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December 2009

December 29, 2021

Near the end of November, CoverModels' Anjela Chamberlain headed off to Korea for her first overseas journey.

Weeks earlier I had lunch with the 18-year-old in Montréal, chatting about her experiences with Toronto, Montréal and Ottawa fashion weeks, and her summer spent modelling in New York.

5'10" Chamberlain has been developing under the CoverModels banner for a few years, and is now showing the positive results that come from patience, persistence and braces.

These tearsheets below are from two different editorials in the current issue of Muine magazine.

The Ottawa model will remain in Seoul until the end of February.

CoverModels's Anjela in Muine (Korea)

December 24, 2021


Just before packing up the office and moving downtown, Next in Montréal added one more stellar find to it's impressive list of 2009 new faces.

5'9", 15-year-old Florence rounds out an impressive year of scouting and development that saw - among others - Isla, Tianna, Marie-Eve and Chelsea turning heads in La Belle Province (and beyond).

Next's has now vacated its office on St-Laurent, and will re-open January 4th in a beautiful new downtown loft at the corner of Ste-Catherine and University.

Phone, fax and email all remain, but the physical coordinates change to:
Next Montréal
1260, rue Université, 4ième étage
H3B 3B9

Next' new face Florence: 5'9", light brown hair, blue eyes

December 21, 2021


CoverModels continues to round up great new faces in the Ottawa area, including this 6'2" find.

Pat Shaw just started and is already, according to agency owner Viresh Pujara, signed with Major in Milan.

CoverModels' new face Pat Shaw: 6'2", brown hair, green eyes

December 21, 2021

The long-anticipated release of Vie Magazine has arrived, and the premiere issue is in distribution.

Sean Beckingham - a name well-known to Modelresource readers through his previous connections to B&M, Elmer Olsen, Elite and Velocci is the Art Director for this new venture.

In fact, a number of familiar types appear in the list of contributors including photographers Mackenzie Duncan (, David Hou (, Andy Lee ( and George Pimentel (

This ambitous new "Life, Leisure & Style" magazine is available in print, and as an online greenbook.

Ford's Kate Eaton and Spot 6's Sam, by David Hou
hair & makeup: Eryn Shannon (Artist Group); styling: Dyan Perry

Elmer Olsen's Anastasiya (left), and B&M's Tamsen and Jerald B (right)
photo: Mackenzie Duncan; styling: Alicia Simpson (Plutino)
hair: Marilisa (Plutino); makeup: Melissa Gibson (M·A·C)

December 16, 2021


I really kind of love this face.

While scrolling through agency blogs I came across Amy G, a new face at LizBell.

The 5'8" dark blonde was photographed by Candace Meyer (

LizBell new face Amy G, by Candace Meyer
hair & makeup: LucyAnne (LizBell)

December 15, 2021

Updates on London, Ontario's Jaclyn White.

The development cycle continues for the Anita Norris find, who will be spending her March Break in New York with IMG.

The new face has already shot three times with Felix Wong (, who reminds me often of his fondness for 15-year-old.

Along with a couple selections from Wong's second shoot are recent digitals, and new photos from Owen Bruce (

Jaclyn, by Felix Wong
hair & makeup: Katie Scanlan (Judy Inc); styling: Nadia Pizzimenti (Judy Inc)
full story here:

Jaclyn, by Owen Bruce
styling: Juliana Schiavinatto (Plutino); makeup & hair: Michelle Rosen (Judy Inc)

Anita Norris' Jaclyn

December 14, 2021

Ford's remarkable Kate Somers in the new issue of Flair (Italy) by Aitken Jolly.

Ford's Kate Somers by Aitken Jolly

December 11, 2021

Sommelier / Model Carolyn Balogh
This, on the right, was the lovely sight that greeted me when I arrived at The Plutino Group, Thursday, for their holiday party.

Sutherland's Carolyn Balogh (with whom I've had the pleasure of bowling in the past!) was sampling from Abcon International Wine Merchants' ( selection.

It was a great way to start an evening that began at Plutino's beautiful new office/studio, and ended with Pernod aux extraits de plantes d'absinthe at The Artist Group's swinging downtown space.

The final stop also featured the launch of Soycult's 2010 Industry Launch ( The Soya Boutique is the organic skin care line (that has saved my lips from winter for the past two years) developed by Ford's Melani Chong.

Enjoy the photos below...

Plutino Managing Director Cathy LeDrew & designer Mikhael Kale (left)
Plutino agent Amanda Muñoz (right)

Spot 6 Agent David Royal (left)
with photographer Maxime Bocken (

Elmer Olsen Men's Director Tara Lanoway (left)
with photographer Koby (

Stylist Sansyrae St. Martin (left)
with photographer Gian Carlo Drueco (

Ford booker Jarrett Plyley (left)
with Entrepreneur / Model Melani Chong

December 10, 2021

On Day One of Semaine de Mode de Montréal we introduced you to Shayne Laverdière (

That long-overdue occassion also served to show off an editorial the Montréal photographer shot with Marie-Eve.

The first collaboration obviously sparked a positive vibe, because Laverdière re-booked the 17-year-old, resulting in a ten-page single-girl story - again in Kill Mag.

This is the second set of tears to arrive this week for the Next new face, currently in Paris.

Next's Marie-Eve in Kill, by Shayne Laverdière
styling: Cloé Legault (L'Éloi); makeup & hair: Nicolas Blanchet (Folio)

December 9, 2021

Ontario and Québec - the two provinces where Mackenzie Duncan does most of his work - are getting hit with their first real blast of winter today.

The Montréal-based photographer however, skipped town ahead of the snow and currently finds himself - surfboard in hand - in sunny New Zealand.

While Duncan is enjoying the sand and surf, we're enjoying these two sets of his images, featuring Folio's Laszlo and Montage's Jessiann Gravel, from the new Z!NK Canada.

Folio's Laszlo in Z!NK Canada, by Mackenzie Duncan
styling: Jenn Finkelstein (Folio); makeup & hair: Steven Turpin (Giovanni)

Montage's Jessiann in Z!NK Canada, by Mackenzie Duncan
styling: Jenn Finkelstein (Folio); makeup & hair: Steven Turpin (Giovanni)

December 8, 2021

One has to wonder, when Shalom Harlow and Taryn Davidson shared a set recently, did the talk centre around what was happening at home?

The pair of DNA models, after all, grew up about 20 minutes (but more than 17 years) apart, just east of Toronto.

"The Next Way" appears in the December issue of Vogue Italia, photographed by Tom Munro.

Shalom Harlow and Taryn Davidson in Vogue Italia, by Tom Munro
scanned by Diciassette (17) @

December 7, 2021

Next's Kelsey Van Mook
The new issue of Z!NK Canada comes with stories featuring two Next models getting a lot of recent attention.

Kelsey Van Mook - whose Givenchy fragrance campaign Modelresource told you about last week, while she was in Shanghai for a high-profile Chanel launch/show - was photographed in Vancouver by Chris Haylett (

Also featured is Marie-Eve, photographed by Yann Ostiguy (

The 17-year-old Québecoise was already quite visible, and gained a large measure of European recognition when she was recently featured on All About Models.

(more images below)

Kelsey Van Mook in Z!NK Canada, by Chris Haylett
styling: Leila Bani (They Rep); hair & makeup: Sonia Leal-Serafim (They Rep)

Next's Marie-Eve in Z!NK Canada, by Yann Ostiguy
styling: Annie Gignac; makeup & hair: Leslie-Ann Thomson (Folio)

December 4, 2021

Modelresource went browsing through LizBell's blog ( this morning, and came across this image of Tara Jean by Matthias Vriens-McGrath.

The photo is part of a British Elle feature on ten of the hottest new faces from DNA, Marilyn and IMG; and also features Delphie (Folio/IMG) and Tamara McDonald (Elmer Olsen/IMG).

Go Canada!

LizBell/DNA's Tara Jean in British Elle, by Matthias Vriens-McGrath

December 2, 2021

Kelsey Van Mook can now add a fragrance campaign to her increasingly impressive résumé.

Givenchy - the revered French fashion house that launched the Next model to runway stardom by booking her to open its FW/09 collection - picked the Vancouver native to embody its new scent, Dance.

17-year-old Van Mook is currently in Shanghai with Karl Lagerfeld for the Thursday opening of Chanel's newest boutique.

Next's Kelsey Van Mook

December 2, 2021

New images of I Model Mgmt's Theo Hall, as seen in Juice (Singapore).

I Model Mgmt's Theo Hall

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