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May 2011

May 31, 2021

I really love the story Cailin Hill is authoring.

Writing is something she does well, and her often caustic way of calling 'em and she sees 'em has earned her the adoration of some of the industry's more notables.

A few weeks ago it was mooning over the Next Canada model and her blog, then last week NY Mag's "The Cut" gave her another forum to sever herself from the pack (while also revealing she recently modelled the Calvin Klein Jeans' Fall 2011 collection for an upcoming issue of Marie Claire).

In an industry where so many agents try to silence their stars and obscure their talents, it's refreshing to see a really cool model that gets further by being herself.

Cailin Hill
Next Canada's Cailin Hill (with Ford in New York) on

May 25, 2021

Here is a new face whose career is off to a really solid start.

Elissa Mielke is a Sutherland / Chantale Nadeau model that started in the fall, but is only becoming fully available now that school is done.

The 5'8" blonde was photographed by Francisco Garcia (Klaxxonez) for the current cover of Glow, and is on set as I write this for Today's Bride.

More than just a model, Elissa is also a singer/songwriter whose compositions can be heard on her MySpace page.

Elissa Mielke
Sutherland's 5'8" new face, Elissa Mielke on the cover of Glow
photo: Francisco Garcia, styling: George Antonopoulos (Push Artists)
makeup: Justin German (Page One); hair: Vanessa Jarman
(Page One)

May 20, 2021

Models International Management has a great new guy named Rafael.

6'2" with brown hair and blue-green eyes, he is currently working with Sutherland Models, but near-term travel plans are in the works.

M.I.M's's 6'2" new face, Rafael, with Sutherland in Toronto

May 19, 2021

Shok Models alerted us to this new face.

5'9" Adelaide (brown hair & blue-green eyes) is currently in Athens, with Ace, where she shot this campaign for Adidas.

Shok's 5'9" new face, Adelaide for Adidas

May 18, 2021

Another CoverModels newbie to share.

Chelsea is a 5'9" blue-eyed blonde who arrives back in Canada today, after her first contract abroad; a 90-day stay in Shanghai.

She is now signed with Spot 6 in Toronto.

CoverModels' 5'9" new face, Chelsea, by Sai Sivanesan

May 16, 2021

The cover of the new Elle Canada featuring Specs lovely Sarah Jordan, photographed by Leda & St-Jacques.

Specs' Sarah Jordan on Elle Canada, by Leda & St-Jacques
styling: Sara Bruneau; makeup: Paco (both Satellite); direction: Denis Desro

May 13, 2021

The Plutino Group
Plutino Group became known to modelling agencies around the world last weekend, when it hired one of the top bookers in Toronto.

Richard Campbell, who has directed the women's board at Elmer Olsen Models since the agency opened in 2003, resigned his post last Friday.

The timing of his departure coincided with the start of the Canadian Model & Talent Convention, which meant scouts and agents from around the world were in town, and sent the rumour mill into overdrive.

"In the past two years, since Cathy has come on board, the agency has expanded into areas we never would have anticipated," says agency owner Roseanna Plutino. "We now have Video & Production, we now have spokespeople..."

"... we're producing online content for retailers," adds Cathy LeDrew, who has a knack for finishing Roseanna's thoughts. "Over the past two years, as the industry and the economy has evolved, we're seeing that people's artistry is not all they can be known for. They're producing, they're writing, they're branding, and with blogs and twitter they're getting messages out in entirely new ways."

Which is where the hiring of Richard Campbell comes in. "We realized two months ago that we needed another seasoned agent." says Roseanna, who also hinted at a new area of business in Plutino's near future.

A modelling division? No. Despite the rumours, Roseanna insists there will be no model division at Plutino, and no other staff are being hired. Richard who worked with Cathy 15 years ago at International Top Models (now Elite Canada) will be be involved in client relations and new business development, starting Monday.

May 12, 2021

I'm loving seeing all the new faces lately!

This beauty comes from CoverModels in Ottawa.

Ashlee - a 5'7½" blonde with blue/green eyes - is signed with Spot 6 in Toronto, but will spending the summer in Asia.

CoverModels' Ashlee, by Robert Gaudette

May 11, 2021

A nod to one of our own from Hunt & Gather.

The U.K. Magazine recently released an issue devoted to Vancouver's Ubah Hassan.

Richard's 5'11½" beauty was photographed for "The Ubah Issue" by Modelresource's current Featured Photographer, Chris Haylett.

Richard's Ubah Hassan, by Chris Haylett for Hunt & Gather (U.K.)

May 6, 2021

Here's another successful Canadian new face, but one that has yet to work in this country.

Andras is a Sean Penhall discovery, having a very busy overseas experience.

Ave in Singapore booked him in August Men (twice), Style (twice), Juice (twice), Mensfolio and Female.

The 6'1" blonde also walked 17 shows during fashion week, and completed several other well-paid bookings before leaving for Tokyo (with Bravo).

Penhall, you will remember, also discovered Medicine Hat's Mikayla (who also worked in Tokyo with Bravo).

His scouting and management successes have led to the creation of Want Management, which is a rather ingenious blend of Penhall's experience as an international model (management) with his talents as a photographer (development).

Want Management's Andras - 6'1"
(clockwise, from top left): Style, fashion show, Folio, Juice

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