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February 19, 2021

Kelsey Van Mook (Next)
opening Milly by Michelle Smith
New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ended Thursday, and with that a farewell to Bryant Park.

Following 17 years under the tents, next season shifts to the Lincoln Center, just west of Central Park.

Canadians were well represented again this season, with Taryn Davidson, Kate Somers, Tara Gill and Addison Gill figuring strongly.

Alana Zimmer and Meghan Collison both did less shows than in previous seasons, opting for more select bookings.

The most noticible Canadian face may have been Kelsey Van Mook, who shows up on 19 different New York runways in Next Canada's Facebook fan page, including the opening of Erin Fetherston and the opening & closing of Milly by Michelle Smith.

Other Canadians whose international profile got a big boost this week include:

  • Chantal Stafford-Abbott, whose first NY season included turns for Marc Jacobs and Michael Angel.

  • Anaïs Poulliot, who opened Wayne, and walked for several others including Lacoste.

  • Sydney Edmonds, who made her long awaited New York debut, showing up in places like Alexander Berardi, Thuy and Milly by Michelle Smith. (by the way, if you haven't already seen it, check out this amazing video of Sydney, shot by Christopher Wadsworth).

  • Ali, a 5'10" West Coaster, who picked a number of shows including Marc Jacobs.

    Fashion season shifts to London now, and with that, goes our attention.

    NOTE: In a odd Canadian quirk, Montréal's fashion week (March 1st - 4th) ends more than three full weeks before Toronto's (March 28 - April 1st) starts. The Fashion Design Council of Canada has just now released this season's Toronto schedule (with a lot of To Be Announced spots), and the proposed venue is still a mystery.

    Ali (edge models) and Chantal (Specs) at Marc Jacobs
    both photos: /

    Sydney (Chantale Nadeau) at Milly and Anaïs (Folio) at Lacoste
    left photo: /
    right photo: gettyimages /

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