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November 2008

November 26, 2021

Kelsey Van Mook
Next's Kelsey Van Mook in Volt
Last week Modelresource shared some of Ali Harvey's editorial from Elle Canada.

Harvey, you may know, is a discovery of Next Canada scout Corey Mann, who without question has one of the best eyes in Canada.

Another of his discoveries is one of Modelresource's favourite models - Kelsey Van Mook - who currently appears in Volt Magazine (U.K.).

Crista Cober
Crista Cober by Moo
Inge de Jong can also credit Mr. Mann with her recent good fortune. In addition to the Paris test shots shown below, she was also one of the six finalists in the V A Model search Modelresource told you about yesterday.

Other recent developments at Next include Crista Cober in Noise (shot by moo), and Cailin Hill in October's Flare, shot by Ishi.

(more images below)

Inge de Jong
Inge de Jong

Cailin Hill
Cailin Hill in Flare, by Ishi

November 25, 2021

Addison, by Owen Bruce
Sutherland's Addison by Owen Bruce
That's two-in-a-row for Ontario.

V Magazine and Supreme Models have chosen this year's winner of their model search, and it's Toronto's Addison Gill.

Modelresource first told you about the 16-year-old Chantale Nadeau/Sutherland model in a New Face Alert three weeks ago.

Jacquie, by Owen Bruce
Giovanni's Jacquie by Owen Bruce
Gill is the second straight winner from Ontario, following Muskoka's Amanda Laine; the Elmer Olsen model has had a sensational year since claiming the inaugural V A Model title.

Nadeau's Jacquie Campeau (Giovanni) was also among the six young models that travelled to New York this week for the finals of the prestigious competition.

Other Nadeau news this week includes Shiya Zhao (Sutherland) and Wei Guo (Giovanni) in the latest Flare; and Sydney Edmonds (Sutherland) and Chelsea Coyle (Giovanni) in Canadian Teen Magazine.

(more images below)

Wei and Shiya
Wei Guo and Shiya Zhao in Flare
photo: Chris Nicholls, styling: Rita Liefhebber, hair & makeup: Tony Masciangelo

Sydney and Chelsea
Sydney Edmonds and Chelsea Coyle in Canadian Teen Magazine
photo: Mario Miotti, makeup & hair: Shawna Lee, styling: Stévana Hanna

November 24, 2021

Cate Chant
Sutherland's Cate Chant in FQ
Sutherland is showing off some of its latest editorial, including two models in the latest FQ.

Cate Chant is featured inside the Holiday Issue's pages, while Jae Brickman lands on the cover.

Nelly Tsyrlin meanwhile, adds a cover to her own collection, appearing on the front of the latest Belle.

(more images below)

Jae and Nelly
Jae Brickman on FQ and Nelly Tsyrlin on Belle

November 21, 2021

Kim Cloutier
Kim Cloutier for Simon's lingerie
As much as Modelresource loves to see Canadian models working abroad, a big part of the reason this site started in the first place was to help Canadians understand the value of the market at home.

Next in Montréal shared some of their recent hometown bookings, including the ever-enchanting Kim Cloutier for the Simon's lingerie line Miiyu.

Below are images of Cathy for Reitmans and Simon Chang, new face Dana for Brown's, Vanessa for Rush, and Alisa for Mackage.

(more images below)

Next's Cathy for Reitmans and Simon Chang

Next's Alisa for Mackage

Dana and Vanessa
Next's Dana for Browns and Vanessa for Rush Couture

November 20, 2021

Elyse Saunders
Ford's Elyse Saunders
You may have already seen the new cover of Glow, featuring Elyse Saunders.

If not, it's okay to linger over the image on the left a bit longer; that face is truly remarkable.

Since going brunette and taking a trip to Greece, the editorial has been piling up for the Ford model.

Check below for a selection of the newest additions to the portfolio of one of Modelresource's favourites.

(more images below)

Elyse Saunders
Elyse Saunders in Marie Claire and Paper Magazine

Elyse Saunders
Elyse Saunders in Grazia and Elle

Elyse Saunders
Elyse Saunders in Fullahsugar and Diva

November 19, 2021

Ryan Martel
Folio's Ryan Martel
photo: Jean-Claude Lussier

The Ryan Martel machine just keeps producing.

This is from the Folio model's latest campaign; for Ogilvy, shot by Jean-Claude Lussier.

November 18, 2021

Jen and Jackie
NAM's Jen & Jackie

I think of all Matthew Lyn's stories, his recent "No Escape," featuring NAM twins Jackie and Jen might be my favourite.

The Toronto photographer relaunched his website late last week, with a lot of new content.

Have a look!
(more images below)

Jackie and Jen
Jackie and Jen by Matthew Lyn
makeup & hair: Katie Scanlan (Judy Inc), styling: Stévana Hanna

November 17, 2021

Modelresource first alerted you to Ali Harvey in August, when she was just five weeks into her career.

At that time the 19-year-old Next Model from Vancouver had just breezed through Montréal to shoot this Elle Canada editorial, before proceeding to New York (where she is also represented by Next).

Ali Harvey
Next's Ali Harvey by Nelson Simoneau, for Elle Canada

November 17, 2021

Modelresource told you last week about the relauch of Brian Ypperciel's website (

Today it's new images by Ypperciel of CoverModels's Samantha James (with Ford in Toronto).

This editorial appears in the December issue of Clin d'Oeil.

Samantha James
CoverModels' Samantha James by Brian Ypperciel

November 10, 2021

Monica Vaughan
Monica Vaughan (Giovanni) in Z!NK Canada
photo: Brian Ypperciel
styling:Annie Langlois
makeup & hair: Paco (Giovanni)
When Modelresource was in Montréal last month, I got to spend a lot of time with Brian Ypperciel, which was not only a lot of fun, but also incredibly useful for identifying those Québec models with whom I was less familiar.

The Montréal-based photographer re-launched his website ( last week, adding a sleek new online presence to his impressive body of work.

Ypperciel's work is regularly featured in Z!NK, Clin d'Oeil and numerous other publications, while his base of advertising clients is constantly expanding.

In other words, he's a good one to keep track of.

(more images below)

Specs's Korey by Brian Ypperciel

Jessica Lewis and Isabelle Giguere
Elmer Olsen's Jessica Lewis for Teenflo (left)
and Giovanni's Isabelle Giguere for René Leblanc Bridal

November 7, 2021

Kate (Giovanni) by Felix Wong
Modelresource gave you a first look at 5'9" Giovanni new face Kate last week, when we showed off the latest work by Zoë Bridgman.

This week it's the photography of Felix Wong (, and it's outstanding.

(more images below)

Giovanni new face Kate, by Felix Wong
Styling: Reni Yousif, Hair & Makeup: Vittorio Mesecchia (Plutino)

November 6, 2021

Addison (Sutherland) by Owen Bruce

Chantale Nadeau's latest model search winner is testimony to her unending ability to find outstanding new talent.

This is 16-year-old Addison Gill.

Already placed with Sutherland, the 5'10" brunette did her first photos last week with Owen Bruce.

(more images below)

Chantale Nadeau model search winner Addison

November 5, 2021

Richelle Dobson
Richelle Dobson in Elle Québec
photo: Leda & St-Jacques
Folio models continue to appear in all the most conspicuous places.

Modelresource told you yesterday about the appearance of Ryan Martel in Elle Québec.

Long-time Modelresource favourite Richelle Dobson also landed some fine editorial in this month's publication, shot by Leda & St-Jacques.

November 4, 2021

Ryan and Billie-Jazz
Ryan and Billie-Jazz
photo: Richard Bernardin

Ryan Martel continues to get her face seen on a more-than-regular basis.

The Folio model appears now alongside her agency mate Billie-Jazz Marcuzzo in the new FEMMES DE CARRIÈRE campaign, shot by Richard Bernardin.

Blue/grey-eyed Martel is also seen in the new Elle Québec, continuing her working relationship with Nelson Simoneau.

(more images below)

Ryan Martel
Ryan Martel in Elle Québec
photo: Nelson Simoneau

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