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January 2008

January 30, 2021

Marie-Ève Nadeau
Folio's Marie-Ève Nadeau
Several years into her career, Marie-Ève Nadeau shows no signs of slowing down.

In addition to appearing in the brand new Marcelle campaign pictured here (Nadeau's fifth year doing the campaign), the Folio model can also be seen in the upcoming issues of Flare and Elle Canada.

January 30, 2021

Anita Norris
Anita Norris
A new partnership has formed in Southern Ontario, bringing together the scouting talents of two people well known to Modelresource readers.

Anita Norris and Pat Jarosz have brought their considerable experience together, and are now travelling from Mississauga to Sarnia, looking for new talent.

These stops are a lead-up to a larger model & talent search at the London Women's Show, March 15th and 16th.

According to Norris, the most recent preliminary in Strathroy had a great turnout, and there are still 14 more events planned prior to the finals.

A full listing of dates and locations can be found on the search's Facebook Group.

January 28, 2021

Judith Bedard
Giovanni's Judith Bedard for Diesel fragrance

Judith Bedard's career to date has been nothing less than impressive.

With several covers (Vogue Italia Beauty, Glamour, Wallpaper*, Deutcsh, NEO2, Pàp, Metro Pop) tucked nicely in her portfolio, along with editorials from the likes of Numéro, The Face, Marie Claire, and campaigns like Lady Dutch, Maxstudio, Rena Lange and all the H&M ads that filled the stores this holiday season, she's undoubtedly doing very well.

Now, with what should be a busy show season ahead for the icy-eyed Giovanni redhead, the new Diesel fragrance commercial (which can be viewed on Giovanni's website) has been released to accompany the print campaign.

January 25, 2021

Elmer Olsen's men made their presence felt in Milan a couple of weeks ago, making several runway stops before moving on to Paris where four of them appeared in the same high-profile show.

According to Tara Lanoway, who oversees the men's division at EO, Alex Loomans, Matthew Coatsworth, Peter Mironovs and Casey Taylor had been so busy in Italy, they hadn't realized they were booked to appear for John Galliano until they arrived in France.

Alex Loomans, Matthew Coatsworth, Casey Taylor
and Peter Mironovs in John Galliano

January 24, 2021

Maggie Lorrenzetti
Maggie Lorrenzetti for Lise Watier

A couple months ago Modelresource introduced you to Maggie Lorrenzetti.

The 18-year-old is still in school, but according to Next Montréal Director Didier Belleguic she is making time for the many requests she is getting.

This Lise Watier campaign featuring the 5'10" model was just released.

January 23, 2021

Amanda Tataryn's career continues to unfold nicely, with the recent release of a Miguel Jacob editorial in Strut Magazine, and the cover of Singapore's Female magazine, with accompanying spread.

The 5'11" model (who is represented by Sutherland in Toronto) is off to Milan shortly, where she will join Sam Heinrich, Melina Querel and several other Chantale Nadeau models, before heading to London.

Amanda Tataryn
Amanda Tataryn in Strut, by Miguel Jacob (left) and on the cover of Female

January 21, 2021

Seems like somewhat of a shame to waste such a good face, but here is Folio's Philippe Brisson as he appeared for Galliano this weekend in Paris.

Philippe Brisson
Philippe Brisson, by Donat Boulerice (left) and as he appeared in Galliano

January 17, 2021

The last time I got a phone call from Sutherland's Brandon Hall telling me to check me email before my BlackBerry even buzzed, it was to alert me of a new face named Paméla Bernier. That was nearly two years ago.

In an industry built on hyperbole, Hall is someone I take seriously.

Today the call came again, this time announcing the arrival of 5'11" Stephanie.

Like Bernier, this auburn-haired beauty also originates with Ottawa's Models International.

Says Hall, "within five minutes of me sending out her polaroids, the phone and emails have been pouring in."

Let the bookings begin...


Sutherland's new face, 5'11" Stephanie

January 17, 2021

Coco Rocha in Vogue Nippon
Remember the days before the world wide web? Well, no, you probably don't... but I do.

Why, when I was your age we had to hope foreign agencies would collect tear sheets and mail them to the mother agency at the completion of a contract.

There was no e-mail. High-res scans were what you went to a print shop to get... you sure as hell didn't send them from your desktop.

Faxes crawled back and forth, and portfolio books were couriered at great expense to the model.

Let's be glad those days are as far in the past as Matchbox 20 ("She only sleeps when it's raining..." what the hell does that even mean?!).

These days there's an "internet," which allows printable images to transmit electronically, instantaneously.

Coco Rocha in W Korea
Now there's near ubiquitous access to sites like, which allows everyone to share in the marvel of Coco Rocha.

The wealth of photos added to Rocha's profile page - many of which never found their way to your local magazine shop - came courtesy of Elite New York (who made someone travel through six feet of snow, uphill, in both directions, to e-mail them to us).

Want a real education? Ask your senior agent what a Telex machine is.

January 16, 2021

Just in, brand new Polaroids of Vancouver's stunning Kelsey Van Mook, currently in New York.

Next's Kelsey Van Mook in New York

January 16, 2021

It's seems every month or two Modelresource is updating you on a couple of Elmer Olsen's men that are collecting tears at a furious rate.

Matthew Coatsworth appears again this month in Esquire U.K., while Alex Loomans (currently #12 on the list of Top 50 males) found the cover of the most recent GapPress Men.

Elmer Olsen's Matthew Coatsworth (left) and Alex Loomans

January 15, 2021

Simona McIntyre (Sutherland/Montage)
in Elle Italia
Last show season there was probably no busier Canadian newcomer than British Columbia's Simona McIntyre.

With Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Zucca and many others under her tiny belt before being flown to Toronto for her exclusive Joe Fresh appearance, McIntyre established herself as a solid runway star.

Since then she has also appeared in editorials for Mixte, Teen Vogue and Numéro, and is just now appearing in French Marie Claire as well.

Not surprisingly then, the Chantale Nadeau model is also now appearing in Elle Italia's homage to the top new faces of 2008.

Simona McIntyre in French Marie Claire, photo: Stratis and Beva

January 15, 2021

Ford's Elyse Saunders
Here, complements of Amica, are three little reminders of why Elyse Saunders is already #12 on the Modelresource list of Top 50 Canadian models.

Elyse Saunders in Amica, photo: Stratis and Beva

January 15, 2021

Here's a little reminder of someone Modelresource expects to see on our Top 50 list one day soon... and for many, many days to follow.

Vancouver's Megan Jones is now just months away from completing her high school studies, and starting life as a fulltime model.

"With the likes of Prada, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein and Russell Marsh begging for her," suggests Liz Bell, "she has a huge career ahead of her."

Liz Bell's Megan Jones

January 14, 2021

Folio's Cathy
photo: Geneviève Charbonneau
The January/February LOU LOU is on stands, and features someone Modelresource introduced to you nearly two years ago.

5'10" Cathy was brand new to the industry at the time, having been scouted by Folio owner Corinne Poracchia at a movie theatre just two months earlier.

January 14, 2021

Cynthia Cully
Stylus Canada has made their second major signing in recent months, adding Cynthia Cully as Agency Director.

Following a seven year run at the helm of Ford Models in Toronto, Cully went on to publish Highrise Magazine, promoted artists through Plutino Group and ran her own model scouting business.

In September the agency also added former B&M, Elmer Olsen and Velocci scout/agent Sean Beckingham as Creative Director.

January 11, 2021

Nathalie Beaulieu for Nada Yousif
photo: Maja Hajduk
Way back in October, when I was casting for L'Oréal Fashion Week, there were a few girls I was praying would be available for the Nada Yousif fashion show, which featured many of Toronto's top new faces. One of those girls was Next's Nathalie Beaulieu.

The 19-year-old - who might be the among the coolest people I've ever met - is currently in Seoul, where she has kindly agreed to share her experience with Modelresource readers. Her first entry is now online.

As for Yousif, Toronto Life readers will recognize one of the dresses from her debut collection on the cover of the February issue featuring new design talent.

January 10, 2021

Kate Somers
photo: Chris Nicholls
styling: George Antonopoulos
make-up: Simone Otis
hair: Justin German
What I expect will likely be the year of Kate Somers got off to a flying start this week.

The Ford model appears in newest issue of Flare (shot by Chris Nicholls), showed up on the list of top Ford New York faces for 2008 (along with fellow Canadian Elyse Saunders), and debuted at #28 on the Modelresource list of Top Canadian models.

The Toronto redhead is making her first foray on to the world's runways this month, starting in New York where last year she was a runner up in the Ford Supermodel of the World contest.

January 10, 2021

As we continue to roll out our list of Top Canadian Models, I want to take this chance to introduce the list of impressive panellists lending their input to the rankings.

Each was asked to put together a list of 40 faces based on the following criteria:
Imagine you are the director of a hypothetical "Dream Agency" representing only Canadian models. It should have international appeal, and be a mix of girls that will make you money now, and girls that will make you money in the future.
Every month each panellist submits a list of 40 models, ranking their Top 10, and providing the names of 30 more in no particular order.

So just who offered their expertise to help put this list together?
Richard Bernardin
Marie-Éve, by Richard Bernardin

Montréal-based photographer Richard Bernardin is one of Canada's leading fashion photographers and is represented in Montreal and Paris. Influenced by the films of Truffaut, Cassavetes and Kubrick, Richard brings a strong cinematic feel to his unconventional photographic style.

In 2000 he was awarded Best Discovery: Fashion Photography at the prestigious International Fashion Festival in Kobe, Japan. He is a regular contributor to Elle Canada and has shot for international publications such as ICON, Bon, and Brazilian Vogue. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and have won many prizes. Today, he is completing work on his first film and a book.

Rad Hourani
Erica McDonald, in Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani has been recognized as one of the top stylists in this country for years, influencing the way Canadians look at fashion on the pages of the most widely read magazines.

In September Hourani offered up his debut collection in Paris, and was selected by as one of the Top 10 new designers of 2007.

Owen Bruce
Paméla Bernier, by Owen Bruce

British Columbia's Owen Bruce is one of the new batch of young photographers that is reshaping the way Canada looks at models and fashion.

Just 19-years-old, Bruce is based in New York where he works regularily with that city's top agencies and this coutnry's top models.

Hamish Kippen
Claire Oleson, by Hamish Kippen

20-year-old Hamish Kippen is another one of the new stars of photography that is finding success doing things according to his own vision.

Since winning the 2006 Flare Communication Award for fashion photography, Kippen has become one of the busiest and most influential fashion photographers in the country.

Dan Grant

As publisher of Modelresource, Dan Grant has been tracking the Canadian modelling scene diligently for years.

This past season he was also involved in the casting of several high-profile fashion shows, while finding time to write modelling-related articles for Vervegirl and

January 8, 2021

Chantale Nadeau's Cate Chant
Yet another Canadian has found her way on to Model Mania's monthly list of up-and-comers.

Cate Chant (Sutherland / Folio) is already well known to Modelresource readers, and with numerous editorials about to launch and now's nod, the Chantale Nadeau model's career is looking even more promising.

January 8, 2021

CNTM's Rebecca Hardy)
Happy New Year!

Modelresource is just getting back into the swing of things, but while we were away a lot was happening behind the scenes.

The first of our announcements is that Canada's Next Top Model Rebecca Hardy will be our newest contributor. The Sutherland model is on her way to Milan right now, where she will be working with Why Not Models.

Our other news is that this week we will be introducing a new ranking system for Canada's Top Models, based on the expertise of some of this country's top insiders.

We'll introduce our impressive panellists throughout the week. First however, here are the first set of Top Canadian models, according to their suggestions.

The rest of the list, counting up to #1, will be introduced throughout the week.

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