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October 2011

October 28, 2021

About a month ago Modelresource hosted its fourth meeting of Toronto-area photographers.

The sessions - held at local watering holes and dubbed "Photographer Punch-Ups" because of the often combative discourse - are staged to discuss common issues and learn from one another's experiences.

One notable request from September's gathering was for a platform where photographers can showcase their personal (non-commissioned and otherwise unpublished) work in a less distracted context.

Most of my best friends are photographers, so I'm quite proud to be able to rebrand Modelresource Plus+ as a purely Canadian forum, with no ads, no additional cropping, no rearranging and no text on the images themselves.

Video and fully styled shoots are more than welcome, but I love setting the tone with the simplicity of this first series, featuring Next's Dani Thompson photographed by Javier Lovera (

Lovera's raw portraiture was also published yesterday on Fashion Gone Rogue, featuring Next new face Jenna (whom Modelresource readers will remember as the winner of July's NEXT Face of Edmonton model search).

Next's Dani, by Javier Lovera (
(click the above image for the whole series)

Next's Jenna from Fashion Gone Rogue, by Javier Lovera (
(click the above image for the whole series)

October 26, 2021

The new issue of Ottawa-based Press is now out, featuring a cover and editorial by Brian Ypperciel, featuring Next's Florence; and a Helen Tran story with former Featured Model Taylor McKay (Ford).

Next's Florence in Press, by Brian Ypperciel (
makeup & hair: Jessica Cohen; styling: Florence O. Durand

Ford's Taylor in Press, by Helen Tran (
makeup: Jeya Singh hair: Jenny Bell; styling: Isis Essery

October 12, 2021

Loving the performance in this new series from Robert Gaudette.

Featuring 5'8" Dervla, the story appears in the online magazine Touch Puppet.

Dervla, you'll recall, was the winner of the Annabelle Cho model search earlier this year.

Annabelle Cho's Dervla in Touch Puppet, by Robert Gaudette (

October 11, 2021

Edge Agency's Kyle Schactel
Modelresource spent Thanksgiving weekend in Regina, where Edge Agency hosted its second annual Discovered model search.

Of all the modelling-related events I attend across Canada, this one is the classiest not only in its presentation, but also for its philanthropy.

Discovered starts with a field of 50+ contestants from across the province, and narrows down the numbers over the course of eight weeks.

Eight finalists - along with more established models from Edge's roster - staged a fashion show for 400 attendees Saturday night.

Through ticket sales, silent auction and live auction the event raised more than $27,000 for the Saskatchewan Chapter of Children's Wish, eclipsing the $25,000 raised in Discovered's first year.

18-year-old Kyle Schachtel was named the winner of this year's search.

A 6'0" tall mechanic from Raymore (about an hour north of the Queen City), Schactel is a former hockey player who made his first ever walk down a runway Saturday night.

Last year's winner, Thomas Perras, spent a large part of his first year working in Korea and Shanghai, and left this morning for a two-month contract in Athens.

October 5, 2021

Kudos to Denis Gagnon for doing something that shouldn't really be noteworthy, but still is.

The Montréal designer - probably the most internationally revered fashion designer living in Canada - decided to use two black models to showcase his new collection.

Originally I wasn't going to post these images - lookbooks aren't typically something agencies want released - but it was the models' agency that brought this to my attention.

Yoshi and Bianca, both with Specs, play it up in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection "Denise at the Garden."

Below, the District Mode video of Bianca talking about working with Gagnon.

Specs' Yoshi (left) and Bianca for Denis Gagnon's Denise at the Garden lookbook

Specs' Bianca on District Mode discussing Denis Gagnon

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