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February 2006

February 28, 2021

Tom Hassler
Tom Hassler
Modelresource is devoting a lot of its time these days to our coverage of the upcoming L'Oréal Fashion Week, and getting a sense of who we can expect to see this year.

One face that likely won't be returning from last season is Tom Hassler. His agent at I Models in Calgary says Hassler will likely be remaining in Europe for a few more weeks before heading to Montreal, where he is with Montage.

The Calgarian has been doing extremely well lately in Paris, having walked exclusively for Dior, who then had Hassler for 10 days of showroom, followed by the Dior lookbook.

The shot on the right is taken from the current issue of British GQ.

February 24, 2021

Tasha tilberg
Tasha Tilberg
It's been great to watch Tasha Tilberg re-emerge as one of the world's top models.

She was hugely popular a few years ago, becoming a household name as the face of Cover Girl's very visible television and print campaigns.

Now the 27-year-old has re-emerged on the world's top runways, and looks better than ever.

Tilberg (Giovanni), is currently ranked #11 on the list of Top 50 models. That makes her one of seven Canadians in the top 30, along with Daria Werbowy (#1), Lisa Cant (#12 - tied), Jessica Stam (#12 - tied), Irina Lazareanu (#22), Heather Marks (#23) and Julia Dunstall (#29).

February 22, 2021

Coco Rocha
Coco Rocha
Charles Stuart has a new star to boast about, and her name is Coco.

Placed with Elite, Coco Rocha lit up New York's runways (including Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs) before heading to Europe.

So impressive was her NYC showing, not only cited the Vancouver native as one of their Top 10 New Faces of F/W '06, but also labelled her "the newcomer most likely to return next season as girl most wanted."

The 17-year-old is currently under exclusive contract to Steven Meisel, with whom she will be shooting Italian Vogue and an upcoming Dolce & Gabbana campaign.

Along with fellow Elite model Meredith Mason, Rocha is a brand new addition to Modelresource's directory of Top Canadian Models.

February 21, 2021

Irina Funtikova
Irina Funtikova
Elite booker Matti Gidilevich tipped Modelresource off to Irina Funtikova's latest exploits - and as we always seem to be when it comes to Ms. Funtikova, we were impressed.

Right now the bird-like blonde is in Switzerland shooting the Trucco cosmetics campaign. Just last week she shot ID for the third time, while making time to shoot a 12-page spread in Portuguese Vogue with Luis Montiero.

February 14, 2021

Melanie Mateus and Sean Beckingham
Mel Mateus & Sean Beckingham
Nearly three years ago Sean Beckingham stepped out of his comfort zone at B&M Models to try something different. A new agency, Elmer Olsen Models, was opening in Toronto and Beckingham was welcomed into a role that would allow him to help shape the agency's development.

He spent just over a year his new surroundings however, before taking parental leave when his son was born. Then, rather than returning, Beckingham took a break from the industry completely.

Now after a 17 month hiatus Beckingham returns to the agency scene, and to B&M. As the Director of Scouting & Model Development, Beckingham takes a more specialized role than in the past, where he also spent time at the booking table. "One person can't do everything," Beckingham told Modelresource Monday. "I've been brought in to do what I do best."

Agency owner Mel Mateus feels Beckingham could step comfortably into his past role, but she's clear his new focus is best both for him, and the agency. "Sean is really well rounded," she says emphatically, "but you can't be excellent at both (booking and scouting). I really believe that."

Beckingham will be in the office every Wednesday when the agency holds its open calls, then spending the remainder of the week scouting.

February 9, 2021

Daria Werbowy
Daria Werbowy
Many in the industry were taken aback when runway superstar Daria Werbowy cut off her appearances last year and disappeared for a while.

Now back on New York's top runways, the Mississauga model tells Women's Wear Daily she chose to take time off from the shows last season "to reclaim her sense of self."

Werbowy brings more perspective to the industy than most models, and we definitely recommend that any aspiring model read the rest of the article.

Modelresource watched Werbowy lead off the Carolina Herrera fashion show exactly one year ago, then spoke to her about her demanding schedule. It's another must-read for aspiring catwalkers.

February 6, 2021

Irina Funtikova
Irina Funtikova
Incredibly cool website SHOWstudio has a gallery of clips taken from a live broadcast they had done late last week of an UMBRO shoot.

Almost all of what this website does is worth seeing, but what's especially cool about this particular project is that the only two models involved, Linda Evangelista and Irina Funtikova, are Canadian.

The footage is being edited now, but we're confident it will be worth checking back to see the final results.

February 6, 2021

Irina Lazareanu
Irina Lazareanu
Some nice online press for Giovanni Models this past week. wrote a glowing little piece about Irina Lazareanu, who is just about the hottest model in the world right now.

The other Giovanni hype comes from the Model Mania section of The influential forecast predicts a sunny future for Nazoyan, to whom Modelresource first drew your attention in October; and Aleisia Arkley, who we introduced to you in November (three times).

Aleisia Arkley Nazoyan
Aleisia Arkley (left), and Nazoyan

February 6, 2021

Folio new face Cathy
Folio's new face, Cathy
Folio continues to find amazing new faces like 5'9" Cathy.

This stunning nouveau visage is someone Modelresource expects to see a lot more of in the future.

Folio new face Cathy Folio's new face Cathy
Folio's new face, Cathy

February 5, 2021

Lisa Cant
Lisa Cant at Starbucks
The Modelresource in Manhattan experience ended Friday. Which means I can start catching up on some other stuff.

First off, the photo of Modelresource favourite Lisa Cant was taken at one of the Starbucks locations near Bryant Park. Cant wasn't appearing in any shows that day, but was still busy running to fittings and getting ready for a hectic week ahead.

Bryant Park, you may know, is home to Olympus Fashion Week. For those that have never been, massive tents are set up for the shows. I took pictures (below) of the outside of one of the tents, as well as the inside of one of the rooms where the shows take place. It's really easy to forget you're inside a tent. A big thanks to IMG for their assistance with the whole fashion week experience.

Hilary Rhoda
Hilary Rhoda in the
Kenneth Cole show Friday
The shot of one of IMG's newest stars, Hilary Rhoda, was taken from the third-row seat I enjoyed for the Kenneth Cole show that opened the week.

Rhoda was part of the reason Modelresource was in New York. Although not a Canadian, she is a hockey fan and former lacrosse player... so how could I not love her? She will be one of a handful of international models in an upcoming feature I am working on for Highrise Magazine. More details on that in the coming weeks.

Other notes from New York...

Bryant Park outside
Bryant Park outside

Bryant Park inside
inside one of the tents
Modelresource tried out the Gershwin Hotel, which bills some of its rooms as "The home-away-from-home for up and coming models" on its website.

The prices are great, especially by New York standards, but if you're booking there get used to sleeping with earplugs, and be prepared for showers that frequently jump from scalding to freezing. The room I had was drafty, the card lock for the door was tempermental and the television reception was poor.

Also, don't be misled by the website's statements like "Feel free to use our wireless hookup..." There's nothing free about it and the signal is extremely weak. And although there is a romantic little website reference to being on the rooftop with snowflakes falling, it was closed when we checked it on a very mild evening.

In fairness, the place was just as quirky as it claimed and I had no issues with cleanliness or critters. The staff were competent & friendly, and there were no obnxious porters trying to carry your handbag in hopes of earning a tip.

I'm no princess, but if my job depended on looking fresh and feeling alert this wouldn't be where I would stay. You may be wise to spend a bit more and stay further out.

February 2, 2021

Hye Park
Hye Park
In addition to Modelresource's obligation to Canadian models and our thriving industry, we also like introducing our readers to what is happening outside the world's second largest land mass. One of our favourite stories in the past year has been Hye Park's.

This Korean American model is a trailblazer, and yesterday she sat down with me for a piece I'm doing for another project you will learn more about in the coming weeks. This morning I interviewed Brad Kroenig - the top male model in the world - for the same project. More pieces will come together this evening and tomorrow.

While pulling together this project I'm still so proud to see Canadian models making their presence felt in New York. Yesterday it was Madeleine Berrevoets. Today at Ford's head office it was Bojana who just flew in this morning.

February 1, 2021

Chandra Feltus and Paulette Ellison
Chandra Feltus & Paulette Ellison
Modelresource is spending a few days in one of our favourite cities - New York.

This morning, while out for a quick walk, I passed Madeleine Berrevoets, presumably on her way to the IMG offices. It's a good time for Berrevoets, whose Missoni Sport campaign just came out.

I then had the pleasure to sit down with Paulette Ellison, the Director of Ford's FM2 division, and Chandra Feltus who works as an agent in the same area.

Their story, and several more, coming in the near future.

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