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Scene and Heard

May 25, 2021

Natasha Yaroslava
Natasha Yaroslava
Big updates from Stylus Canada starting with a girl Modelresource has been wanting to tell you about for quite a while.

5'11" Natasha Yaroslava is currently stateside, working under the IMG banner. This recent shot by New York photographer Samuel Zakuto suggests good things are in store.

The other update contradicts my wife's long held belief that no good can come of any event that ends in "On Ice" (Disney on Ice, Symphony on Ice, ANTM on Ice...).

Stylus booker Jarrett Plyley found an exception to the rule, following his recent discovery of Sarah Cook (below) during the intermission of a recent Stars On Ice in Toronto.

The 5'11" 15-year-old is orignally from Iqaluit, and according to Plyley "The phones went insane when I sent her Polaroids out. NY loves her! She will be back in Toronto at the beginning of July for the rounds."

When pressed about his attendance at Stars on Ice, Plyley confessed he had a friend appearing in the performance.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook, by Francisco Garcia