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June 2006

June 30, 2021

Aryka Noble
Aryka Noble
One more mention from the Michèle Miller camp, where Aryka Noble is having an outstanding run.

Recent bookings include Spanish Vogue, Greek Vogue, German Vogue, Freundin, Grazia and an astounding third cover of Madame Figaro.

June 29, 2021

Kerry Parrett
Kerry Parrett
You may have noticed Jessica Stam's British Vogue cover on

According to her agent, Michèle Miller, Stam's career is rocking as hard as ever, as she is also appearing in upcoming issues of Italian Vogue and W magazine.

Miller's girls have a lot going on these days, including Andi Muise who can be seen in British Vogue, Blackbook, Chinese Vogue, Flair (Italy); and campaigns for Emporio Armani (AGAIN!), and Pantene.

Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam
Kerry Parrett, who is done high school now, is in Paris right for the couture shows, while newface Allison has already shot Wish with Gabor Jurina, Rouge with mooishi and is in Montréal right now shooting Simons. "All this," says Miller, "on a few polaroids."

June 29, 2021

Calgary's I Models has a promising new face in Lukas

The 6'2" 16-year-old just recently started, and has already found representation in New York and London.

June 28, 2021

A few months ago Modelresource announced Sean Beckingham's return to the industry after a long absence.

This is the reason he's back:

Lisa is a 5'9" 19-year-old Beckingham spotted in Newmarket, and signed to B&M Models.

These shots are from her first test.

June 28, 2021

Carly Foulkes
After her first day of go-sees, Toronto's Carly Foulkes can already claim a six-page booking for Highrise Magazine and five creatives.

In somewhat of an understatement, Sutherland booker Brandon Hall describes the 18-year-old's start as "Not a bad day of work!"

June 28, 2021

Heidi Marie
Heidi Marie
New to Toronto, and currently making the rounds, is Elite's Heidi Marie.

The 5'9½" redhead is from Panache in Winnipeg, but will be in Southern Ontario for the summer.

June 27, 2021

Coco Rocha with Matti Gidilevich
Matti Gidilevich
with Coco Rocha
Elite booker Matti Gidilevich - undoubtedly Canada's road-warrrior on the convention and model search circuit - spent this last weekend in Edmonton where he met up with Coco Rocha.

Rocha got her start at the Edmonton converntion, and returned this year as a guest on the agent panel, and to give a runway class for the contestants.

According to Gidilevich, Rocha " just returned from a one-day trip to Japan where she opened and closed the Louis Vuitton show.

"She's getting ready to head to Paris for the couture shows... and I'm sure her chart is ablaze with options..."

June 26, 2021

B&M's website screenshot
B&M Models' new, expanded website launched Monday.

Check out

June 23, 2021

Pamela Bernier
Pamela Bernier
Earlier today we told you about an RK Stores shoot featuring Nelly Tsyrlin, and filmed by Fashion Television.

Now Modelresource has learned another Sutherland model will have a similar experience Monday.

Pamela Bernier, who we told you about in April, was supposed to be in New York Monday, but is staying in Toronto for a few extra days to do an RK Stores shoot with Dan Lim.

Once again the Fashion Television cameras will be there, but this time it's the 14-year-old Québec belle that will be the subject.

In fact, Bernier's career is off to such a strong start she is already confirmed to return to Toronto for two other well-paid bookings.

June 23, 2021

Nelly Tsyrlin
Nelly Tsyrlin
In April, Modelresource asked the lead designer of RK Stores, Candice Chan, to offer her perspective on models.

Chan's comments followed a recent shoot featuring Nelly Tsyrlin, orchestrated by mooishi.

Today we were tipped off by loyal Modelresource reader Heidi that the Fashion Television video of the photoshoot is now floating around in cyberspace. Especially for new models this is a great example of what to expect from a photo shoot.

The footage can be found here.

June 22, 2021

Ann Townsend
Ann Townsend
A couple of months ago I had dropped by B&M's office and caught the elevator with someone I was certain had to be one of their models. A striking brunette, she also got off on the fourth floor, but for whatever reason didn't go into the agency (which is the only destination on that floor).

After about ten minutes, when I had finished my business, I went back into the lobby (B&M's waiting room) to catch the elevator and the beautiful brunette was still there.

From my BlackBerry I e-mailed back to the agency to let them know there was someone in the lobby they HAD to see. As it turns out, that gorgeous creature was Ann Townsend.

This shot, by David Wile, was from Townsend's first ever photo shoot, and according to B&M's Gail McInnes, "photographers are scrambling to get her in front of their lens and offering her creatives."

June 21, 2021

Andrew Stetson
Nam owner Norwayne Anderson
with Andrew Stetson
at Fashion Cares
While Modelresource was at Model & Talent Search Canada, enjoying Calgary's clean foothills air, the Canadian launch for Calvin Klein's new men's Euphoria fragrance was happening in Toronto.

The campaign features Toronto's own Andrew Stetson, and according to his agent, Nam's Aaron Hawco, "Fashion Television followed [Stetson] all day, and dropped by NAM to tape an interview." Hawco went on to say the evening event was "amazing, and let me tell you the TV commercials are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

June 20, 2021

Nyalok Duop
Nyalok Duop
Meet Nyalok Duop, who beat out nearly 500 other hopefuls at last weekend's Mode Models model search in Calgary.

Modelresource caught up with the 22-year-old in Calgary. "I couldn't believe it. It was like a miracle," she told me. "When they called my name I was like 'Is this real?'"

Of Sudanese origin, Duop stands 5'10" and has wanted to model for years.

She had never heard of Mode, but entered the contest after seeing signs posted for the competition at Calgary's T.D. Square.

June 20, 2021

Check out 5'10" Melina, who is in town for the summer with Elite.

The 15-year-old Chantale Nadeau discovery is originally from Granby, PQ, but now lives with her family in Dubai.

The photo on the right was shot this weekend by Toronto photographer Arash Moallemi.

June 16, 2021

Rebecca, by Richard Bernardin
Modelresource is in Calgary right now as part of Model & Talent Search Canada, and has a lot of stuff to post over the coming days.

This one couldn't wait however...

This is 5'10" Rebecca, who the Montréal office of Giovanni tipped us off to.

The photo was taken by Richard Bernardin... we're sure a lot more photographers will be lining up to shoot Rebecca as well.

Have a great weekend.

June 14, 2021

Julia Stone
Julia Stone
As the summer descends on Toronto, so do models from the rest of the country, and very few will travel further than Julia Stone.

This Victoria brunette is here for the a couple of months, working with Next Models.

Julia Stone
Julia Stone
The digital on the left was one of a series taken Monday evening of the 5'9" 20-year-old, who - not surprisingly - is already receiving a very strong response.

June 9, 2021

Michelle McCallum
Michelle McCallum
Modelresource has mentioned Elite's Michelle McCallum a couple times (here and here) in the past week.

Now has taken note as well. In their June picks, published this morning, the influential Model Mania page has placed the 5'9½" brunette at the top of the pack.

Things are rolling...

June 9, 2021

In mid-April, I got a message from Corestone mentioning one of their models was flying to Thailand on a 70 day contract.

It was Leanne's first overseas modelling experience and almost immediately after she arrived I was hearing from Pat Collins, who arranged the placement, that the 5'10" brunette was booking jobs.

Now Corestone is starting to get some tear sheets rolling in, including this one from a beauty feature in Madame Figaro.

Some of Leanne's other recent work includes Home Decor magazine, a beauty article in WE magazine, Cherlion pantyhose, and a show to celebrate two years of Marie Claire in Thailand.

June 8, 2021

Adrienne Lenehan
Adrienne Lenehan
With any luck, Adrienne Lenehan's recent work will get published quickly and she'll return to Canada next month with a lot of great new tears.

The Next new face is in Paris right now, building her book nicely. Recent weeks have seen her shoot ID, Vogue Nippon (with Ellen von Unwerth) Elle Italia and Madame Figaro.

Another 5'7" model finding success with Next, Lenehan is expected back in Toronto on July 17th.

Jay Manuel
Jay Manuel
Renowned makeup artist and America's Next Top Model photo shoot director Jay Manuel will be in Toronto to present a Makeup Workshop.

Presented by Corestone Model Management, Manuel will be sharing his expertise and experiences along with makeup techniques, the art of corrective makeup, building a portfolio, individual style, working with different skin colour and networking.

A question and answer period will follow, along with an autograph session and more...

The interactive event will be held Saturday, June 17th, at the St. Michael College, U of T campus. For more information contact Corestone Model Management at (416) 363-3621.

June 7, 2021

Irina Funtikova
Irina Funtikova
in Highrise
In an ideal world every fashion/lifestyle magazine would put models on their covers. They're so much more interesting to look at than Hollywood types.

This, for instance, is Irina Funtikova on the cover of the current issue of Highrise, shot by mooishi, makeup & hair by Beau Nelson.

Funtikova is currently in Japan, where she shot Vogue Nippon earlier today.

June 6, 2021

Judith Bedard
Judith Bedard
in Numero
Take a quick trip over to for a look at Giovanni's Judith Bedard, as featured in the latest issue of Numero.

The 5'8½" Bedard grew up in Québec City, and started her career in Paris.

Bedard has been a favourite of renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth, and is currently based in New York, where she is with Marilyn.

June 5, 2021

Aaron Hawco and Marina
Nam booker Aaron Hawco
with Marina
Saturday night Modelresource found itself at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, amongst thousands attending Fashion Cares.

Scores of models take part in this annual fundraiser, which raises millions of dollars for the fight against AIDS.

Among the performers and special guests that evening were Viva Glam spokesperson Pamela Anderson, Dsquared2 designers Dean & Dan Caten, The Philosopher Kings, Jody Watley, Divine Brown, Jennifer Holliday and The National Ballet of Canada.
Gail McInnes and April Wosny
B&M booker Gail McInnes with
Jigsaw Casting's April Wosny
Viva Glam Fashion Cares
Fashion Cares
Milena, Willow, Oksana
Nam's Milena, Willow and Oksana
IA Management's Idanna Auger (center),
with assistant Sabrina and model Sam
Daniel, Norwayne, Nicolas
NAM owner Norwayne Anderson,
with twins Daniel and Nicolas

June 3, 2021

Michelle McCallum
Michelle McCallum
Yesterday Modelresource told you about Elite New York's Michelle McCallum, who calls Canada home but is finding a lot of success in the U.S.

Today we can tell you the 5'9½" brunette can also call Elite home north of the border.

Modelresource is anxious to see who will be the first Canadian clients to repatriate this Vancouver native.

June 3, 2021

Renee Thompson
Renee Thompson
Renee Thompson, who is nothing less than compelling when she hits a runway, is currently in South Africa where she is on a seven-day direct show booking.

According to NAM agent Aaron Hawco, Thompson arrived in Johannesburg Tuesday morning, and "by the PM she was strutting the catwalk alongside international recording artist SEAL in SUN CITY."

June 2, 2021

Tricia Helfer
Tricia Helfer
Fashion Magazine, June 2006
I have been trying so hard to bite my tongue about Canada's Next Top Model. Even as I write this I question whether it belongs on the website, because I really don't know that reality television of any kind should be reviewed on Modelresource.

Maybe I should start by telling you I'm really not a fan of reality T.V. I will be watching CNTM however, because inevitably people are going to ask about it (the e-mails have already started), and I happen to like most of the people involved.

I also now feel I have a reason to write about it, if just to dispel some of the insipid babbling filling column inches in this country's mainstream media.

Winnipeg Sun entertainment columnist Pat St. Germain starts her musings by suggesting Tricia Helfer looks "super scary" in her T.V. commercials for CNTM. That's a dangerous statement when her own less-than-flattering photo is posted above the words. She goes on to suggest she can't name a top Canadian model from the past, and refers to Fashion Magazine as a rag. Ummm, Pat, you write for the Sun.

Dose, which announced a couple weeks ago that it will no longer publish a printed edition, worries in its online edition there won't be enough drama from CNTM's "lightweight" judging panel. On what planet is Jeanne Beker a fashion lightweight?

I know columnists get paid to have opinions, but when they become bigger bitches than the models they're hoping to see on television they cross some basic journalistic lines. When writers speculate on matters about which they know nothing, it's because they either lack the ability to deliver insightful commentary, or are too lazy to do the research.

All that having been said, here is my somewhat informed opinion of the show:

The judging panel is solid:
Jeanne Beker is not just very recognizable, but also very well respected for her knowledge.

Stacey McKenzie is probably the best spokesperson you could hope for when it comes to persevering through adversity in modelling.

I'm not going to pretend I knew Paul Venoit, because I'm not much for making statements just to have something to say... but his resume is certainly impressive.

Tricia Helfer is outstanding. A lot of people are drawing comparisons between Helfer and Tyra Banks. That's like comparing Canada to the U.S. They're too different. View Helfer on her own merits as a host and judge.

That's what I would say about the entire show, in fact. If it starts resembling America's Next Top Model too closely I'll have a hard time staying interested. Canada is the top source of modelling talent in the world right now because the industry doesn't want to deal with foul behaviour. View this as a Canadian show, not a spinoff.

Of course there will be drama. Of course there will be raw emotion. That's going to happen when you pull people out of their natural environment, house them together for a month and force them to compete for a chance to dramatically improve their standard of living.

Is this reality? Certainly not. Top models don't live with nine other girls and travel to all the same castings as their roomies. But when you have people like Kelly Streit and Brandon Hall making appearances, at least you're getting advice from people that understand the industry. And that's a lot better than what you'll get from the Winnipeg Sun or Dose.

June 2, 2021

Michelle McCallum
Michelle McCallum
This is another U.S. based Canadian that Modelresource would dearly love to see in Toronto.

5'9½" Michelle McCallum was born and raised in Vancouver, and is now finding a lot of success with Elite New York.

According to her agent, Roman Young, McCallum "enjoys cooking like a mad woman" and plays a mean game of basketball and softball.

McCallum's also a huge hockey fan, who apparently could teach her hometown team a thing or two about success. Check out this impressive list of bookings since January 1st:
Teen Vogue, shot by Terry Richardson
Harpers Bazaar, shot by Alban Christ
Italian Elle, shot by Daniella Federici
Elle Girl
Neiman Marcus
Bobbi Brown
Phillip Lim
Urban Outfitters

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