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February 2007

Feb 27, 2021

The Muse Study
The Muse Study
Modelresource has learned the Muse Study will be concluding its research portion as early as Friday, although it may be extened until Monday if there is enough last minute interest.

If you are currently a model with a Canadian agency, and are at least 18-years-old, you can still add to this groundbreaking survey.

More about the Muse Study can be found in Modelresource's January feature.

Feb 23, 2021

moo studio
The new moo studio
Modelresource spent Wednesday on the set of another Vervegirl shoot. This time it was for a Rimmel advertorial at the new studio of one of Canada's top photographers, moo, in Toronto's Fashion District.

Before our first model arrived we had already dealt with the day's first unexpected occurrence. Wigs were forgotten and had to be sent over in a taxi.

B&M newface Sherry, arrived at 9:30 and was ushered straight into makeup with Veronica Chu. This was Sherry's first ever booking, and I was immediately impressed by her composure. She didn't seem the least bit shy or intimidated, despite the fact she only expected two or three people on set.

B&M newface, Sherry
with Veronica Chu
Vervegirl Editor, Sara Graham, appeared shortly afterward to see how things were progressing. I asked her how this shoot would be different from a typical Vervegirl shoot. Because it's an advertorial, she explained, the outcome is very client driven. "We're recreating the Rimmel Underground Look as part of the campaign launch along with FCUK and EMI music." It's a British theme that adds a soundtrack to a look, with EMI artists like Lily Allen, The Kooks and Corinne Bailey Rae.

The magazine's new Project Coordinator, Maya Haidar, was also on set. In her new role she acts as a liaison between clients and the magazine's sales and editorial departments. "It's like having a bunch of people at a buffet," she explains. "I'm the one that makes sure everyone is eating."

Surprise number two occured when Elite's Leigh arrived with brown hair. Most of her portfolio is blonde, and Vervegirl booked her believing that still to be the case. The 16-year-old went back to her natural brunette colour however, shortly before leaving for Marrekech to represent Canada at the recent Elite Model Look. There was a definite sense of relief that the wigs arrived earlier.

A brown-haired Leigh getting
some serious eye makeup
As you can see in Leigh's photo, the makeup on her eyes was somewhat extreme. I asked Veronica Chu if readers, when they see this advertorial, should expect to be able to do this at home. "This look is just the concept," she told me. "Readers should take the essence of it." Chu compared it to when she worked for a cosmetics company, and along with a team of other artists she would attend fashion shows. The team would then reconvene to discuss how they could translate the runway looks into something people could wear in their daily routine.

As we got further into Leigh's makeup it became apparent the blonde bob wig wouldn't work with the heavy eye makeup. As Haidar pointed out, "Punks don't have bobs." Chu immediately began to trim Leigh's bangs. About two inches came off the front, which Leigh wasn't concerned about. Her hair grows quickly and although two inches sounds like a lot, the effect was to clean up her hair rather than change her appearance.

Haidar, who was also taking video of this shoot for Vervegirl's records asked Chu if she frequently cuts models' hair on set. "Never anything drastic," she replied. Chu has been doing makeup & hair for four years, and has been very successful in that time, travelling the world and shooting an a-list of models and celebrities. The one time she did do a full cut, she revealed, was when a male model with really shaggy hair arrived to a booking that required short hair (as he was on his comp card). The client wasn't prepared to use him with the scruffy look, so the model agreed to have it cut off rather than lose the booking.

Sherry as a blonde
We still needed a blonde model for this advertorial, so although Sherry had spent nearly an hour in front of the camera the blonde wig landed on her head and her makeup was redone to fit the new look.

Our third model, Next's Eva Shaw was now ready to receive her Rimmel look. This was Eva's second of three appointments today, so she had arrived with makeup already on.

Eva Shaw
Eva Shaw
In recent months Eva has become one of my favourite models. She's always in a good mood (which makes things easier for everyone involved) and speaks intelligently about the industry. She knows which models are appearing in which magazines, and which designers are showcasing which looks. Expect her to be based in New York not long after L'Oreal Fashion Week next month. Eva's third appointment that day was actually her first casting for the upcoming fashion week.

By 12:45 Sherry had completed her first ever booking and seemed to grasp how fortunate she was to have shot with moo so early in her career. "He's a really helpful photographer." moo has made his reputation as an innovative persona with a special talent for capturing movement.

moo was quite pleased with Sherry too. "She was great. I love working with new faces. It takes a bit of patience but once they get it they're really anxious to push it a bit further and really nail it." moo says more experienced models are often so practiced in front of a camera that it's hard to break them out of their routine.

Note the concept image
behind Leigh's head
Leigh meanwhile, had slipped into her FCUK dress, and was getting direction from Haidar while final touch-ups were being applied to her makeup. "You're a punk, but you're still a lady." This was the attitude Leigh employed when she stepped in front of the camera.

Despite having modelled for only a little more than a year she was "on" as soon as she stepped in front of the lens. Popping from one pose to the next, the Guelph area model didn't need much guidance, and when she was on set she took direction really well. Her shoot lasted about half as long as Sherry's and it should be really interesting to see how the images differ between the two models, despite having the same photographer shooting for the same project on the same day.

Eva Shaw
Eva Shaw on set
Eva finally got on set at 2:30 and, well, it was a clinic. Completely as ease with herself, Eva doesn't miss a shot. I've always been conscious of what a model does with her hands how she extends her fingers or curls them gracefully. For Eva, little things that are often overlooked are quite simply second nature.

By 3:30 the entire event had wrapped. Three models, with three different looks in what everyone agreed was a very smooth day. The final images will appear in Vervegirl's Prom Issue, appearing in high schools across Canada on April 9th.

Feb 23, 2021

Genevieve Godbout
Geneviève Godbout
Geographically, a trip to Australia may not be the best way to get from Montréal to Manhattan, but for Geneviève Godbout a journey down under seems to have made perfect sense.

The Folio model has been booking solidly in Sydney, collecting campaign and editorial tears.

According to her booker, Alexandre de Bellefeuille, the stunning brunette is now planning to base herself in New York, where she is represented by Marilyn.

Modelresource first told you about Godbout more than a year ago.

Genevieve Godbout
Geneviève Godbout, from Australian Cosmo

Feb 22, 2021

Taryn Davidson
Taryn Davidson
Modelresource recently had the chance to interview DNA Manager Trudi Tapscott.

The industry legend, who has worked as the Bookings Editor at American Vogue and helped to found Model Search America, made a special trip to Toronto to visit Elmer Olsen, where I caught up with her.

The result of that trip was the signing of Taryn Davidson; a Peterborough hockey player and daughter of a former NHLer. Tapscott describes the new face as "one of those special ones."

Modelresource's profile on Tapscott is now online, and offers some great advice for new models thinking about working in New York.

Feb 20, 2021

Jenna Judd
Jenna Judd
When Robin Buss first started writing for Modelresource in 2005 we had no idea how popular her feature would become.

Almost immediately Modelresource started receiving e-mails, commending us for the idea of having models report on their experiences. Truth be told, it was B&M's idea - we just ran with it.

Since then Modelresource has been extremely fortunate to get several different models to share their experiences from different corners of the world.

Now, with Buss taking a break from her writing and Drea returning from China we're excited to announce our newest contributor will be Ford's Jenna Judd.

The 5'10½" blonde is off to Spain shortly and will be filing regular missives from the land that started the skinny model ban.

Be watching in the coming weeks for Judd's first journal entry.

Feb 15, 2021

Johanna Stickland
Johanna Stickland
Add another Canadian to's list of top newcomers following the recent Mercedes Fashion Week.

Johanna Stickland (Mode, Giovanni), who MDC currently ranks #39 in their Top 50 Women, is the second Canadian named a top NY newcomer this season, along with Sofi Berelidze.

Feb 14, 2021

New tearsheets from Bangkok, featuring Corestone's Danielle (below).

The 5'11" brunette has been in Thailand for a few weeks - her first overseas experience - and is quickly building her book, while walking several runways (including one already completed today).

Modelresource had the opportunity to work with the 18-year-old at a fashion show in December, where we snapped the picture on the right.


Danielle, for GM watches

Feb 13, 2021

Passion Magazine
Passion Magazine
The first issue of Passion Magazine is now out.

Modelresource first told you about this new venture in December, when we went on set for the mag's first photoshoot (that's it on the cover).

Now we also have some of the shots taken by photographer Francisco Garcia, of B&M's beautiful Catherine Emmanuel (below).

Catherine Emmanuel
Catherine Emmanuel, by Francisco Garcia

Feb 13, 2021

Milan Krouzil
Milan Krouzil (right)
for Tommy Hilfiger
News from NAM, where Milan Krouzil has shot three campaigns for the coming season, including his third straight appearance in Hilfiger.

Five other NAM men were in Milano recently as part of Moda Uomo (the men's collections).

On the women's side, Szandra had a strong showing at New York fashion week, and is currently in London doing shows, while Renee Thompson recently shot the upcoming issue of FQ in Toronto.

Feb 12, 2021

Genevieve Godbout
Geneviève Godbout
Québec's newest reality series debuted last week, prominently featuring Folio booker Alexandre de Bellefeuille as one of the expert panel of judges.

Called Portfolio : Derrière l'Image (Portfolio: Behind the Image), the French language show gives eight male and eight female Québec modelling hopefuls the chance to experience the industry firsthand.

At the end of an 11 week schedule one male and one female will be awarded contracts. Clips of the new series and more information can be found at

In other Folio news, check out Geneviève Godbout in Australian Cosmopolitan (right), and Lisa Cant in the new issue of Elle Canada.

Feb 9, 2021

A few months ago Modelresource told you about Alex Jack's booking for Hollister.

The B&M model can now be seen at a shopping center near you.

Alex Jack
Alex Jack

Feb 9, 2021

Reid (center) with fellow Mode
Models, Kasey & Aleisia
at L'Oréal Fashion Week
In the past few years New York's fashion week has become an increasingly busy time for Canadian models.

One of the most impressive sources of photographic evidence of this phenomenon appears on Mode Models website (

Especially impressive has been Reid, who has been incredibly busy this past week, under the management of IMG.

Like Sofi, who we mentioned the other day, Reid was part of the outstanding Pink Tartan cast at October's L'Oréal Fashion Week.

Feb 9, 2021

I Models has a very promising new face in Geoff.

Agency Director Len Mastaler tells Modelresource the 19-year-old is off to Athens shortly, and will spend the summer in Milan.

Feb 7, 2021

Sofi, at L'Oréal Fashion Week
Elmer Olsen's Sofi finds herself on the runways of New York this week, where several insiders are taking notice.

You may remember her as one of Modelresource's picks as a Top Newcomer at last season's L'Oréal Fashion Week. is now hailing Sofi as one of their top newcomers for this season, lauding "the speed with which she's absorbing the new information of castings, fittings, backstage theater and personal style."

Feb 2, 2021

L'Oréal Fashion Week is just over a month away, which mean show packages should start appearing soon.

We got our first glimpse of Corestone's yesterday - a stylish booklet of eight cards shot by David Hou.

Every season Modelresource brings you a unique look at fashion week, with extensive coverage centered on the models' experiences.

Be watching for our preview, and reminders of what models need to know, in the weeks ahead.

Corestone Showpackage
Corestone Showpackage

Feb 1, 2021

Christina Ionno
Christina Ionno
During the last L'Oréal Fashion Week Modelresource introduced you to Christina Ionno.

We've been following her progress ever since, and now we're expecting an article about her experience in Taiwan.

It should be fascinating because the Elite model has been working nearly every day since she landed nearly a month ago (including weekends). Today, for instance, she's shooting Vogue Taiwan.

Ionno is repped in Taiwan by FMI.

Be watching for more details of Ionno's experience next week.

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