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June 2007

June 27, 2021

Francisco Garcia has reinvented himself... sort of. He now goes by Paco Garcia, but despite the name change he's still turning out really cool work.

In fact his latest story, featuring Elmer Olsen's Jessica Lewis, is probably my favourite to date.

See the whole story at

Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis by Paco Garcia
Styling by Juliana Schiavinatto
Hair & Makeup by Greg Wencel

June 25, 2021

Elyse Saunders, by Hamish Kippen
Elyse Saunders, by Hamish Kippen
Makeup: Beau Nelson
Styling: Emily Eisen
When Modelresource first told you about Elyse Saunders in November, she was working through a busy, busy chart in Taiwan.

Now, according to Stylus Canada's Jarrett Plyley her Toronto schedule is filling nicely as well.

The 5'9" blue-eyed, blonde has confirmed Flare with Maude Arsenault. That's her second booking with the magazine this month.

Now we've learned she also shot for Arthur Mendonça on Friday.

Another Stylus Canada model we've been tracking of late is Natasha Yaroslava, who is now back in Toronto after her New York stay. The image below is courtesy of Seth Sabal.

Natasha Yaroslava, by Seth Sabal
Natasha Yaroslava, by Seth Sabal

June 22, 2021

Sutherland is pretty excited to learn they'll have one of their top new faces in town for an extra few days.

Simona was expected to spend a week in Toronto before heading off to New York for the summer, but a just-confirmed editorial with Flare (shot by Maude Arsenault) is holding her here for a few more days.

Booker Brandon Hall tells Modelresource "I am having to put creatives on hold due to the overwhelming response from clients."

The captivating, 5'10" 17-year-old, you may remember, was the winner of a recent Chantale Nadeau model search.

Simona, by Chadwick Tyler
Simona, by Chadwick Tyler

June 21, 2021

Alyssa Lambert
Alyssa Lambert
If Modelresource wasn't committed to things like paying its rent, there's a good chance I would follow Alyssa Lambert's lead and spend the summer in Montréal.

The Specs model is actually from Winnipeg, but after having worked in Milan, Athens, Tokyo, Osaka and China she has chosen to La Belle Province as her home for the coming months.

The 5'10" blonde, we're told, walks like a Goddess (this, apparently from none other than top Montréal show producer Hans Koechling).

Specs booker Amélie Bergeron-Vachon, herself a former model, says of Lambert "I swear, the office is full of straight women, and we all fell in love with her. Now the gay men are in love with her too! She’s a girl that not only knows how to move, but is also the kind that clients would look forward to spending a day with because she's enjoyable."

June 21, 2021

Folio's girls continue to pull in some beautiful tears, like these from Pure.

On the left is Charlotte, who you first met in May; while on the right is long-time Modelresource favourite Rachel Blais looking gorgeously romantic.

Charlotte et Rachel
Charlotte et Rachel

June 20, 2021

Jenn Camilleri
Jenn Camilleri
I've always liked IMM's Jenn Camilleri. She's fun.

I was surprised to hear from her Tuesday however, writing to me from Bermuda!

The 5'8" brunette isn't there to model, but rather to intern at Dolphin Quest (an interactive dolphin education centre).

While there, Camilleri was browsing the shops "and lo and behold there was Paméla Bernier staring back at me from a MaxMara window display!"

She sent along the picture (below).

I suspect in a couple years the novelty of seeing Bernier's face in foreign windows will have worn off. For now though, we're loving it.

Pamela Bernier for Max Mara
Paméla Bernier for MaxMara, in Bermuda!

June 18, 2021

Kim Cloutier
Kim Cloutier, by Max Abadian
Prior to a meeting on Friday I had the chance to sit down with the most recent Flare issue, featuring an interesting bit about today's models.

In an article called "Face Booked: Tim Blanks on the new faces - and challenges - of supermodel-dom," the former Fashion File host gives an excellent rundown of why the term Supermodel is so run-down.

He also takes a well-aimed shot at the manner in which today's fashion shows are produced; "sick," he says, "of the charisma-free skinnies who have turned fashion shows into fembot march-pasts." Although I don't entirely agree with Blanks on this one, neither do I completely take exception.

It got me thinking about a couple different issues that I've chosen to add to the Modelresource Discussion Board. I'm anxious to read your feedback.

June 15, 2021

Alicia Hughes
Alicia Hughes, by Miguel Jacob
Sarah Jackson and Alicia Hughes share a lot in common.

Each calls Chantale Nadeau her mother agent. Each is placed with Sutherland in Toronto, Folio in Montréal and Code in New York. And each, according to Sutherland booker Carole Reynolds, is finding a lot of success lately.

Hughes, we're told, has been working steadily between Toronto and New York, loading up and beauty and editorial work. Watch for her in Fashion, Wish and Chatelaine.

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson
Jackson (who you may remember as one of the "Fabulous Five" chosen for Deal or No Deal Canada) has also been working non-stop, and can be seen in upcoming campaigns for J Michaels, Reitmans and Danier.

June 14, 2021

Célestine, one of those young French Canadians Modelresource has been watching with great interest, is commanding our attention yet again.

This time it's a Lise Watier campaign for their Fall 2007 cosmetics collection.

I totally agree with her booker, Folio's Alexandre de Bellefeuille, when he says "Not her last beauty campaign, that's for sure..."

June 14, 2021

Pamela Bernier
Paméla Bernier for Marlowe
Continuing with this week's Sutherland updates, you have to know Paméla Bernier is going to be mentioned.

The 15-year-old, who in her first year has booked Marlowe, L'Oréal, Foxy Jeans, Annabelle Cosmetics and Joe Fresh, while claiming editorials in Fashion, Flare, Wish, Clin D'œil, LouLou and Elle (all this, just in Canada), has chosen to take correspondence courses next school year so she can continue to fly back and forth to NYC, where she is represented by Marilyn.

June 13, 2021

Danielle Knudson
Danielle Knudson
Modelresource is going to start spilling out the Sutherland stories this week, beginning with an Alberta girl that isn't being allowed to leave Toronto.

Danielle Knudson is someone I first encountered in David Hou's studio last month, when I had dropped in to pick up a disc and she was rather memorably sporting a two-piece swimsuit.

A Mode model from Red Deer, this 5'9" beauty will soon be appearing in Cheek, Neo2, Teen Glow and Glow.

Sutherland booker Carole Reynolds tells Modelresource "Danielle's great personality also shone through with her first tv commercial auditions, as she landed a huge $$ Haagen Dazs commercial & print campaign as well as a commmercial for Kohl's! Photographers are crazy about Danielle's unique look, she has really taken the city by storm.

"She came for 2 weeks and is still here... we're not letting her leave."

June 13, 2021

Megan Jones
Megan Jones on MDC
Modelresource was recently featured in a really cool article on, where I was given the opportunity to talk about the industry, and Canadian models.

Although I wasn't entirely comfortable being asked to pick five faces likely to find stardom (because c'mon, this country's loaded with 'em), I did feel very good about my choices, one of whom made her first appearance on today.

Megan Jones is a 5'9" Liz Bell blonde that Modelresource readers first saw in March, and as I said in May, "Seriously, keep track of this one."

June 8, 2021

Cathy in LOU LOU
Another model this site has been tracking for some time is Folio's Cathy, who we first told you about in February of last year.

We mentioned then that we expected to see much more from the stunning new face, and she isn't disappointing. The image on the left is from the just-released June issue of LOULOU.

The 5'9" brunette is currently in Paris, working with Karin.

June 7, 2021

If you're one of the models planning on spending your summer in Toronto, it's never a bad idea to get to know who you might be working with.

With that in mind Modelresource is happy to direct you to photographer Greg Paupst's updated website.

Greg Paupst
Giovanni's Lisa Cote, on

June 6, 2021

This is another one of Stylus Canada's models that to me seemed inevitable.

In March I got a look at a runway video of 5'9" Elyse Saunders shot inside Stylus' new office and not only was her walk dead-on, but her figure looked outstanding.

Now it seems everything is coming into alignment, as evidenced by these new images shot by Hamish Kippen (makeup by Beau Nelson, styling by Emily Eisen).

Says proud booker Jarrett Plyley, "She's come into her own and her hard work and dedication to development has paid off."

Keep watching this one...
Elyse Saunders
Elyse Saunders

June 6, 2021

Danielle in Madame Figaro
It should be an interesting summer in Toronto, as it seems several agencies are sending significant numbers overseas.

Corestone is the latest agency to reduce their in-town board in order give their models international opportunities.

The most recent departures from the agency's tiny roster are Leanne and Natalia, both of whom are in Bangkok right now.

For Leanne it's a second trip to Thailand, after a successful stay there last year. This is Natalia's first overseas experience.

Danielle meanwhile, just completed a busy stint in the Thai capital and is now continuing her Asian experience in Malaysia.

By the time autumn arrives, Toronto clients should be seeing a lot more experienced models making the rounds.

Leanne and Natalia
Leanne (left) and Natalia

June 1, 2021

Lisa Porter
Lisa Porter
Ever since Modelresouce got its first look at B&M's Lisa Porter we've been excited to track her development. Now we have word, yet again, that Ms. Porter is continuing to warrant our attention.

The 5'9" redhead booked ten only-girl pages in Greek Harper's Bazaar Friday, just ten minutes after her first Athen's casting.

Porter is spending two weeks in the ancient Grecian capital.

June 1, 2021

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I got a few anxious e-mails from people wanting to use the Modelresource Discussion Board to comment on Canada's Next Top Model.

After all, nearly a year after posting it, Modelresource's article on Season One winner Andrea Muizelaar still continues to be our most popular profile.

Since Modelresource changed servers in April the message board has been offline, and honestly I was a little relieved because although I enjoyed the dialogue I didn't like weeding through all the spammers that kept registering to promote their online meds.

I've re-opened the board now, and would like to see what comes of it. I've even started the dialogue by posting my own thoughts on Episode 1 of Canada's Next Top Model Season II.

The photo below, by the way, was sent along by the Plutino Group, whose artists played a big part in developing the overall image.

Canada's Next Top Model
Hair: Janet Jackson, Makeup: Beau Nelson, Fashion Styling: Gisela Castillo (all Plutino)

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