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February 2012

February 27, 2021

The newest beauty story in Filler Magazine features Sutherland Models' Shiya Zhao, by Koby (Koby Inc).

See the entire "Wet and Wild" story at

Sutherland Models' Shiya Zhao in Filler Magazine, by Koby
hair & makeup: Diana Carreiro (P1M)

February 21, 2021

Ford's Alex Lafarciola
photo: Mike Lewis (
As you may have noticed, Modelresource has been giving more attention to photographers lately, and not just on our pages.

Every few months we're hosting meetings of Toronto photographers to explore new ways to foster understanding and create opportunities.

These "Photographer PunchUps" - a tougue-in-cheek label inspired by the sometimes combative dialogue - led to the creation of a series of articles for photographers and the development of Modelresource Plus+.

December's PunchUp also involved an evaluation of Modelresource Plus+ and ways to make it a more useful platform for photographers.

Most felt the idea of a strictly-Canadian focused site (Canadian photographers and Canadian models) was a great way to reach their intended audience (Canadian clients).

What would be better still however, would be to give those coveted Canadian clients a stake in what gets posted.

So after a couple months of researching, planning, emailing and coercing, we're now ready to launch the newest place to showcase the best of what our industry has to offer.

JURIED ( is our new project, and we're very excited about this new format.

  • Content will be hosted on Tumblr, to make use of a growing community that encourages re-blogging and crediting the original source.
  • Modelresource will no longer take a role in judging the submissions; instead we've assembled a rather impressive little "Jury" of influential clients to do that. (Meet The Jury here)
  • Every submission will be passed on The Jury without any information that identifies the team responsible for creating it.
    • To ensure stories are judged on their own merit, not the names behind them.
    • To give photographers a platform to be creative; if The Jury says no, they won't ever learn who submitted the material they rejected
  • Links from Modelresource, our Facebook page and Twitter accounts to increase the exposure of every successful submission.
Continuing what we started with Modelresource Plus+, we will continue to credit those involved as much as possible (links back to websites, blogs, tumblr pages, twitter handles, etc).

You'll notice some of the content from Modelresource Plus+ has migrated to the new site. When we set up Juried (but long before we told anyone about it) all of the original stories were transferred. Some people found us despite the lack of publicity and based the number of notes and the feedback we got to our inbox, we decided to let several stand.

The most popular story, in case you're curious, was Ford's Alex Lafarciola by Mike Lewis, which had 22 notes before we breathed a word to anyone:

Our goal with Juried is simply to give Canadian photographers an opportunity to get assessed by the types of clients that could potentially shape their career, while removing the risk associated with leaving an unfavourable impression.

We want to grow the industry in new and increasingly creative directions.

Ideally, we want to see some magic.

If you're on Tumblr, we really hope you'll follow along with us at

February 16, 2021


Yet another new Canadian to watch for on the international circuit.

Toren Anderson, from Victoria's edge agency is currently working in Asia.

The snapshots below were taken by Bruce Weber, who later shot the 6'2" blonde for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Toren, who is represented by Click in New York, is also awaiting publication of an editorial in Glamour.

edge's Toren by Bruce Weber

edge's Toren for Bello Magazine

February 13, 2021

The new round of Gap ads are visible pretty much everywhere these days, and with them the faces of three Canadian models.

Crista Cober (Next), Taylor Fuchs (Mode) and Milan Krouzil (Push) all appear in the worldwide campaign photographed by Chris Craymer.

Next's Crista Cober, for The Gap

Mode's Taylor Fuchs (foreground), for The Gap

Push's Milan Krouzil (second from left), for The Gap

February 7, 2021

Issue #3 of Ottawa-based Press is now on sale, available not just in the nation's capitol, but also at locations in Montréal, Toronto and New York.

It's a good sign for a magazine based in a smaller market, especially in light of Winnipeg's Sandbox Magazine announcing its final issue in January.

Parlour and Georgie (both Edmonton) continue to publish fashion in Alberta, but other than those (and now Press) I can't think of small market print mags pushing fashion editorials.

Here's a sneak peek at the latest Press, featuring Ottawa-area photographer Lyndon Goveas shooting Daria & Jenna (both Angie's) and Anastasia (M.I.M.); and Montréal's Marie-Michèle Hayeur's story featuring Dimitra, Kayla and Vanessa (all Next).

Angie's Daria, by Lyndon Goveas ( for Press
direction: Christopher Massardo; makeup & hair: Catherine Dupuis
fashion assistant: Amber Watkins; retouching: Mike Leahy Creative

Next's Dimitra, Kayla and Vanessa, by Marie-Michèle Hayeur ( for Press
styling: Elise Lachance; makeup: Cynthia-Christina Cadieux; hair: Bernardo Fernandez
post production: Panchromatic

February 3, 2021

A couple weeks ago we introduced you to Edmonton's Matt Janssen, immediately following his Versace runway debut.

The Mode new face is now Model of the Week on; and just one of an impressive new batch of models from the west.

Pictured here is a promo piece sent out by the agency, highlighting several of the other newbies to keep tabs on.

photos: Zachary Ayotte

February 2, 2021

New images of Next's Clark Kingsbury, by Toronto photographer Regen Chen (, in Taiwan's WestEast Magazine.

The 6'2" Ottawa native also appears in Japan's Seven Homme, shot in Tokyo.

Next's Clark Kingsbury in WestEast, by Regen Chen
styling: Sharad Mohan & Kevin Cheng; grooming: Wendy Rorong (Plutino Group)

Next's Clark Kingsbury in Seven Homme

February 1, 2021

Happy 10th Anniversary to CoverModels on this 1st day of February, 2012.

Back in May we introduced you to this new face from the Ottawa agency, who has since gone on to establish herself quite nicely.

Ashlee is a 5'7½" blonde who has already travelled to Shanghai and London, and is also working quite well in Toronto (with Spot 6).

The Women's Fitness cover comes from the U.K., where Ashlee in represented by Leni's.

The other two images were shot recently in Toronto, by Johan Sorensen ( and Renata Kaveh (

CoverModels' Ashlee in Women's Fitness (U.K.)

CoverModels' Ashlee by Johan Sorensen

CoverModels' Ashlee by Renata Kaveh

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