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July 2009

July 31, 2021

Kim Cloutier - as you know - is remarkable.

Since appearing in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, the Next model has been an extremely lucrative commodity worldwide.

Watch for the Montréal model in upcoming issues of Elle (U.S.), Vogue (Germany), Cosmo (U.K.) and Marie Claire (U.K.), as well as the worldwide Clarins campaign, completed recently in Paris.

The images below were shot last week in New York, where Cloutier is currently based (with Marilyn's), and available for direct-books in Canada.

(more images below)

Kim Cloutier

Kim Cloutier

Kim Cloutier

Kim Cloutier
Next's Kim Cloutier

July 31, 2021

Specs' Korey
by Brian Ypperciel
Today begins a new feature on Modelresource, designed to turn the focus back on those talented individuals behind the cameras.

"Through The Lens" was conceived by our Editorial Assistant Chelsea Coyle who, among her other duties, also oversees our Featured Model section and Facebook Group.

Our first featured photog is Montréal's Brian Ypperciel (represented by Marine Godfroy) who only started as a working photographer about five years ago, but quickly established himself with major magazines like Clin d'Oeil and Elle Québec; and clients like Teenflo and Mackage.

July 29, 2021

Anna Wasacz-Carter
Mode's Anna Wasacz-Carter
Anna Wasacz-Carter is one busy model these days.

Well, not exactly THESE days, because she's currently home in Alberta, taking a bit of a vacation.

But the Mode model has been working a lot in New York lately through Ford models.

Pictured here is the 5'9" blonde in the latest Elle Italia, photographed by Alexei Hay.

July 27, 2021

Anita Norris' Jaclyn
It has been a few months since Modelresource first learned of Anita Norris' new face Jaclyn.

The 14-year-old has been on a bit of a ride since then, including getting a feature on TheOnes2Watch in May.

Last week the 5'10" brunette with crystal blue eyes accelerated that ride, signing with IMG worldwide.

Canadian bookings will continue to be handled by Norris.

(more images below)


Jaclyn, by Jason Brown

July 24, 2021

Kate Somers
Ford's Kate Somers in Glow
The new issue of Glow found its way to Modelresource's door Thursday, and there on the cover was one of our absolute favourites.

The remarkable Ms. Kate Somers is not at home to see it, however.

Ford's 5'11" strawberry blonde is currently in Kenya, building schools with

(more images below)

Kate Somers

Kate Somers

Kate Somers
Kate Somers, by Chris Nicholls (
makeup & hair: Greg Wencel; direction: Jill Dunn

July 23, 2021


New to the Ford roster, this is 15-year-old, 5'10" Madison.

(several images below)

Ford new face Madison
Colour photos: Marek Szkudlarek (
B&W photos: Maja Hajduk (

July 21, 2021


Discovered by Ainsley McWha in her hometown of Ottawa, this is Chelsea.

The 18-year-old Next new face is 5'9", with light brown hair and blue eyes.

(several images below)

Next new face Chelsea

July 21, 2021

Mariage Québec's latest issue features Folio's now Paris-based Célestine, who during her last visit to Montréal was photographed by Donat ( for this beauty editorial.

Folio's Célestine in Mariage Québec, by Donat
makeup: Nicolas Blanchet (Folio); hair: Louis Hechter (Satellite)

July 20, 2021

Next's Jenna Berman
in Brigitte (Germany)
Modelresource's latest Market Profile features one of those destinations Canadians find especially interesting about the time the leaves begin to change here.

"Modelling in Cape Town" comes to us courtesy of Y Models, a top South African agency led by former Canadian model Patricia Stidworthy.

Pictured on the left is Next's Jenna Berman, in Brigitte Magazine (Germany).

The 5'7" brunette spent the Canadian winter (South African summer) with Y Models, where she booked this and other European editorial (London, France), the American Vintage campaign (France), as well as numerous local ads.

July 15, 2021

I Model Mgmt's Dylan
Recently scouted by I Model Mgmt's Len Mastaler is Calgary's Dylan.

The 6'0" Calgarian will stay in town until fall, at which time he will travel to New York with Next Models.

(more images below)

Calgary's Dylan - 6'0"

July 13, 2021

Elmer Olsen's Ryan Taylor
Modelresource told you a few months ago about the return of Ryan Taylor, which led to an immediate Benetton booking.

Just released, and collected by Modelresource Men's Editor Matthew Lyn (, here are the first of the Elmer Olsen model's campaign images.

(more images below)

Ryan Taylor for United Colors of Benetton

July 10, 2021

LizBell's Tara Jean
in Chanel Couture
The couture shows are underway in Paris, and one of the Canadians using the opportunity to make a name for herself is LizBell's Tara Jean.

The 5'10" blonde (with Major in Paris) walked for Chanel Couture Thursday, and is now - according to LizBell's blog - scheduled to shoot with Karl Lagerfeld for an upcoming issue of Italian Elle.

Modelresource first told you about the B.C. model in a New Face Alert last July, when Folio tipped us off.

July 10, 2021

Mode Edmonton's Gloria Loitz, who Modelresource first told you about last month, now finds herself stateside with One Management.

Pictured below are images taken earlier this week in New York.

(more images below)

Mode's Gloria Loitz

July 9, 2021

Next's Yamal opening Boss Orange
Montréal's Yamal is doing double duty these days, acting both as international male model, and scout.

Pictured on the right is the Next model in the opening slot of the very high proifle Boss Orange show, in Berlin this week.

Below, is Next new face Marie-Eve, who was scouted by Yamal on the streets of Montréal.

This remarkable 5'11" 17-year-old started two weeks ago, shot immediately with Brian Ypperciel (, then again with Maxyme Delisle (

According to Next's Montréal Director, Didier Belleguic, within hours of sending out photos the options starting coming.

Not surprisingly, international interest is already very, very strong.

(more images below)

Next new face Marie-Eve, by Maxyme Delisle

July 9, 2021


Freshly added to the Ford roster is Kyle Sawyer.

The 6'0" new face has blue eyes and brown hair.

Ford's Kyle Sawyer

July 7, 2021

With 1.2 million visitors expected at the Stampede this season, Next Models is heading to Calgary in search of new faces.

The agency that manages Canada's Next Top Model's Yasmin Warsame, top newcomer Kelsey Van Mook, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kim Cloutier and many, many other successful international models will be at the Stampede Grounds beginning Wednesday.

For more information, please contact Dan at Next Models.

Next Models in recent months
Top row (from left): Renee Lacombe, Yasmin Warsame, Sarah Ruba
Second Row: Nadine McAdam, Kelsey Van Mook, Kim Cloutier
Third Row: Marie-Justine Labelle, Daniel di Tomasso, Jean-François Poirier

July 6, 2021 - by Matthew Lyn

Mode's Simon Nessman for
John Galliano underwear
The Canadian boys were a force to be reckoned with on the runways of Paris and Milan for the Spring/Summer 2010 men shows.

Simon Nessman - Canadian male supermodel, who also appears in the new John Galliano underwear campaign - led the boys with an impressive twelve shows, followed closely by his fellow Mode model Taylor Fuchs, with nine.

Rookie of the Season, Rob (Elmer Olsen), is off to a great start for his first show season and landed prestigious shows like YSL, Salvatore Ferragamo, Trussardi, Burberry and Dunhill.

Booker Tara Lanoway is ecstatic at her diamond in the ruff and explains to Modelresource that the show season was a perfect opportunity for Rob to experience how serious this industry is. Having teammates like Gordie Walker and superstar Alex Loomans showing him the ropes was a fantastic asset.

Congratulations to all our boys, including; Ryan Taylor (Elmer Olsen), Casey Taylor (Elmer Olsen), Gordie Walker (Elmer Olsen), Alex Loomans (Elmer Olsen), Joey Kirchner (Mode), Theo Hall (I Model Mgmt), Simon Tham (Sutherland), Martin Evans (NAM) and Eric Belanger (Elite).

July 3, 2021

Mode Models is sharing some impressive updates.

Long-time fave Heather Marks appears in the new Spanish Vogue, photographed by Patric Shaw.

And still more from Korea for the stunning Ms. Kathleen Burbridge, with the release of July's Luel Magazine.

(images below)

Mode's Heather Marks in Spanish Vogue

Mode's Kathleen Burbridge in Luel (Korea)

July 2, 2021

The third Spade article we're sharing this week features very talented Toronto photographer Mckenzie James ( working with three Elmer Olsen males.

Styled by Corey Ng, "Poetry in Motion" features Anton, Zictor and Robert.

(images below)

Elmer Olsen's Anton, Victor and Robert in Spade, by Mckenzie James
styling: Corey Ng; makeup & hair: Taylor Borris

July 2, 2021

I have to say, in an era where print mags are struggling, I'm loving that Spade is not only doing something different, but doing it really well.

This is Taylor, from Ford's kids division, photographed by Justin Borbely (

(images below)

Ford Kids' Taylor in Spade, by Justin Borbely
styling: Julie Che; makeup & hair: Eryn Shannon (Artist Group)

July 1, 2021

As we told you last week, the summer issue of Spade is about to be released.

This week we're unveiling the editorial.

Our first of three, features Sutherland's Santa Borel and Next's Rachel Miller, photographed by Saad Al-Hakkak ( in a brilliant little story called "Minimal Morosity."

(images below)

Santa Borel (left) and Rachel Miller in Spade, by Saad Al-Hakkak
styling: Corey Ng; makeup & hair: Stacy Hatzinikolas (Ford)

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