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June 6, 2021

Lindsay Sullivan
Next's Lindsay Sullivan
Modelresource recently got an early look at the latest offering from; a 30+ minute instructional runway video led by one of the most proficient, experienced and well-spoken models in Toronto.

Lindsay Sullivan (Next), is not only very comfortable on the catwalk, but also in teaching the trade.

The video demonstrates a broad range of topics (posing, arm position, hand placement, creating the appearance of gliding, etc), as well as explaining the appropriate occassions for the different points, and the reasons for each.

Lessons progress at a comfortable pace, which is important because Sullivan goes into a lot of detail on the finer points. Equally important is the teacher's tone and delivery, both of which are encouraging and engaging.

The final portion consists of Sullivan's personal advice, covering areas like how to deal with difficult garments and how dress for castings.

As someone that has sat through many, many runway castings, this is a video I would strongly suggest for a new model looking to make a solid first impression, or models that have runway potential but haven't been successful in the casting process.

One of the most common problems I witness is a lack of confidence in models unsure of how to present themselves. ModelCoach's new video is an excellent remedy for unpreparedness.

One note: this video is specifically tailored to female models, and very few of the comments are revelant to guys.

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