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May 2008

May 30, 2021

It isn't often I get excited about a lookbook, but this one is too great not to share.

Evan Biddell recruited two of Modelresource's favourites, Lisa Porter and Stephanie Shiu, shortly after they walked in his debut collection at L'Oréal Fashion Week.

Photographed by Christopher Wadsworth, this is undoutedly one of the coolest lookbooks I've ever laid eyes on.

You can check out the rest of the incredible images, as well as the video that opened fashion week, at

Lisa Porter and Stephanie Shiu
Lisa Porter and Stephanie Shiu
B&M's Lisa Porter & Next's Stephanie Shiu for Evan Biddell
photos: Christopher Wadsworth

May 28, 2021

Anna Okorokov
Sutherland's Anna Okorokov
A couple weeks ago, while enjoying my morning coffee, I spotted Sutherland's Anna Okorokov wander into Starbucks and sit down at a nearby table.

It turns out she was meeting her mother agent, Chantale Nadeau, to prepare for her impending trip to Asia.

I asked Okorokov to stay in touch, which she has, resulting in Modelresource's first contribution from a model in Singapore.

The 20-year-old university student has already been quite busy, and has promised more missives in the weeks to follow.

You can read her first entry here.

May 28, 2021

Ford's Ken Tschernow
Meet Ken Tschernow.

The new guy on Ford's roster, is actually the discovery of photographer Matthew Lyn (

Standing just above 6'0", Tschernow is already garnering international interest, and is featured in the current Fantasticsmag.

May 21, 2021

Simon Tham
Sutherland's Simon Tham
Big news from Sutherland's men's board, regarding the latest Canadian to appear for Polo Ralph Lauren.

6'0" Simon Tham recently signed to Major in Manhattan, and booked the prestigious campaign almost immediately. Watch for more from Tham to follow...

In other Sutherland news:
Megan Millington
Sutherland's Megan Millington
  • watch for Richelle Dobson in the upcoming FQ Magazine, shot by Josh Cornell.
  • Rebecca Hardy is continuing her international career in England, following several Procter & Gamble commitments that came with her Canada's Next Top Model crown.
  • Megan Millington landed in Greece two weeks ago, and has already booked four fashion stories!
  • Simona McIntyre returns to Canada this week to shoot eight pages of Fashion with Francisco Garcia.
  • May 14, 2021

    Joseph W.
    Elmer Olsen's Joseph W.
    The men's board at Elmer Olsen continues to roll in the tear sheets.

    This time it's 5'11" Joseph W., appearing for the latest GQ Style.

    May 14, 2021

    Colin Snider
    Stylus Canada's Colin Snider
    photo: Maja Hajduk
    styling: Pascal Chiarello (Judy Inc.)
    The broader fashion industry is about to see a familiar Toronto presence appearing on Canada's West Coast.

    Judy Inc, home to many of the top artists in Ontario, will be opening a new Vancouver office in June.

    The agency, which is entering its tenth year of business, represents artists in fashion/wardrobe, hair, makeup, grooming, off-figure, prop/roomset and food styling as well as creative services.

    May 14, 2021

    Jessica Jolin is back in Montréal these days, but still seeing the results from her time in Barcelona.

    The image below is from the European and North American campaign for Mini's new line of clothing and accessories.

    Jolin tells Modelresource she is busy in Canada right now, but will likely return to Barcelona after the Sensation Mode Fashion & Design Festival early in June.

    Jessica Jolin
    Specs' Jessica Jolin for Mini

    May 13, 2021

    Vanessa Perron
    Next's Vanessa Perron for Joe Fresh
    photo: Steven Sebring
    After two years in New York, Vanessa Perron is giving Europe a shot.

    Now, just one week after relocating across the Atlantic, the Next model has already booked a 12-page, only-girl spread in Vogue Sposa.

    This image of the 5'10" brunette is from the latest Joe Fresh campaign.

    May 12, 2021

    Kelly Foss
    B&M's Kelly Foss
    Modelresource is pleased to announce our newest overseas contributor will be Kelly Foss.

    The B&M model landed in Hong Kong just over a week ago, and has already booked four jobs.

    More to follow in the days ahead...

    May 9, 2021

    Jessica Lewis
    Elmer Olsen's Jessica Lewis
    photo: Koby Inc.
    Modelresource got a look at the new FQ, and a stunning summer-themed editorial featuring Jessica Lewis, photographed by Koby Inc.

    The 5'10" brunette, who also graces the cover, is one of two Elmer Olsen models featured in the oversized mag. Tara Gill also appears, in a beauty story shot by Ishi.

    May 8, 2021

    Kate Somers
    Kate Somers in Cheek
    photo: Alkan
    styling: Olga Nabok (The Artist Group)
    make up: Luisa Duran (The Artist Group)
    Back in January, when Modelresource predicted big things for Kate Somers in 2008, we were really on to something.

    Following our January 10th posting, the Ford model set off to New York, Milan and Paris, booking 30 shows in her first season, and being named one of's Top 10 newcomers.

    Since then the 16-year-old has been commuting frequently between Toronto and New York, recently shooting Teen Vogue (with Horst Diekgerdes) and the Lacoste campaign.

    She also appears in two stories in the current Cheek Magazine, and has just been named to's Model Mania section.

    Vervegirl readers can learn more about Somers in the upcoming issue, featuring the charming, 5'11" red head photographed by Owen Bruce in New York, and interviewed by yours truly.

    more below

    Ford's Kate Somers featured on

    May 7, 2021

    Simona McIntyre
    Sutherland's Simona McIntyre
    You'll recall the big deal I made about getting Simona McIntyre back to Canada for Day 1 of L'Oréal Fashion Week.

    In addition to opening the first runway show of the week (for Evan Biddell), one of the other great things that came of McIntyre's appearance was getting increased recognition for the Chantale Nadeau/Sutherland model.

    McIntyre, in addition to her unique beauty, also has an awesome personality and a really great story.

    ET Canada picked up on that when the 5'10", blue-eyed blonde was in town for those few hours in March, and has since recorded a feature that will air Thursday (7:00 EST, 7:30 PST) on Global Television, as a lead up to Mother's Day.

    May 7, 2021

    Ashley Hart
    Ashley Hart, by Mackenzie Duncan
    It's going to be interesting to watch Ashley Hart's career in the coming months.

    The Giovanni model arrived in Paris last week (where she is placed with Nathalie) and has already shot the cover and eight pages of Madame Figaro, a beauty story for Pool and still another story for Esprit Femme.

    Her time in Tokyo earlier this year was equally busy, with Hart booking nearly every day during her extended stay.

    Of course, before that the South Central Ontario brunette was the winning model on the inaugural Project Runway Canada, adding the cover of Elle Canada to her portfolio as compensation for giving life to Evan Biddell's collection.

    Modelresource has been following Hart's progress since she won Top Model at the Canadian Model & Talent Convention (CMTC) three years ago... keep watching for more...

    Giovanni's Ashley Hart covers for Elle Canada and the 2006 CMTC program book

    May 6, 2021

    Sutherland's Robyn Sinclair for Polo
    Robyn Sinclair has added yet another Polo Ralph Lauren campaign to his list of credits.

    The relationship which included the debut of Polo's Purple Collection continues to keep the Sutherland model very much in the public eye.

    Adding to the Toronto model's visibility are recent appearances in GQ and New York Magazine.

    May 6, 2021

    Introducing the latest offering from Folio's Printemps 2008 collection:

    This is Chloé - a 5'11", 15-year-old new face, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

    Chloé by Donat Boulerice

    May 6, 2021

    Daniel di Tommaso
    Next's Daniel di Tommaso for Quinze
    Modelresource introduced you to Daniel di Tommasso in November, when he was a very new face doing remarkably well in Europe.

    In the months that have passed, di Tommaso has been continued his remarkable pace.

    According to his agent, Next's Montréal Director Didier Belleguic, in addition to fashion shows the blue-eyed brunette has added Armani Skin Care, Intimissi and Quinze to his list of campaigns, and shot for L'Officiel Hommes, which will be out in June.

    di Tommaso is currently based in Paris, where he is represented by Ford.

    more below

    Daniel di Tommaso for Intimissi and Giorgio Armani Skin Care

    May 5, 2021

    Melina Querel
    Chantale Nadeau's Melina Querel
    Expect to be seeing a lot more from Melina Querel in the future.

    The Chantale Nadeau model has been living in the United Arab Emirates for the last eight years, where she was a very popular fixture at Dubai's fashion week.

    A few months ago she signed with Milan's d'management, and has been on the international radar ever since.

    Now Querel is back in North America, and already at work, shooting for RK Stores in Toronto, with Maxime Bocken.

    Last week the leggy, 5'10" brunette was in New York, where she is signed with Ford, and shot with Mackenzie Duncan.

    more below

    Melina Querel, by Mackenzie Duncan

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