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August 2012

August 29, 2021

Click the image of Ford's Melissa and Spot 6's Alex for Johann Bona's story on JURIED

August 16, 2021

This is the kind of thing I wish Toronto did more often.

Photographed at Canada's Wonderland for Pie Magazine, this colourfully playful production was conceived by Dylan K. Hansen (Ford Artists) and Dan Lim (

"La-La Land" stars Chantale Nadeau / Ford's Mikayla and Annabelle Cho / Next's Franny.

Next's Franny and Ford's Mikayla for Pie Magazine, by Dan Lim
styling: Sarah Jay (; hair: Dylan K. Hansen (Ford Artists); makeup: Kristien Michael

August 15, 2021


Images in Calgary tells us 5'9" Elizabeth Harris will be making her first overseas modelling excursion in a few weeks time.

The Edmonton-area new face has spent the summer developing in Toronto with Sutherland Models.

16-year-old Harris' next two trips are planned for September/October in Osaka (with Visage) and January/February/March in Taipei (FMI).

Image's 5'9" new face Elizabeth by Irem Harnak (

August 14, 2021

Click the image of Next's Marie-Ève Bergeron for Dugraff's story on JURIED

August 13, 2021

If you've had a chance to pick up the September issue of Flare you'll likely have seen a beauty story by Chris Nicholls (, featuring two girls Modelresource has been telling you about from the very start of their respective careers.

Amanda Nimmo has been on our radar since CoverModels introduced her to us in September 2009, while Jenna Earle was the winner of the Modelresource-sponsored Next Face of Edmonton search just over a year ago.

The feature is called "The New Wave," which incidentally is also the theme of the current Dress to Kill, featuring Next's 5'11" brunette on the cover.

Alberta's Earle also has the fashion editorial "Dandy Darling" in September's Flare, photographed by Andrew Soule.

CoverModels' Amanda Nimmo in Flare (beauty), by Chris Nicholls
editor: Carlene Higgins; hair & makeup: Greg Wencel (

Next's Jenna Earle in Flare (beauty), by Chris Nicholls
editor: Carlene Higgins; hair & makeup: Greg Wencel (

Next's Jenna Earle in Flare (fashion), by Andrew Soule
editor: Elizabeth Cabral; hair & makeup: Greg Wencel (

Next's Jenna Earle on the cover of [Dress to] Kill, by Malina Corpadean
styling: Annie Horth (Judy Inc); makeup & hair: Nico Blanchet (Folio)

August 10, 2021


Anita Norris sends us this new face, discovered at a campus fashion show.

5'8" Alice studies at London's Western University, where Norris' eye first spotted her.

Currently in Shanghai, the 20-year-old returns to Canada in September, and is placed with Next in Toronto and Montréal.

Anita Norris' 5'8" new face Alice, with Next in Toronto and Montréal

August 10, 2021

Click the image of Ford's Paulina for Robert Gaudette's story on JURIED

August 8, 2021


When Want Management's Sean Penhall made a recent trek back to his hometown, it paid off with a very promising discovery.

Meet Kristin Z, who Penhall scouted at the Calgary Stampede.

The 5'11" newbie is placed with Sophia Models, while planning her next steps.

You can see more digitals of her on Want Management's newly reformatted website.

Want Management's 5'11" Kristin Z.

August 8, 2021

Click the image of Sutherland's Bayan for Erwyn's story on JURIED

August 7, 2021

Congratulations to Tara Lanoway, who has always been one of my favourite people to deal with, and is undoubtedly one of the best men's bookers (if not the best) in Canada.

Late last week Elmer Olsen's blog posted that after nine years managing many of this country's top male models, the Winnipeg native is off to New York, where she will be on the men's board at Wilhelmina.

The former photographer gave Modelresource's Matthew Lyn her own take on The Men's Industry two years ago, in a very insightful Q&A.

Modelresource wishes Tara all the best in her new position.

Tara Lanoway, by Joel Esposito (

August 2, 2021

Click the image of Dulcedo's Ayé for Racky Diack's story on JURIED

August 2, 2021

A few months ago Sutherland Models held a large, well-publicized model search in Toronto that concluded with a 15-year-old named Anna Stephenson as its victor.

If it ended there, obviously, you wouldn't be reading about it here.

According to Agency Director Carole Reynolds -- who scouted the Grade 9 student near her own daughter's school -- the response to the 5'10 brunette has been "incredible" from clients and agencies around the world. "She just got her braces off last week and is planning a trip to New York as part of her prize package to decide which top agency to sign with."

We'll keep you updated.

Sutherland's model search winner, 15-year-old Anna Stephenson

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