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March 10, 2021

Chantale Nadeau new face Kai
Toronto has at its fingertips an emormous pool of modelling talent right now; a fact that makes castings very difficult, but shows that much better.

Two weeks ago I reviewed more than 600 forays down mock runways, during 13 hours of castings. Some girls I saw as many as three times, but definitely more than 300 different females were seen in that week.

For those models that are waiting to learn their fate, I can only say that decisions are still being made. Some models were still just getting in to town last week, while others just started appearing on the casting radar.

One of those new models worth the wait for me, is Kai - a 17-year-old, 5'10" new face that Chantale Nadeau debuted at her showcase Thursday evening at the Distillery District.

I was on the fence as to whether I write about her before the shows, or wait for the runway debut, but I couldn't contain my enthusiasm any longer. This girl has the whole package (great skin, straight teeth, composure, personality...), and I want to be the first to have written about her, but I'm pretty damn sure many, many will follow.

There is an enormous amount of talent under the Chantale Nadeau's umbrella, and it was very much on display last week in a stylish little affair that featured dozens of girls in pink shirts and denim mingling with local & international scouts, photographers (including Hamish Kippen, who recorded the event through his lens) and other local industry types.

L'Oréal Fashion Week is now one week away, so lineups are being finalized. Chantale Nadeau just made it more difficult.

Lina (Folio/Sutherland) with's Folio's Donat Boulderice (left)
and Claire Oleson (Sutherland/Giovanni)

Hamish Kippen shooting new face Caitlyn

Giovanni bookers Dana Klyszejko, Alan Thomas and Jakob Shaw (left)
and 13-year-old new face Liv, on set

Ford's Jarrett Plyley and Melani Chong

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