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March 2007

March 29, 2021

Folio's Célestine flew off to Ohio yesterday for the second Abercrombie & Fitch booking in her young career.

The 15-year-old is also featured in a fun little piece featuring some of the agency's latest tears (below).

The promo comes in advance of a bigger Folio announcement Modelresource will have Sunday morning.


March 26, 2021

Nelly Tsyrlin with Daisy chung
Nelly Tsyrlin with Daisy chung
Daisy Chung has returned to the booking table at Sutherland following a(nother) one-year maternity stint.

The timing couldn't be better for the agency, following the recent departure of men's booker Laura Virdo, who has left the industry for personal reasons.

Before leaving Virdo arranged for Modelresource's profile on Brandon Mills - a Western Canadian doing very well for himself on the international circuit, and one of the more remarkable people I've had the chance to interview.

Thanks Laura. You'll be missed.

March 23, 2021

Noah Mills
Noah Mills
Modelresource told you about several of LizBell's women the other day. But what about the men?

According to Liz Bell herself, "Noah Mills is shooting the Bottega Veneto campaign with Annie Liebovitz." Mills already claims campaigns such as Emporio Armani, The Gap , Banana Republic, Dolce & Gabbana and Kenneth Cole.

Scott Walhovd is in the current Diesel campaign shot by Terry Richardson, and is about to shoot the Versace Jeans campaign. His résumé already includes campaigns for D&G, Ferre Jeans and Ralph Lauren.

And James Neate "is taking over the world of fashion right now" showing up in many editorials. His Kenneth Cole is out right now and according to Bell his show season was incredible.

Scott Walhovd and James Neate
Scott Walhovd and James Neate

March 22, 2021

Victoria Krogman
Victoria Krogman
The other day we told you about Kyla Jamieson finding success with Elite New York.

She's not the only Canadian turning heads with that agency.

Like Tricia Helfer, Victoria Krogman is a Mode model that grew up on a Central Alberta farm riding tractors and horses.

Her entry to the modelling world came a few years ago when the owner of a Red Deer clothing store recruited her to do some promotional photos, and after a few shoots, says Krogman, the store owner suggested she send some shots to Mode's Kelly Streit.

She didn't jump into it right away however - in fact she has only been modelling for one year - instead choosing to finish Grade 12 and do some globe-trotting to get some "worldly experience."

While in Costa Rica she met a boy, whom she now lives with in... wait for it... Homer, Alaska. "It's absolutely beautiful," she tells Modelresource "and its a complete contrast to the metropolitan cities that one must face in this line of work."

Currently in Singapore (New York is next on her to-do list) Krogman says the best piece of advice she has picked up along the way came from the makeup director for Bed Head, who told her "not to make modelling your life, make it your job."

"It is important to be professional," says the 5'11" model. "You have to remember that in smaller markets - especially Singapore - that everyone knows everyone, and you are constantly being watched..."

Victoria Krogman
Victoria Krogman
As for her less glamourous modelling experiences, the 20-year-old says she has encountered everything from being run over by bikes, to getting shat on by birds, to having staph infection. "You have to take the bad days with the good! Life's an amazing journey. I look forward to the next step, and enjoy today for what it is and the opportunities I have been blessed with."

Krogman points to areas of her childhood that formed the person she is now. As a kid she recalls eating breakfast while her mother practiced for local fashion shows, and getting into "daily scraps" with her brother, which made her the "tough cookie" she is today.

Because of her close-knit family, she says, "I know the value of a dollar, the meaning of hard work and the reward of having fun."

March 20, 2021

Kyla Jamieson
Kyla Jamieson
Kyla Jamieson landed in New York last week, and created enough of a stir at the Elite New York office that booker Roman Young sent Modelresource an e-mail to show off the polaroids (below).

Having already worked in Tokyo and Hong Kong, Jamieson landed in Manhattan with a strong editorial book including tears from Hong Kong Harper's Bazaar. According to Jamieson's mother agent, Vancouver's Liz Bell, the brunette is one of several West Coast beauties to watch for.

Kate Bock is currently taking Paris by storm and has an editorial in US Glamour coming out this week (shot in India). Says Bell, "She has shot tons of editorials as well, and is in the latest Top Shop campaign which can be found in British Vogue this month."

Lucy Born, meanwhile, has a beauty editorial in this month's Fashion and will be featured in next month's Flare editorial. Born also shot with Mark & Radek in New York for a recent Strut editorial.

And then there's Megan Jones. This amazing young blonde is one of Bell's hottest new faces right now. "I have never had a new face create such a stir just from a few polaroids on our website." Bell goes on to say that despite interest from around the world, Jones continues to work in Vancouver while she is in school.

Lucy Born, Kate Bock, Megan Jones
Lucy Born, Kate Bock, Megan Jones
all of Liz Bell Agency
Kyla Jamieson
Liz Bell's Kyla Jamieson with Elite New York

March 9, 2021

Fashion Week doesn't officially begin until Monday, but Jason Meyers chose to kick things off his own way Thursday.

Featuring Giovanni's Sanja, Carly, Justyna, Emily, Brandi, Jenya, Carolina and Lisa, Meyers showed his latest collection at his Liberty Village studio.

Jason Meyers
Jason Meyers, featuring models by Giovanni

March 2, 2021

Charmainne King
Charmainne King
for Cotton Ginny
The most viewed page on Modelresource Thursday, not surprisingly, was B&M's very cool show package.

One of the images in that package was taken from Cotton Ginny's latest campaign, featuring Charmainne King.

Shot by top Toronto photographer George Whiteside, this is a new look for the company's new Ology line, marketed as "a series of collections made with sustainable fibers like bamboo, soy, corn, milk & organic cotton."

March 2, 2021

The new issue of LOULOU is out, and offers a look at two of Folio's beautiful young faces.

On the cover is Kaitlyn Vanderkooi, while a beauty story inside features Célestine.

The same pair of models appeared together recently in a catalogue for Yellow Shoes.

Kaitlyn et Celestine
Kaitlyn et Célestine

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