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Last season I suffered a pretty serious injury that prevented me from dedicating any coverage to fashion week. With best of intentions I had engaged a photographer (Mayreese, who delived a lot of great shots I never got to use), created folders, arranged schedules, attended meetings, fired off a flurry of emails, charged batteries... planned all kinds of stuff that got thwarted thanks to a spot of poor building maintenance.

So, sorry about that.

This season I'm feeling much more whole, and (borrowing from the talents of Steve Alkok) I'm going to try hard to make up for what I missed last time...

... starting by introducing you to Ashley Cheng.

The Next new face flew in from New York last week, where she earned her runway stripes walking for the likes of Betsey Johnson and Erin Fetherston.

5'11" Cheng, from Vancouver, was the first model out to open the official WMCFW schedule, opening for Korhani Monday evening.

She followed that with an appearance for Holt Renfrew, immediately after.

Next new Ashley Cheng for Korhani
photo: Steve Alkok (

Here's a face I was happy to see back working.

Bridget Anderson (@beehappe) is an Alberta girl who has been living in Toronto for quite a while, but took a few years off from modelling.

Looking better than ever, the Elmer Olsen model started Monday's runway schedule at an off-site show for Lucian Matis before trucking it over to the tents for Pavoni.

The 5'9" brunette was also recently featured in The Bay's B-Insider, photographed by Norman Wong.

Elmer Olsen's Bridget Anderson for Lucian Matis
photo: Steve Alkok (

If you were following along with Modelresource's tweets on Monday, you were getting an inside scoop like no other on the models appearing at fashion week.

Also, you won't be a bit surprised by this revelation: Madison Schill (@schillian)
There's just something otherworldly about the Ford model's gaze that makes her impossible not to watch.

More than that, she's absolutely charming and as we told you a few months ago, the Oshawa product is also somewhat of an overachiever.

The photo below is the opening outfit for Pavoni.

Expect to see much more of Schill this week, both in the shows and on these pages.

Ford's Madison Schill for Pavoni
photo: Steve Alkok (

And then, of course, there's Holt Renfrew.

The internationally revered Canadian retailer rolled out snippets of several collections and recruited plenty of top, homegrown models to add some punch.

Elmer Olsen's captivating Amanda Laine (@AmandaLaine11) opened the luxury department store's fashion show in the main runway room.

Elmer Olsen's Amanda Laine for Holt Renfrew
photo: Steve Alkok (

And here, one of Modelresource's enduring favourites, Kate Somers (@KateESomers) sporting hair extensions beneath the more obvious head gear.

Elmer Olsen's Kate Somers for Holt Renfrew
photo: Steve Alkok (

Speaking of Twitter, Autumn Kendrick signed up for an account Monday morning (@autumnDmonkey)!

A past Featured Model on this very site, the 5'9" former ballerina was an absolute standout for Korhani and Pavoni, both of which relied on her to do more than simply 'walk' the runway.

Ford / Chantale Nadeau's Autumn Kendrick for Pavoni
photo: Steve Alkok (

Gotta love seeing Herieth Paul (@HeriethPaul) doing fashion week again in Toronto.

Only a few weeks ago the Elite model was opening Burberry Prorsum in London.

Monday, the Tanzanian-born Ottawan was inside the tents at David Pecault Square, for Holt's.

Elite's Herieth for Holt Renfrew
photo: Steve Alkok (

Not sure how many more updates I can get in before I dash off to Day TWO, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention another Next new face making her Toronto fashion week debut.

5'11" Kait (@goingto_____) made her first Modelresource appearance on the snazzy frontpage .gif we keep updating to promote our newest venture, JURIED.

She has already been featured twice on the new - and already very popular - Tumblr site, in stories by Paolo Azarraga and Robert Gaudette.

The Vancouver resident also popped up a couple of weeks ago on Fashion Gone Rogue, by Javier Lovera.

Her first night of shows had her in both Korhani and Pavoni.

Next's Kait for Pavoni
photo: Steve Alkok (

This, by the way, is how you close a show.

The last outfit of the night belonged to Elmer Olsen's ever-so-elegant Oksana Orel.

Of course, there is only so much you can get from a couple of photos, which is why I recommend taking advantage of the YouTube channel set up by the Fashion Design Council of Canada, once they update it.

Elmer Olsen's Oksana Orel for Pavoni
photo: Steve Alkok (

And this was the stunning closing outfit for Lucian Matis, donned by the stunning Ms. Dani Seitz (@DaniSeitz).

Sutherland's 6'0" beauty is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand girls again this season.

Sutherland / Chantale Nadeau's Dani Seitz for Lucian Matis
photo: Steve Alkok (



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