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March 2006

March 26, 2021

Stephanie Wallick
Stephanie Wallick
Modelresource is in London, England right now, learning more about this city and its modelling industry.

I arrived late last week, and on Friday I spoke with was Stephanie Wallick - an Elmer Olsen model who just moved to the U.K. a couple weeks ago.

The well-travelled 21-year-old found a lot of success here last year with Isis Models and shared some very useful information with Modelresource about what makes the London market her favourite.

I'll have Wallick's insights online in the very near future.

March 12, 2021

Giovanni's Melissa Molson
with Alan Thomas
Paul Hardy has never been afraid to take risks with his runway productions. In Toronto especially, he will long be remembered for once presenting an all-black, spring collection in stark silence.

On Friday the maverick Calgary designer continued to go his own way, staging a show that will be remembered for so many reasons.

For one thing, Hardy chose to take control of his schedule this time by showing outside of L'Oréal Fashion Week.

His forum was a church instead of a runway, and the collection was wrapped in a dark, Edgar Allan Poe theme. 30 models moved somberly through the aisles before assembling around a coffin at the front.

Measha Brueggergosman
Measha Brueggergosman
What might have been the biggest risk however, was also what made the show most memorable. If anything was going to upstage Hardy's collection it would have been the flawless voice of Measha Brueggergosman, delivering spirituals that are likely still simmering amidst the pews.

The New Brunswick soprano is probably this country's brightest young vocal talent, performing solo rectials at places like Carnegie Hall when she isn't touring Europe. To have her at this show was indeed a treat.

Kudos to Hardy, whose collections seem to be finding a growing legion of followers. A presentation of this calibre should only solidify his reputation as a talented visionary.

Paul Hardy finale

March 9, 2021

Richard Campbell and Cathy LeDrew
Richard Campbell & Cathy LeDrew
Last fall nearly all of the young staff of Strut Magazine uprooted themselves from comfortable Montréal confines and headed southwest to the "Big Smoke."

Toronto's modelling agencies certainly weren't upset by that decision, and yesterday a bunch of their staff joined in the welcoming party at the Church@Berkeley to show their appreciation.

I left early (for you, dear reader... and for my lungs), but before I hightailed it out of there I spotted B&M's Gail McInnes & Emma Barker, Elmer Olsen's Tara Lanoway & Richard Campbell, Next's Lucy Motta & Lorraine Hartnett, Ford's Sherry Martincic, Cathy LeDrew, Cindy Gerster, Jenna Edwards & Colin McMurray, Elite's Marc Rutherford, and former booker Tristan Tran who recently started his own scouting company.

Cindy Gerster, Jenna Edwards, Tristan Tran, Sherry Martincic, Colin McMurray & Cathy LeDrew - Emma Barker with her friend Sue
Lorraine Hartnett with her sister Tanya Bird - B&M model Nikkutai with Gail McInnes - stylist Rita Liefhebber, makeup artist Hung Vanngo & photographer Geoff Barrenger

March 8, 2021

Stacey McKenzie
Stacey McKenzie
In what might have been the worst kept secret in the Canadian modelling industry, Sutherland Models has been chosen (and finally revealed) as the agency of record for the upcoming reality series Canada's Next Top Model, according to a release on Canada NewsWire.

What we're very excited about is the contribution of Modelresource's good friend Stacey McKenzie. Of all the profiles posted throughout this site, we receive more positive feedback from our February 2005 feature than any other (and wasn't that first paragraph prophetic?!).

McKenzie will join Fashion Television's Jeanne Becker, hair and makeup stylist Paul Venoit, and host Tricia Helfer on the show's regular judging panel, and will almost definitely keep things lively.

The show is scheduled to premiere at the end of May.

March 6, 2021

ProScout, as you may know, is a scouting service that conducts weekend seminars across the U.S. and Canada, and introduces top agents to potential models.

A lot of opinions circulate on the internet, challenging or validating ProScout's merits. For all that has been said about the company though, very little has been posted from impartial people within the industry.

Having been a keen observer of modelling for the past ten years, I've made a point of witnessing ProScout events in the past. I've attended a preliminary screening session in Calgary, and paid to attend a main event in Banff as the guest of a model.

Then yesterday, to my surprise, I was invited as an industry observer and given full access not only to the scouts and agents in attendance, but also to the event's organizer. In fact Brian Marcus was anxious to discuss his organization, the criticism he's faced and the opportunities he feels ProScout provides.

Be watching in the coming weeks for a more thorough summary of ProScout, and what potential models should know and expect.

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