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June 2009

June 30, 2021


Girls that find their way to Selena Wallace's very select roster at W Models have an improbably high record of winding up with successful international careers, so we're happy to alert you to this one early on.

Sarah Boehling is a 5'9" blue-eyed blonde who recently started developing under Wallace's guidance.

(more images below)

W Models' new face Sarah Boehling

June 30, 2021

Addison Gill appears in the latest Teen Vogue.

The Sutherland 16-year-old was photographed by Thomas Schenk, for the story "Boy Crazy."

Addison Gill

Addison Gill

Addison Gill
Sutherland's Addison Gill in Teen Vogue

June 26, 2021

Straight from the booking desk at Chic is the brand new cover of Australian Vogue, featuring Kelsey Van Mook

Since opening for Givenchy in Paris and being named a Top 10 newcomer by earlier this year, the 17-year-old added a dozen shows at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and shot a fragrance campaign (to be announced).

This is the Next model's first Vogue cover, however she also appeared on the cover of Vie in 2008.

Kelsey Van Mook on the cover of Australian Vogue
Next's Kelsey Van Mook on the cover of Australian Vogue

June 25, 2021

W Models' Noot Seear in
Harper's Bazaar (UK), by Yu Tsai
You may have heard a few months ago that Vancouver's Noot Seear landed the role of "Heidi" in the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

What you probably didn't hear was the W Models' beauty has actually been cast for next three movies in the series.

Rumour has it Seear's character may die a "very poetic death at some point" but we're told Summit Entertainment has been very secretive about the project, and even Seear doesn't know her character's fate.

The three-picture deal is confirmed though, according to W Models owner Selena Wallace, and with New Moon having just wrapped, 25-year-old Seear can concentrate on modelling again for a bit.

Last week the 5'9" brunette returned from Saint-Tropez - where she shot a cosmetics campaign for Europe - to be photographed for the cover of German Elle.

Seear also has a Garnier commercial in rotation, and can be found in the current UK Bazaar (pictured on the left).

(additional recent work below)

Noot Seear in Elle (UK), by John Balsom

Noot Seear in Double Magazine, by Francisco Carrozini

Noot Seear in L'Officiel, by Randall Mesdon

Noot Seear in A Magazine, by Josh Jordan

June 25, 2021

Ford's Lucas Crosby

New to Ford is Lucas Crosby.

The 6'3" student was discovered in at a University of Western Ontario fashion show, by London's Anita Norris.

(more images below)

Anita Norris discovery Lucas Crosby, by Maxime Bocken

June 25, 2021

Ford's Paulina Murchie
LouLou is finding its way to news stands and mailboxes across Canada, and for the second straight month featuring a Ford model on the cover.

For Paulina Murchie this is her second LouLou cover since signing with Montage in Montréal.

The Toronto native was photographed here, by Geneviève Charbonneau (

LouLou's previous issue featured Ford's Jenica Vandermeer.

(more images below)

Paulina Murchie in LouLou, by Geneviève Charbonneau

June 24, 2021

Modelresource hasn't mentioned Javier Lovera ( until now, but I expect we will be sharing a lot more of his work in the future.

Pictured below is the Toronto photographer's spread in the new Z!NK magazine, and it's pretty fantastic.

"Double Trouble" features Modelresource favourite Eva Shaw, and fellow Next model Britt Schafer.

(images below)

Next's Eva Shaw (brunette) and Britt Schafer in Z!NK, by Javier Lovera
styling: Donovan Whyte (Judy Inc); hair & makeup: Dee Daly (Judy Inc)

June 24, 2021

The new issue of Spade is still more than a week away from launching, but Modelresource already has your first look at the cover.

Photographed by Mackenzie Duncan (, this is Giovanni's Michea (who we also showed you a couple days ago).

If our sources are correct - and we're feeling pretty good about them - this issue of Spade will also feature Sutherland's Santa Borel, Next's Rachel Miller and Elmer Olsen's Robert, with photography by Saad Al-Hakkak (, Mckenzie James ( and Justin Borbely (

Spade will be available at Chapters/Indigo across Canada starting the first week of July.

Giovanni's Michea's for Spade, by Mackenzie Duncan
styling: Corey Ng; hair & makeup: Leslie-Ann Thomson (Folio)

June 23, 2021

Ryan Martel appears in the third... and the fourth Z!NK story we're featuring this week.

The Folio model shows up in "Material Girl," by Richard Bernardin (, alongside Masha (also of Folio, to whom Modelresource introduced you June 8th.

A few pages away she goes solo in a boy/girl story (ummm... she plays both parts) shot by Jean-Claude Lussier (

THEN, because good things happen in threes, Martel also shows up in the new Pure... also shot by Jean-Claude Lussier.

(lots of images below)

Ryan Martel in Z!NK Canada, by Richard Bernardin
styling: Olivia Leblanc; hair & makeup: Leroy Williams

Masha in Z!NK Canada, by Richard Bernardin
styling: Olivia Leblanc; hair & makeup: Leroy Williams

Ryan Martel in Z!NK Canada, by Jean-Claude Lussier
styling: Picault; hair & makeup: Nicolas Blanchet (Folio)

Ryan Martel in Pure, by Jean-Claude Lussier
styling: Fritz, hair & makeup: Paco (Satellite)

June 23, 2021

Next's Marie Justine
Also in the new Z!NK is Marie-Justine.

Photographed by Yann Ostiguy (, the Next model appears in a single-girl story called "Double Take."

Marie-Justine in Z!NK Canada, by Yann Ostiguy
styling: Olivia Leblanc; hair & makeup: Marco Marsolais (Giovanni)

June 22, 2021

The latest Z!NK released last week and, well, we're rather fond of the mag that gives so many tears (with so much credit) to so many Canadian models.

Over the next few days we'll be showing a few of the editorials from this latest edition, starting with this beauty story featuring Giovanni's Michea, photographed by Donat (

Giovanni's Michea in Z!NK Canada
photo: Donat; hair & makeup: Leslie-Ann Thomson (Folio)

June 17, 2021

Mode's Gloria Loitz
The latest Canadian to find herself on is Gloria Loitz, who appeared on the popular online progosticator Wednesday morning.

A Mode model from Edmonton, Loitz is 18-years-old and 5'10".

Loitz - with Sutherland in Toronto - is the second Canadian on o2w in the last week, following Next's Kate Wallace.

(more images below)

5'10", 18-year-old Gloria Loitz from Edmonton

June 17, 2021

Mode é Arto's Jeanne Bouchard
photo: Brian Ypperciel
Keep your eye on this one.

Jeanne Bouchard, from St-Bernard-de-Beauce (near Québec City) gained a bit of notoriety a couple years ago when, at age 14, she represented Canada at the Ford Supermodel of the World contest.

Now 16, the Mode é Arto model is putting her six years of industry experience (she started young!) to work in Paris, where her appearance in Celine's cruise collection last week created some positive online buzz.

The 5'10" blue-eyed brunette, who is one of seven children, is very involved in dance (jazz, in particular), and is a strong student in a program with a heavy concentration on sports.

Bouchard is placed with Montage in Montréal, and IMG in Paris and New York.

June 15, 2021

The new LouLou features a face familiar to Modelresource readers.

Jenica Vandermeer, photographed for the cover by Geneviève Charbonneau (, was our featured model not so long ago.

The Ford model shares a bit more about herself at

Ford's Jenica Vandermeer, by Geneviève Charbonneau
styling: Olivia Leblanc; hair & makeup: Jean-Charles Pelchat

June 15, 2021

Specs' new face Lauren

New to the Specs roster is 5'9" Lauren, from Vancouver.

The athletic brunette (a national volleyball champion) has already been photographed for Z!NK and Color.

(more below)

5'9" Lauren, from Vancouver

June 12, 2021

Babar Khan ( really doesn't look old enough to have been around for 15 years.

The Toronto photographer however, is indeed proudly displaying a nicely edited decade-and-a-half's worth of work at the UPC Boutique in Yorkville.

A packed house marked the occassion last night, featuring not just Khan's photos on diplay, but also a book of his work, a recently produced video featuring I.M.M.'s Raelyn, and limited edition t-shirts (the proceeds from which will go to charity).

The event was produced by Femka Van Buuren (, a private art dealer in New York and Toronto who presents Khan's work to collectors worldwide.

Babar Khan posing near a limited edition t-shirt
featuring Michelle Valencourt (proceeds to a charitable cause)

The Style Box's Amanda Brugel and Gail McInnes

June 11, 2021

Brenda Mutoni
Giovanni's Brenda Mutoni
Ottawa's Brenda Mutoni - just a year since signing with Giovanni - already finds herself with a good collection of editorial in her book.

The 16-year-old Models International product has appeared in Lou Lou twice already, and now finds herself appearing for the second time in [Dress to] Kill, this time shot by Geneviève Charbonneau (

(more images below)

Brenda Mutoni

Brenda Mutoni

Brenda Mutoni
Brenda Mutoni in [Dress to] Kill, by Geneviève Charbonneau
styling: Jenn Finkelstein (Folio); hair & makeup: Marco Marsolais (Giovanni)

June 10, 2021

Kate Wallace
Next's Kate Wallace
in Naked Eye
photo: Steve Carty
If you were browsing around other modelling focused websites yesterday, you may have noticed Next's Kate Wallace appearing on

The 15-year-old, who appears in the current issue of Naked Eye, is described by the influential model forecaster as "just pure beauty."

Kate's digitals were taken last week, on Next's Toronto rooftop.

(more images below)

Kate Wallace on

Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace
Kate Wallace's digitals, June 2009

June 9, 2021

Ford's Andrea Pearl finds her beautiful face in the latest issue of [Dress to] Kill Magazine.

The Anita Norris discovery was photographed by twin sisters Lily & Lilac ( for the story "Geometric Beauty."

Ford's Andrea Pearl in [Dress to] Kill, by Lily & Lilac
hair & makeup: Anna Barseghian (Ford Artists); styling: Alexis Honce

June 8, 2021

Elite's Tori Leach
July's Elle Canada is now out, featuring Project Runway Canada Season II winning model Tori Leach on the cover.

The Elite model appears in pieces from winning designer Sunny Fong, photographed by John van der Shilden.

(more images below)

Tori Leach, with designer Sunny Fong in Elle Canada
photos: John van der Schilden; direction: Beatriz Juarez; styling: Alisa Krost
hair: Eric del Monaco, makeup: Eddie Maleterre

June 8, 2021

Modelresource gots its hands on a bunch of editorial from the latest [Dress to] Kill magazine, out of Montréal.

We'll roll it out over the next few days, starting with this story featuring Folio's 15-year-old Masha, photographed by Alexandre de Brabant (

Folio's Masha in [Dress to] Kill
photos: Alexandre de Branbant, styling: Fritz, makeup & hair: Paco

June 5, 2021

The first of Crista Cober's tearsheets arriving from France (where she is with Ford).

The Next model appears here, in Centurion Magazine.

Next's Crista Cober in Centurion

Next's Crista Cober in Centurion

June 4, 2021

Charlotte Le Bon in Glow
photo: Gabor Jurina
Charlotte Le Bon continues to see her gorgeous face in print and on screen worldwide.

The Folio model appears on the cover of Glow here at home.

That, along with the accompanying story, were shot in St. Lucia by Gabor Jurina (

Le Bon's doll-like features also appear in Spanish Esquire, and several publications in Japan.

In Paris, meanwhile, the 5'9" brunette appears in a television commercial for Carte Noir dosettes, and will be returning to the City of Lights soon to shoot a short-length movie.

(more images below)

Folio's Charlotte Le Bon in Esquire (Spain)

Charlotte Le Bon, from Japan

Charlotte Le Bon for Carte Noir dosettes (Paris)

June 3, 2021

Mode's Kathleen Burbridge

Just in from Seoul are these images of Kathleen Burbridge.

The Mode model appears here in Heren Magazine.

(more images below)

Kathleen Burbridge in Heren Magazine (Korea)

June 2, 2021


This is Sung, who is new to Elmer Olsen after being discovered by the very talented Christopher Wadsworth (

The Toronto photographer talked 5'10" Sung into giving modelling a try, then shot these images with her two days later.

(images below)

Elmer Olsen new face Sung, by Christopher Wadsworth

June 1, 2021

Taylor Fuchs
Since Forbes named him as the world's most successful male model last year, Taylor Fuchs has become more than just an oft-viewed face.

In a field of generally anonymous guys, he got major name recognition.

Men's Editor Matthew Lyn recently interviewed the Mode model, for Modelresource's latest profile, now online.

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