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November 2007


November 29, 2021

Jessica Rimmer
Sutherland's Jessica Rimmer
There isn't much that's cooler than having a big U.S. network script a role around your very particular (very cool) skill set, and filming 13 episodes with you as a lead.

That's what happened for Sutherland's Jessica Rimmer, who will be appearing in the new year on HBO's Body Language.

Rimmer is a motorcycle instructor - something which the writer Zalmann King (9½ Weeks, Red Shoe Diaries, Wild Orchids) incorporated into the series.

November 28, 2021

Undeniably gorgeous new images of Elmer Olsen's Tara Gill (someone in whom Modelresource has an ongoing interest), from the newest issue of Flair (Italy).

Tara Gill
Tara Gill in Flair. photos: Philippe Cometti

November 28, 2021

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson
These are two girls that should truly be models for other models. Sutherland's Lina Shekhovtsova and former Model of the Week Sarah Jackson - each in their late 20's - are proof that modelling careers can thrive without contract offers from Paris or Tokyo.

Jackson is everywhere around Toronto right now (even though a HUGE amount of her time is spent in New York), appearing in ads for Porter Airlines, huge billboards for Sears and Utex, in-store display and print ads for Shoppers Drug Mart and in every J. Michaels window. She's also on the covers of the current issues of Wish and Today's Parent. She just started modelling in the past year.

Lina Shekhovtsova
Lina Shekhovtsova
photo: John Sayer White
Shekhovtsova also signed in the past 12 months, and following her numerous runway appearances in October, the 5'9" brunette has been busy doing commercials for Joe Fresh, Kohl's, Peller Wine and an as-yet-unidentified fruit cup. Last week the striking brunette was in Montréal shooting for La Senza.

If you're a new model trying to squeeze a few good years in before settling on another career, keep in mind that modelling doesn't have to stop at 25. As these two beauties (along with their mother agent, Chantale Nadeau, who also continues to work steadily through Sutherland) have proven, for the truly focused individual it can be a very lucrative career for a long, long time.

November 27, 2021

Rebecca Hardy
Rebecca Hardy
photo: Dan Lim
Ever wonder which model brings the most traffic to Modelresource? Right now it's Rebecca Hardy, who accounts for 2.5% of searches coming to this site.

Since being announced as Canada's Next Top Model the 5'11" redhead has been closely watched, with both the industry and fans of the show wondering whether she could shed the reality show image and transform into a working model.

Well, she did it! Under Sutherland's watchful eye Hardy has proven to be a solid runway model, walking in Cadbury, Motorola and Aritzia shows outside fashion week, and Indiva, Greta Constantine, Stephen Trigueros, Ula Zukowska and GSUS during L'Oréal Fashion Week.

She also has a significant role in the new James Blunt video, The Same Mistake and booked some editorial... all of which has led to her being signed by top Milan agency, Why Not.

The Mannheim, Ontario model leaves for Italy in January to start the next phase of her career.

November 26, 2021

Miguel Jacob
Miguel Jacob's personal work
I have often heard it said that the most talented photographers are also generally the ones that are least difficult to be around. Miguel Jacob is proof of that.

One of the truly nice guys in the industry, Jacob has in the past couple of years become one of the most published fashion photographers in the country. His work appears constantly in Fashion Magazine editorials, and for a steadily increasing number of advertisers.

Jacob has just relaunced his website, which shows off not just his fine fashion sense, but also his more personal side. One non-fashion image from a recent exhibition was hand-picked for auction by the Director of Toronto's Power Plant Gallery.

The photo below is a promotional piece for the upcoming film "Splice" featuring Canadian Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody. Check out all the imagery at

Miguel Jacob
Miguel Jacob's promotional photo for Splice

November 22, 2021

Brianna Barnes
Brianna Barnes of Angie's (Ottawa)
and Giovanni (Toronto/Montréal)
When Modelresource features its newest Model of the Week Friday, you're going to meet someone whose taken her international modelling experience and transformed it into a very cool television gig.

Brianna Barnes is a 22-year-old from Hawkesbury, Ontario, who has been modelling for about eight years.

Now the 5'10" blonde, who has worked all over the world, is putting her travel skills to new use as the host of Globe Trekkers, a travel/adventure show that will see her heading off to exotic locales on a regular basis.

Barnes tells Modelresource "I'm flying out December 2nd for Honduras and El Salvador so keep your eyes peeled for me on the Travel Channel."

November 21, 2021

Next's Julia
This may be the first time Julia has appeared on Modelresource, but she's someone I have been keeping tabs on since the summer. I'm excited about this one.

This 5'8" Next model has already done the Buffalo Jeans campaign, as well as Limité (Québec & Ontario), Yorkdale (Toronto) and will be featured in an upcoming editorial in Lush.

It was Elisabeth LePage of Productions L'éloi (representing Montréal photographers Leda & St-Jacques, who shoot the Buffalo campaigns), that tipped me off to Julia, insisting I needed to know about this 14-year-old.

Since then I've also had Plutino artist rep Gail McInnes email me a photo, wanting to know this girl's identity... clearly Julia's making an impression.

Next's 14-year-old, 5'8" new face, Julia

November 20, 2021

Stephanie Shiu (left) on Vogue Chine
In the next two weeks Next's Stephanie Shiu is scheduled to shoot her fifth - that's right, fifth - Chinese Vogue.

The last 18 months been busy ones for the 5'9½" 19-year-old, both on the runway (including Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris, and a direct-booking for Joe Fresh in Toronto) and in print (French Marie Claire, Italian Flair, the December issue of Flare).

Next's Stephanie Shiu (left) for Marie Claire (photo: Thiemo Sander)
and December's Flare (photo: John van der Schilden)

November 19, 2021

Chantale Nadeau's Magalie (unretouched)
Chantale Nadeau announced her latest model search winners this weekend, on her newly revamped website (

Taking top spot was 15-year-old Magalie from Québec, who was actually discovered by Nadeau's cousin, while playing soccer with his daughter.

Modelresource met the leggy, 5'11" brunette two weeks ago, when she first arrived in Toronto to start building her book.

Runners up in this season's search were 5'9", 14-year-old ballet dancer Jacqueline (who has been placed with Giovanni), and 5'9", 19-year-old Shiya.

Magalie (image on right by Brian Ypperciel)

Jacqueline and Shiya
Jacqueline (left), and Shiya

November 19, 2021

Irina Funitkova
Irina Funtikova
photo: Hamish Kippen
I'm not a judgmental type, but really, if you were a fashion photographer and didn't want to work with Irina Funtikova I would question your taste.

This is a girl that even when you're having an "off day" will give you some of the best pictures in your book.

Since she chose to make university a full-time pursuit I haven't had as much opporunity to talk about Funtikova - one of my favourite models - but I have certainly never (and I mean NEVER) grown bored with the expression she delivers with both her face and her movement.

She's also really damn nice... and smart... and cultured... and she kicks ass on the runway...

Irina Funitkova
Modelresource ♥ Irina Funtikova

November 16, 2021

Katie Bishop
Ford's Katie Bishop, by Martin Goldie
makeup & hair: Katie Scanlan
Modelresource is excited to announce our newest overseas contributor will be Ford's Katie Bishop.

This is the first trip abroad for the Halifax-area 18-year-old, who only began modelling in the summer.

Bishop will be managed by Visage in Osaka, Japan, and providing regular updates about her experiences.

These images were shot by Martin Goldie on a recent trip to the East Coast, when Bishop was home for a recent visit.

Katie Bishop
Ford's Katie Bishop
photo: Martin Goldie, makeup & hair: Katie Scanlan

November 15, 2021

Joelle Kutner
B&M's new face, Joelle Kutner
photo: Hamish Kippen
makeup & hair: Taylor Borris (Elite Artists)
A couple months ago I was having a discussion with B&M booker Sarah Kelar about how people sometimes lose sight of the fact that it's often photographers that make a model, and how important they can be when getting a new model started.

One of Kelar's own crew seems to be benefitting from that nugget of wisdom, as Hamish Kippen - one of the most visually influential photographers in the country right now - has taken a shine to Joelle Kutner.

The 5'8" new face (and what an extraordinary face it is) has shot a few times with Kippen recently, including the two beauty shoots shown here.

When I saw these shots yesterday I went scrambling through my notes from recent castings to make sure I hadn't missed this girl earlier.

I didn't. There was no Joelle from B&M listed in my book, which was a relief because I would have felt pretty silly missing one like this.

B&M's Joelle Kutner photographed by Hamish Kippen
makeup & hair: Claudine Baltazar (Elite Artists)
styling: Jessie Matsen (The Artist Group)

November 14, 2021

Richelle Dobson
Richelle Dobson in LA-G
photo: Jamie Nelson
Richelle Dobson didn't even want to be a model. In fact she ignored, and even resisted early attempts to pull her into the industry.

Chantale Nadeau was persistent however, and now, four years later, her 21-year-old model is still riding an enormous wave of popularity; more in demand than ever despite having taken a break to have a baby.

Represented by Sutherland and Folio in Canada, she is currently in Tokyo, carrying new tearsheets from the Nueva campaign, shot by Leda & St. Jacques.

The Beaverton, Ontario model is also featured in an online beauty story for LA-G, shot by Jamie Nelson in New York.

Richelle Dobson
Richelle Dobson for Nueva, by Leda & St. Jacques

November 13, 2021

Genevieve in an editorial from Milan
Isabelle Trudel's scouting roster is turning out impressive results, as witnessed by Genevieve who just returned from Milan.

Look for the edgy blonde on the cover of the upcoming LOULOU (December issue) and in a January editorial for Clin d'Oeil.

Two of Trudel's new faces to watch for: Emy and Julie (below), who are both placed with Montage in Montréal.

Julie is already scheduled to head for Paris in April.

Isabelle Trudel's new faces Emy (left) and Julie

November 9, 2021

If the average picture is worth a thousand words then Ishi, has been turning out encyclopædias (and gilded ones at that) with his recent work.

Along with Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup (seriously, check out this shot of Marcelina Sowa from Dansk's "The Evil Issue"), no one's images have moved me more in recent months.

Some of the Toronto photographer's recent work is shown below, but I would HIGHLY recommend a stop by for the full, breathtaking effect.

Former Model of the Week Charlotte Le Bon (Folio), by Ishi

Amanda Tataryn (Chantale Nadeau / Sutherland), by Ishi

Billie-Jazz (Folio), by Ishi

November 9, 2021

Next's Daniel di Tomasso
Here's another Next success story.

Daniel di Tomasso is a 24-year-old who shortly after starting, went to work right away in Milan, Paris and Hamburg.

Among his recent work:

  • Guess
  • Hugo Boss
  • Salvatore Ferragamo

  • Gentlemen Pitti Uomo Fashion edition (Italy)
  • Men's Health Holland (twice)
  • Men's Health Fashion (cover)
  • Max (two issues) (Germany)
  • Vanity Fair (Germany)

  • Museum
  • Quinze Serge Blanco (France)
  • Ice-X sunglasses (Italy)
  • Dim (France)

    Daniel di Tomasso in Normandin and Mensh
  • November 8, 2021

    Modelresource told you about this in September, but c'mon... as gorgeous as Elyse Saunders is... I mean... I'm speechless...

    elyse saunders

    elyse saunders
    Elyse Saunders in L'Officiel, by Guy Aroch

    November 8, 2021

    Big things are happening for B&M's Alex Jack these days.

    Booker Emma Barker tells Modelresource that Jack is just back from L.A. where he shot an editorial for Ocean Drive Magazine.

    Those images will undoubtedly look great in his book, alongside his recent tears in Belgium's Men Magazine, show by Maxime Bocken, and the shot appearing in the autumn issue of Strut.

    Alex Jack in Strut and in Men Magazine by Maxime Bocken

    November 7, 2021

    Kim Cloutier in Elle Québec
    Updates from Next Montréal, where Kim Cloutier finds her beautiful face prominently on display once again.

    This time the 5'9" brunette appears on a special edition of Elle Québec, as well as in the new Lise Watier campaign.

    Also doing well (and making her Modelresource debut), is new face Maggie Lorrenzetti.

    The 5'10" 17-year-old is in the new issue of Wish Magazine, and was recently picked up by Next's offices in New York and Paris.

    New Face Maggie Lorrenzetti in Wish

    November 2, 2021

    Modelresource on facebook
    Modelresource respects your privacy and doesn't want your email, but suppose something really big happened this weekend... like a big agency opened a new branch in Toronto, or an existing agency changed affiliation. Wouldn't you want to know before the next time you logged on to Modelresource?

    Sign up for Modelresource's Facebook Group and we'll send you updates when there's something you need to know.

    While you're there, you can upload photos from events you've attended, browse the postings from others in the industry and check out the link to Model Apartments Worldwide.

    It's like a second-tier of resources provided by the site that does it best.

    November 1, 2021

    In an ideal world, Modelresource's New Face Preview would have featured models from across Canada.

    I'm thrilled with the cast I had, but how much would I have loved to have had a girl like Aurélie in the lineup as well? (I would have really loved it).

    This 15-year-old Folio new face stands 5'10", and just shot her first booking for Montréal designer Renata Morales.

    Aurélie for Renata Morales (left), and in a Folio snapshot

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