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November 2006

November 30, 2021

Pamela Bernier
Paméla Bernier
This incredible career of Paméla Bernier just got another major boost.

Word just arrived to Modelresource that the Ottawa-area 14-year-old just confirmed D Magazine, Vanity Fair and... wait for it... the cover of French (!) all to be shot next week.

"I had to turn down two editorials for her here," says her Toronto-based booker, Sutherland's Brandon Hall, "but I am really excited for her."

November 28, 2021

Alex Jack
Alex Jack
B&M Models has now booked its third model to shoot with Bruce Weber in the past six months.

Booker Gail McInnes tells Modelresource "Alex Jack just booked Hollister! He's heading off to Florida this week and is so excited."

McInnes also let us know Carolyn Hayes - who has shot Hollister twice since August - can now be seen online: Go to Hollister's website and click on the "HCO FILMS" tab on the right. Hayes can be seen in four different short videos.

Paulina Murchie meanwhile, shot Abercrombie & Fitch with Weber, in the summer.

November 27, 2021

A couple weeks ago Modelresource introduced you to Célestine.

Now word from Folio that the 15-year-old will be off to Florida to shoot Abercrombie & Fitch. "Not bad for the second booking of her career," says her agent, Alexandre de Bellefeuille.

On Friday Modelresource told you about another Montréal model - David from Specs - appearing in the same campaign.

November 27, 2021

I Models' Bailey, on the most recent men's edition of LOULOU.

Bailey (I Models)

November 24, 2021

Andrée-Anne at Specs sent Modelresource a quick e-mail to let us know David has booked Abercrombie & Fitch.

The steely-eyed 6'2" Quebecker will fly to Florida early next month to shoot the high profile campaign.

Currently he is Toronto, where he is managed by Elite.

November 24, 2021

Modelresource was at MARO Thursday night, where NAM provided the models for Strellson's collection.

Among the models was Eli, who just signed worldwide with IMG.

NAM's owner Norwayne Anderson tells Modelresource Eli will be off to Europe and New York in the New Year.

Nam's Men
The men from NAM

November 22, 2021

Chantale Nadeau is introducing her latest model search winners today.

5'9" Alicia Hughes of Guelph, Ontario "was an immediate first choice" for Nadeau.

The natural blonde, who just turned 20 in September, finished ahead of 18-year-old Rachel Jackson, currently studying in London, Ontario.

Jackson (digitals below) stands 5'11" with 34" hips and will also be represented by Nadeau.

The agency owner tells Modelresource "This was our busiest model search ever and we are now adding a new page to our website where you will be able to see all our beautiful finalists."

Rachel Rachel

November 20, 2021

Modelresource posted the final Sydney contribution from Veronique Landry this morning, as she returns to Montage's care in Montréal.

Replacing the 18-year-old Québecoise is a model we're very excited to have writing for Modelresource. Not only is Drea the cover model from The Canadian Model's Resource, but she is now working with Glamour Women in Shenzhen, a market largely unknown on this side of the globe.

Drea is represented by Chantale Nadeau (mother agent), Specs (Montréal) and Next (Toronto).

Watch for her first journal entry in the next couple of weeks.

November 20, 2021

Johanna Stickland, as she appears on Hung Vanngo's newly revamped website:

Johanna Stickland
Johanna Stickland, on (photo: Geoff Barrenger)

November 16, 2021

Last year, when Andi Muise appeared in the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show it was a really big deal.

Canadian media clamoured to get her story, and Arena Magazine made her the featured model in their Ultimate Guide to 2006. In reference to her appearance in the Victoria's Secret show, the Brit mag recorded "... far from being nervous, she stood around blithely looking stunning, pretending not to notice while blokes lost it every time they came within nine feet of her."

So imagine how proud Michèle Miller is to learn that not only is Muise a repeat booking for this year's show, but Jessica Stam is joining her.

Both models were discovered by Miller; Muise while walking through a mall in Barrie, Stam in a donut shop.

Another Canadian in this year's event is 18-year-old superstar Heather Marks (Mode, Giovanni) making her first appearance for the lingerie retailer.

Only 27 models are cast for this, the most high-profile fashion show in the world, which happens tonight in Hollywood.

Victoria's Secret
Jessica Stam (second row, on the left), Andi Muise (beside her),
and Heather Marks (second row, fourth from left) are among
27 models in tonight's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

November 16, 2021

Celestine and Kaitlyn Vanderkooi
Célestine avec Kaitlyn Vanderkooi
One of the beautiful new faces Modelresource saw for the first time while in Montréal last week was Célestine (left).

The 15-year-old is a recent signing with Folio, and is pictured here in the latest Yellow Shoes catalogue with another of Folio's amazing young models, Kaitlyn Vanderkooi.

November 13, 2021

Marla Boehr
Marla Boehr
Modelresource spent the weekend in Montréal where Model & Talent Search Canada took over Le Centre Sheraton.

Along with numerous scouts from Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver, scouts from international agencies like Storm (London), Vision (New York), Wilhelmina (New York) and Team (Tokyo) also flew in for the well-organized three-day event.

While in town, Modelresource made time to stop by the offices at Folio and Specs, as well as Giovanni, where we learned Marla Boehr had been through last week to shoot Elle.

November 9, 2021

Note the stylishly wrapped gift sitting on the table at Modelresource. Then scroll down...

The photo below shows the contents of said package - the Fenomenal Calendar we first told you about in September.

We hung the calendar Wednesday, the same day we got a sneak preview of the upcoming issue of Lush (open in the photo below), which has a gorgeous spread of Canada's top plus-size model.

November 8, 2021

One of Stylus Canada's models is tearing it up in Taiwan, according to her Toronto agent.

Jarrett Plyley tells Modelresource that Elyse Saunders, in her first two weeks with FMI "has shot numerous catalogues, a five page editorial and has confirmed bookings everyday next week."

Also pictured here are two of the agencies newer signings: 5'10" Larah who we first introduced you to during L'Oréal Fashion Week, and her 5'11" sister Natasha.

Images: Alkan Emin

Elyse Saunders
Elyse Saunders
Larah Natasha
Larah (left) and Natasha

November 8, 2021

Milan Krouzil
Milan Krouzil
A quick update from NAM, which tells Modelresource two of their top models are in London right now shooting Spring/Summer '07.

Andrew Stetson, who is currently all over Calvin Klein Euphoria's ads is in the U.K. doing GURU Clothing's print/TV/catalogue, while Milan Krouzil was booked for Italian label ETRO's new print campaign.

November 7, 2021

Yesterday Modelresource went on location for a photoshoot involving Hannah Quick from Ford.

The early shots we've seen back from photographer Lindsey Marie look amazing, but we're not sharing them until the profile goes online next week.

To give you a sense of the setting however, have a look at a couple of photos Modelresource snapped.

Hannah Quick, Veronica Chu and Lindsey Marie
Make-up & hair artist Veronica Chu (Artists by Timothy Priano)
does Hannah's makeup - Lindsey Marie in background

Lindsey Marie
Lindsey Marie

November 7, 2021

Lydia Nyilasi
Lydia Nyilasi
You may recall back in the summer when Lydia Nyilasi was working in Europe and doing some cool sounding tests.

This would be one of them - the result of a rainy, 12 hour shoot outside of London.

Lydia Nyilasi
Lydia Nyilasi

November 6, 2021

Hannah Quick
Hannah Quick
by Francisco Garcia
Modelresource will be on location today, interviewing Ford's Hannah Quick for an upcoming feature.

Why Hannah? Imagine being 15-years-old and medical experts saying you will never walk again... that's what she faced.

The Calgarian walked eight runways at the recent L'Oréal Fashion Week, including opening Ron & Charles.

We think hers is a pretty cool story.

November 4, 2021

Elite's Wesley Morgan on Abercrombie & Fitch Kids website.

Wesley Morgan
Wesley Morgan

November 3, 2021

The strangest thing happened Friday. Montréal lingerie & swimwear label SHAN was presenting in Toronto and the show actually started early. Yes, early.

Kori Richardson Jenna Judd
Kori (Giovanni) & Jenna (Ford)

Justyna Katherine Target
Justyna (Giovanni) & Katherine (Next)

David Eva Shaw
David (Specs) & Eva (Next)

What was even more surprising than the early start was seeing the models being served risotto before the show... in real dishes no less!

Justyna Mahfud
Justyna getting made over by Mahfud Ibrahim (Ford Hair & Makeup)

Was I impressed? Oh yes. As was Judy Inc hair & makeup artist Eduardo Mella who was singing the praises of Show Producer Hans Koechling for running such a tight production.

Christine Garus (Elite), Katherine Target (Next),
Kori Richardson, Eva Shaw & Justyna

Robyn Sinclair
Robyn Sinclair (Sutherland)

Grace (Elmer Olsen)

Jenna Judd
Jenna Judd (Ford)

Amber (Elmer Olsen)

Kori Richardson and Justyna
Kori and Justyna at SHAN's after party

November 2, 2021

A few days ago Modelresource gave you a brief introduction to Giovanni's Johanna Stickland.

Now, thanks to her mother agent - Mode Models - we can show you quite a bit more of a face you should really get to know.

Johanna Stickland Johanna Stickland

Johanna Stickland Johanna Stickland

Johanna Stickland Johanna Stickland

Johanna Stickland Johanna Stickland
Johanna Stickland

Johanna Stickland

November 1, 2021

One of those runway types Modelresource dearly missed at L'Oréal Fashion Week was Renee Thompson, who belongs on a catwalk.

These shots however, prove that while we're missing the NAM beauty here, she's doing just fine in South Africa.

Renee Thompson

Renee Thompson
Renee Thompson, in South Africa

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