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September 2007

September 29, 2021

Tori Leach in DSquared2
When B&M's show package goes online Monday, you'll get a look at Tori Leach - a 5'9½" body girl that is so strong on a runway (outstanding in last season's Hanes Underwear show).

On Thursday the blue/green-eyed brunette walked for DSquared2 in Milan, looking, ummm, wow.

September 28, 2021

Is it even worth mentioning what a huge boost Meghan Collision's career got when posted her new Vogue Italia cover yesterday?

It sure is, and as they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.

Meghan Collison

September 26, 2021

Cate Chant
photo: Style:com
If, this morning, you're going through the newly posted runway shots from Milan, you'll notice a someone Modelresource was the first to tell you about last month.

Last week we insisted this girl deserves more attention, and now we're very excited to tell you she's getting it.

Toronto's Cate Chant is in Milan right now, where yesterday she walked in the high profile Prada show - the first runway appearance ever for a girl that had never walked in heels before this summer!

Cate Chant
photo: Greg Swales
The last few days have been a whirlwind for the Chantale Nadeau model; when she woke up Sunday morning she expected to be in school Monday, but instead learned she would be flying to Italy a few hours later.

She immediately rushed to Nadeau's home, where she practiced her walk until it was time to head for the airport.

After a five-hour layover in Brussels, she finally arrived in Milan, where she immediately made her way to the casting that was still taking place - now just hours before the show.

As of Monday night there was still no confirmation that the 17-year-old brunette would be in the lineup, but she must have done a lot of things right because Tuesday morning New York Models informed Nadeau this was indeed going ahead.

The image on the left from the exceptional Sutherland show package, which Modelresource posted this morning.

How this booking will affect Chant's availability for Toronto fashion week however, remains to be seen.

Modelresource will have an interview with this quickly rising star, early next week.

September 24, 2021

Vanessa Perron
Next Models continues to pull in the campaign work.

5'10" Vanessa Perron is in the new Coach campaign, as well as Ogilvy in Canada.

This follows on the Ports 1961 work she had done the previous two seasons.

Renée Lacombe
Renée Lacombe meanwhile, is maintaining a good balance between her overseas commitments and work at home.

Her recent Canadian campaigns include Montréal fashion destination Simon's, Arianne Lingerie (shot by Leda et St-Jacques) and Zenobia (by Richard Bernardin).

The green-eyed brunette can also be seen in Red Magazine (U.K.) and French Elle.

September 21, 2021

Fashion File staged a stylish little soirée Thursday evening, to celebrate the popular show's new format, set to debut in October.

Held in the heart of the entertainment district, the event featured about 25 models from different agencies, a photo/video exhibition by top photographer Arline Malakian, and incredible hair & makeup by Dylan K. Hanson (Artist Group).

April Wozny (Artist Group), Paco Garcia (Kathi Z), Chantale Nadeau

Lauren Berntzen (Chantale Nadeau), Téa (Giovanni)

Richard Campbell, Ryan Greenwood, Elmer Olsen (all Elmer Olsen)

Kendra & Kaylene (both NAM)

September 20, 2021

Elyse Saunders
photo: Kevin Sinclair
Exciting things continue to happen for Elyse Saunders, following her successful launch at New York fashion week.

Earlier this week the 19-year-old Ford model shot the cover and a 16-page spread for L'Officiel with photographer Guy Aroch.

The Oakville model can also be seen in this month's Flare, photographed by John van der Schilden.

Saunders is currently in Europe, gaining more runway credits.

September 19, 2021

Alyssa Lambert in Clin d'Oeil
photo: Brian Ypperciel
When Modelresource begins to roll out show packages on Friday, the first agency featured will be Specs.

And because the packages are generally displayed alphabetically, you'll notice Alyssa Lambert in the top row.

We've told you about this Manitoban before, shortly after she arrived in Montréal in June.

Things have worked out well for the 5'10" blonde, who - according to Specs' booker Amélie Bergeron-Vachon - shot three editorials (two in Clin d'Oeil, one in LOU LOU), and has already been heavily booked for Montréal Fashion Week.

Expect Lambert to head straight for New York following the shows.

September 19, 2021

Cate Chant in Peace
photo: Maxime Bocken
This is one of those girls that Modelresource passed in front of you one particularly busy day in August, and really didn't give her the attention she deserves. 17-year-old Cate Chant is a Chantale Nadeau model that in recent weeks has taken off.

Now signed to Sutherland (Toronto), Folio (Montréal), Storm (London), and NY Models (Manhattan), the high school student is planning on taking a break from her studies in mid-October to check out New York, where - according to Nadeau - her chart is already full of options.

The image on the left is from the current Peace Magazine, shot by Maxime Bocken.

September 18, 2021

Alana Zimmer (second from left)
as Modelresource debuted her
in March '06
With Montréal and Toronto fashion weeks just around the corner, Modelresource is currently preparing for the upcoming frenzy by getting show packages ready for posting.

Before all that however, we want to direct your attention back to one of the many models that started on Canadian runways, before launching to international stardom.

Kitchener's Alana Zimmer is someone Modelresource introduced to the fashion world 18 months ago, when she was a new face making her first runway appearances at Toronto fashion week.

Since then the Elmer Olsen model has become one of the most popular models on the planet, and is featured today in an exclusive feature I provided to

Modelresource has been the first media to put a name to many of today's top models, and with fashion week just around the corner I'm VERY excited to see who will break through this season.

We'll start posting casting advice and the first of the Montréal show packages Friday, followed by Toronto packages late next week. Stay tuned...

September 17, 2021

Sarah Ruba in Betsey Johnson
Since being discovered at a Toronto Starbucks early in 2005, Sarah Ruba's modelling career has been nothing but successful.

That career took another step last week (actually, a bunch of steps) as the Next model appeared in several shows at New York fashion week; probably none more suited to the cooler-than-thou Hamiltonian than Betsey Johnson's show.

The 5'8" brunette has been based in New York for the last year, where Next New York has kept her very busy.

September 14, 2021

Folio's Mimi et Christine
Following a worldwide search, two Folio models were selected to be part of Nivea's new worldwide "Beauty Is..." campaign.

Mimi (winner of Portfolio : Derrière l'Image) and Christine Doyon flew to Vancouver in June to produce the print & TV ads, which have just been released

September 13, 2021

Modelcoach creator, Mangal
Photo: Hasnain Dattu
Modelresource got a sneak peak at a new service for models the other day, and I have to say I'm impressed., developed by former Next model Mangal, offers online video of photo shoots featuring a new model with an experienced photographer.

Elisaveta, from
Photoshoot Basics
photo: Robert Collins
At first, to be honest, I was a little sceptical. Although I'm a strong believer in models gaining experience by observing and practicing, I wasn't sure how much someone would get from an online video. I wondered what this was going to offer that would be any different from Canada's Next Top Model and the like.

Actually, it offers a lot more. Robert Collins, the photographer featured in the "Photoshoot Basics" video I saw, was very good at communicating with the model, Elisaveta (who shortly after this project signed with International Model Management, and is currently doing very well for herself in Taiwan).

Because the video stream is offered in a split screen format, the photographer is usually in-view, while the model is also always seen. The viewer sees and hears what the model sees and hears, and witnesses the tips being applied. Key points are brought up on a pop-up box at the bottom of the screen, to reinforce areas they cannot afford to overlook.
article continues below

Elisaveta, from
Photoshoot Basics
photo: Robert Collins

Modelcoach creator, Mangal
Photo: Dave Cox
With more than 30 minutes of footage, Collins and Elisaveta cover an extensive list of ways to get different looks (sexy, cute, attitude, surprise, etc), as well as interacting with the set and using hands.

There is also close to 15 minutes of bonus material covering things like what to expect for makeup & hair (provided by top artist Shawna Bowen of Judy Inc.), drawing a range of emotions, selling the product (feating Mangal, herself) and what to bring to a shoot (provided by stylist Luan Avram of Velocci Artists).

Although there is a cost attached to the service, the money it would save a new model would almost definitely be recovered in their first photo shoot.

Modelling requires investments, and certain ones will end up saving you a lot of other expenses later. is something I would strongly recommend to any new model or emerging model right now, and with a series of more advanced, fashion-oriented shoots planned for the site even a working model will find value in this.

September 12, 2021

Simona McIntyre for Marc Jacobs
Another Canadian new face Modelresource has been talking about frequently is making a great first impression on Manhattan.

Simona McIntyre (with Sutherland in Toronto), who works through Marilyn's in New York, booked Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs - shows that agencies bend over backwards to get their models in.

For the Chantale Nadeau discovery this is an enormous development before she heads off to Paris, where she is also with Marilyn's.

September 11, 2021

Taryn Davidson
As we told you last week, current Model of the Week Taryn Davidson flew to New York to do the shows and shoot the looks for Calvin Klein... what we weren't permitted to tell you then however, was that the 16-year-old also booked an exclusive for Calvin Klein's show, to happen tonight.

V Magazine's blog broke the silence yesterday however, which should only put the 16-year-old Elmer Olsen model in greater demand.

Keep watching this one...

September 10, 2021

Elyse Saunders for
Canadian designer Jeremy Laing
If you've been following the shows from New York, you may have noticed rising star Elyse Saunders, who did three runways in the first two days alone.

The Ford model is one of 19 Canadians Modelresource spotted in those first couple of days.

The most impressive selection of northern beauty came during Alexander Wang's presentation, which featured Noot Seear, Lisa Cant, Sofi Berelidze, Alana Zimmer, Heather Marks, Julia Dunstall and Meghan Collison.

September 7, 2021

Amy Lalonde
The Toronto International Film Festival got underway Thursday, creating a lot of excitement for movies like George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead.

The zombie flick is actually one of the most anticipated films at TIFF (the Toronto Star ranked its 55 most anticipated movies - Diary of the Dead was second), which has to be exciting for one of B&M's models.

Amy Lalonde has a starring role in the picture, which debuts Saturday at 11:59 p.m., but despite a wealth of acting credits on her résumé this is her first TIFF red carpet.

Lalonde has also been busy shooting the first season of a new English language CBC-TV series (based on a popular French one) in Montréal with another B&M model, Natalie Brown (who, coincidentally, played a reporter in George A. Romero's 2004 film, Dawn of the Dead).

Amy Lalonde, in Diary of the Dead

September 7, 2021

Kate Rooper
at Bootcamp 2 Big time
photo: Matthew Lyn released its monthly round-up of models to watch this morning, and for September the e-zine is directing some attention to Canada's west coast.

Elmer Olsen's Kate Rooper, who Modelresource introduced to the online world nearly a year ago (the same time we started singing Sofi Berelidze's praises ahead of everyone else) is featured on Model Mania, which can only be a good thing.

Modelresource had a chance to catch up with the super sweet, blue-eyed brunette last month, when she was in attendance at Olsen's Bootcamp 2 Big Time event, and I'm convinced this is indeed a girl with a bright future.

September 6, 2021

Coco Rocha
The September issue of Vervegirl is a special one for me, as I was fortunate enough to conduct the feature interview with the cover model, Coco Rocha.

It's an exclusive interview, only available to Vervegirl readers, but I can tell you that one of the questions I posed related to how Rocha's dance background helped her in her current role.

Different people have different opinions on the subject (if you watched Season Two of Canada's Next Top Model you will have noticed runway coach J. Alexander suggesting it's a bad thing), but I've always felt it's a definite positive.

Now the New York Times is confirming my belief, relating the Coco Rocha experience, and those of other dancers.

Although not mentioned in the Times article, Rocha actually led off last season's Jean Paul Gaultier show with an Irish Dance down the elevated runway. It was spectacular.

The Richmond B.C. model made her first of what should be many appearances at New York Fashion Week, Wednesday, in Nicole Miller's collection.

September 6, 2021

Taryn Davidson (Elmer Olsen)
Earlier this year, when I had the opportunity to sit down with industry legend Trudi Tapscott, one of the questions I posed was (not surprisingly) other than Linda Evangelista and Sarra Jane (Elmer Olsen), which Canadian women does DNA represent?

At that time, in fact, they were the only two.

Since then the very exclusive New York management firm has added Amanda Tataryn (Chantale Nadeau, Sutherland), former Model of the Week Charlotte Le Bon (Folio), Marie-Éve Nadeau (Folio), Mackenzie Hamilton (Giovanni, Richard's) and most recently Tara Gill (who we promised we'd be watching, just as we did right from the beginning with Sarra Jane).

Tara Gill (Elmer Olsen)

The first Canadian signed from Tapscott's visit however, was Taryn Davidson (Elmer Olsen) who also happens to be Modelresource's current Model of the Week.

Davidson is currently in New York for the shows, and just last week shot the looks for Calvin Klein, as well as shooting Allure with photographer Nicholas Moore.

September 5, 2021

Natalia, in Harper's Bazaar (Thailand)
Corestone's Natalia continues her assault on Thailand, building an impressive set of tears like her recent set from Harper's Bazaar.

The brunette will also be featured in an upcoming edition of WE Magazine, and in print campaigns for 5-UP designs.

September 4, 2021

Anaïs Pouliot, for LOU LOU
Again this month it's a Folio model that lands on the cover of LOU LOU.

This time it's Anaïs Pouliot, a 5'9½" doll-faced brunette, who is also represented by Trump in New York and Zucca in Tokyo.

Pouliot left for Paris, Saturday, where she is starting with Slides.

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