learning everything from eyebrows to runway... fitness to nutrition, from industry experts. Some of the agency's top models will also be at the newly renovated Guvernment to share their international experiences. The Artist Group's Simone Otis and Justin German will be providing the makeup and hair services.
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Elmer Olsen invitation

Following the bootcamp portion, the models will get a brief interview session with the scouts, before being marched down a 40ft elevated runway with the hopes of impressing those people that can get them to New York, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Hamburg, L.A., Miami or Montreal.

In addition to the chance to see the models, the scouts will be provided with a stylish hardcover book featuring each of the participating models (as shot by Norman Wong; makeup by Shawna Bowen, Judy Inc).

On Friday the newly-trained models will be brought back to a "callback" session with the scouts at the Metropolitan Hotel, where deals will be struck and international careers launched.

The undertaking is a massive one for Olsen's staff, with hundreds of invitations being circulated throughout Toronto's fashion community. Check out Modelresource for highlights.

August 2, 2021

A couple months ago Modelresource told you about a few of Corestone's girls spending the summer in Asia.

The trio has been busy, with Leanne now returning to Toronto (this having been her second trip to Thailand), and Natalia staying in Bangkok.

Danielle, meanwhile, returns to Singapore next week after a successful two months in Malaysia.

Leanne and Natalia
Leanne in C Max, and Natalia in We

August 1, 2021

Québec readers may already have been familiar with Mimi, even before Modelresource introduced her in April.

She was, after all, was the winner of Portfolio : Derrière l'Image, which only aired in La Belle Province.

The 5'11" brunette is featured in this month's Elle Québec, along with another Folio model this website introduced months before.

At that time 5'10" Szandra was's "Model of the Week."

Mimi et Szandra
Mimi and Szandra, in Elle Québec

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