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June 29, 2021

We had to laugh reading this story on

June 28, 2021

Madeleine Berrevoets
Madeleine Berrevoets
in Fashion Magazine
Check out this feature on which draws the world's attention to how cool you and I are. That's right, us, Canada.

Modelresource believes John Fluevog shoes, Bernard Callebaut chocolates and the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival are pretty obvious omissions, but it's still great to see a major online destination stand up and take note.

We immediately noticed that Madeleine Berrevoets was mentioned among Canada's modelling stars. Our readers will recognize Madeleine from our New Face Preview.

Elmer Olsen has been suggesting to Modelresource for quite some time that Madeleine (whose father told Modelresource he used our feature on that agency to help decide where his daughter would go for representation) would be an international star. In light of this recent endorsement from, Elmer's reputation for recognizing top talent remains solidly intact.

Another Elmer Olsen model from the New Face Preview - Daniel Brown - just rebuilt the agency's website. It looks great.

June 24, 2021

Morgan Handbury
Morgan Handbury
on this month's Flare
Way back in November, Modelresource travelled to New York where we spoke to Morgan Handbury about her long journey to success.

Then, a couple of months ago B & M booker Gail McInnes tipped us off to Morgan's North American contract for Garnier Fructis and her renewed contract with Buffalo Jeans.

Now Morgan appears in one of the most visible newstand spots in Canada, gracing the cover of this month's Flare magazine.

After spending an afternoon getting to know her, Modelresource is convinced that this is one model that totally deserves her success.

June 23, 2021

Agnieszka Wichniewicz
Agnieszka Wichniewicz
by Steven Meisel
Last month Modelresource added Agnieszka Wichniewicz to our list of Canada's Top Models.

True to form the Edmonton model (with Mode in Alberta, and Elite worldwide) just shot Italian Vogue for a second time with Steven Meisel.

Modelresource will be adding a few new faces to our list of top models very soon.

June 21, 2021

Kimberlyn Parris
Kimberlyn Parris
Aaron Hawco, over at Nam in Toronto sent us an update on Kimberlyn Parris, currently tearing up the international scene.

The former track & field star is currently the featured model in the BMW print campaign.

Well-known Toronto photographer Alvaro Goveia will be photographing Kimberlyn for an upcoming spread in Wish Magazine before the model takes off again for London where a busy editorial chart awaits.

June 17, 2021

Lisa Cant
Lisa Cant
A big thanks to Sutherland's Brandon Hall for sending along this striking image from the new Chanel campaign.

In addition to this advertisement, Lisa Cant has also recently shot four issues of American Vogue, Italian Vogue (with Paolo Roversi), Allure (Regan Cameron), Dazed & Confused (Mariano Vivanco), and W Magazine (Dusan Reljin).

June 15, 2021

Many in the Toronto area may have heard of the recent arrest of a 33-year-old posing as a photographer, and luring models to a hotel for photo shoots. Through online ads he allegedly promised high hourly rates and went so far as to set up a hotel room to look like an actual set.

All of this information Modelresource has taken from news reports and we have no DIRECT knowledge of the actual events that took place.

It needs to be pointed out that the victim in this case is not at fault. Her willingness to be photographed in a hotel room should in no way be construed as an invitation for the photographer to assault her. She apparently pursued what seemed like a legitimate opportunity and verbally expressed reservations about what the photographer had asked of her. That should be enough for any reasonable person to end the photo shoot.

The personal safety of models, male or female, is more important than any booking, for any amount of money.

Our message is this: Models are almost always better off having a solid agency to help them obtain legitimate bookings.

Any photographer that isn't willing to go through agencies is not worth the risk. Agencies earn their commissions by helping models obtain work, negotiating a decent rate in exchange for the model's time, and by protecting models from fraudulent bookings and potentially dangerous situations.

Can an agency prevent everything bad from happening? Of course not. But frauds are FAR less likely to book a model through an agency.

When events such as this occur they give the entire modelling industry a black eye, even though neither the photographer nor the victim had any connection to the industry itself. Similar events happen in the acting industry, the military, the education system, the corporate world and anywhere else unscrupulous people see an opportunity to take advantage of others looking to get ahead.

Modelresource was set up to try to prevent situations like this from happening. This site's guiding principle has always been to educate, and thereby prevent needless distress. What happened in Toronto was indeed needless.

If you have been involved in any castings involving a photographer known as Martijn Van Der Schoot, Steve Taylor or Steve Taylorman, please call Toronto police at (416) 808-7474.

June 13, 2021

Erin Rae
Erin Rae
(from left) Kendra, Erin Rae, Nicki, Valerie and Amanda
(from left) Kendra, Erin Rae,
Nicki, Valerie and Amanda
Remember back in March, when Modelresource told you about five models from Images (Calgary) testing the waters in Toronto, Montréal and New York?

Their agent, Pat Collins, recently sent Modelresource an update to let us know four of the five have been placed overseas.

Kendra, Amanda, Erin Rae and Nikki are all off to different Asian destinations this summer, while Valerie is considering relocating to either Toronto or Montréal to follow up on modelling options in those cities.

Congratulations, girls!

June 10, 2021 - WATCH THIS SPACE

One of the snapshots K.P.'s
mother sent to Michèle
Modelresource doesn’t get easily get excited. Then, something like this comes along and Modelresource freaks out.

Michèle Miller - she that marched Jessica Stam, Michelle Valencourt, Andi Muise and a host of other unbelievable models to the top of the fashion world – is marching that familiar path once again.

Check out 5'11" K.P., who's mother got in touch with Michèle's International Model Management just over a week ago.

When Michèle asked for more snapshots, K.P.’s mom in distant Manatoulin Island went as far as contacting the Toronto Star's Fashion Editor Bernadette Morra, to see if it was worth following up with the Barrie, Ontario agency.

The reference glowed, and new snapshots (like the one on the right) made their way from Manatoulin to Michèle's inbox shortly thereafter.

Michèle's head started spinning (we know, because she called Modelresource and swore us to secrecy before passing along the pictures last week).

Days later, the statuesque 17-year-old was in Barrie where she signed with International, and stayed with Michèle for four days learning all about modelling.

Part of K.P.'s mannequin immersion included a trip to Toronto where she shot with photographers Mooishi and Greg Paupst (some of the results of which can be seen below).

Thursday, Modelresource had the opportunity to watch a nine minute video of K.P. at those shoots. The girl can move. The girl has personality.

K.P. (nine DAYS into her career) already has a load of options including American Vogue and some major couture shows in Paris next month.

Watch this space – Modelresource will keep you updated on K.P.'s progress...

 kp kp kp
K.P., by Mooishi

 kp kp kp kp
K.P. by Greg Paupst

June 9, 2021

francisco randez
Francisco Randez
(tattoos drawn on)
Sutherland Models recently confirmed Francisco Randez will be in Toronto for the summer.

Randez, who recently shot the "LE MÂLE" by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER campaign for the second time is already confirmed for his third run, but is spending the next few months in Canada with his band, MOUDJÏK.

Laura Virdo, Randez’ booker at Sutherland is thrilled to have him in town for a few months. She told Modelresource "He is equally charming as he is stunning; one of those rare gems that agents dream to represent."

Sutherland also just confirmed Jae with Trump Models in New York and City Models in Paris.

For more on Sutherland, check out Modelresource’s profile on the agency, just posted today.

June 7, 2021

This is interesting. U.S. cable network VH-1 is collaborating with Wilhelmina Models in New York, to put together a new reality TV show called "The Agency."

Wilhelmina, which has made a name for itself by crossing traditional modelling boundaries with such bizarre ideas as a Glamour Photo model search several years ago (also the agency Modelresource blames for the otherwise unexplained popularity of Jessica Simpson), has led the way in branding itself as a vehicle for pretty people to find pop-culture success.

What is most intriguing about this concept, is that the "Anita" featured in the show is London, Ontario's Anita Norris, whose rotating responsibilities at Wilhelmina over the past few years have given the editorial side of the agency a new degree of credibility. Anita, as a rule, doesn't pull punches or play games. Modelresource is a fan.

We're hoping either the Life Network or CHUM Limited will pick up the series up here.

June 3, 2021

marla boehr
Marla Boehr for Lida Baday
June is certainly starting well, with an update from Mode Models' Kelly Streit reminding us why we love Marla Boehr.

stefanie laguns
Stefanie Laguns
Also, check out a polaroid taken earlier this week of International Model Management's recent model search winner Stefanie Laguns. The photo of the 5'11", 16-year-old was taken by International's Director Michèle Miller.

Next week we'll also have an update from Images' Pat Collins on the models she brought east a couple months ago. Five made the trip, and four got placed (while the fifth has some serious interest).

Those updates, and more, are coming next week.

Have a great weekend.

June 2, 2021

Sarah Ruba
The meteoric rise of Next Models' Sarah Ruba continues.

Modelresource first told you about the 5'8" brunette just six weeks ago.

Since then, Ms. Ruba has shot British Marie Claire, British Glamour (10 page story in Sept), US Glamour, Z!NK, Lucky, Elle Girl, Nylon, WWD (twice), and 10. Are you kidding?!

Next's Lorraine Hartnett tells Modelresource Yasmin Warsame recently shot the Banana Republic campaign in NYC, while Kim Cloutier has shot for Russian Vogue, Bazaar and French Glamour (this month's issue).

Still other Next news has Mark Bland recently shooting L'Uomo Vogue with Mario Sorrenti and appearing in the current Highrise magazine, and Nicole Petty starring in the recent Krizia parfum campaign.

June 1, 2021

richelle dobson
Richelle Dobson
Modelresource is looking forward to June, with a tonne of new content in the works.

In addition to today's new feature discussing modelling in Japan, we also are less than a week away from posting articles on Sutherland Models, a behind-the-scenes look at pulling together a professional photoshoot, and tips for potential models entering model searches.

Modelresource also finally got its wish for an interview with Richelle Dobson, whom we adore. That's coming next week as well.

Irina Funtikova
In other news: Check out this photo of Elite's Irina Funtikova (one of Modelresource's absolute favourite models) from Highrise Magazine. Elite's Steve Neal is also featured in Highrise, and Bobbi Wiens appears in a stunning spread in 10 magazine.

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