L'Oréal Fashion Week


Perhaps I've grown cynical, but I've been going to these events long enough and some things just leave me shaking my head.

You may notice the dearth of photos on this page. That's because despite the fact I registered for fashion week as soon as the online registration opened... despite the fact I immediately made known my request to have backstage access... despite the fact I picked up my media pass within hours of it becoming available... ...backstage passes still weren't available prior to the one and only show last night.

Perhaps it's because I used to work in a branch of government responsible for simplifying such processes (because really, how hard is it to have both the media pass and backstage pass available for pick up at the same time?) but yes, dear reader, I am increasingly cynical. I can update my driver's licence and health card from one website and have the replacement cards sent to my home address. When the Fashion Design Council of Canada is less responsive than the Ontario government, that's a problem.

I'm cynical of the decision to call the opening night soiree, the Don't Tell My Booker Opening Night Party. Is the FDCC suggesting a bunch of models are sneaking out for a wild night at the Liberty Grand? They weren't (and it wasn't). But even if models were showing up, do you really want to advertise it in such a way as to attract a bunch of overly-scented, model-chasing boys? Really? They've got nothing better?

I'm cynical of girls circulating the fashion environment in little skirts and white tank tops with "International Call Girl" scrawled across the front, and "Try Me Free" on the back. I don't know what they were selling but it wasn't class, and the only people that might find that witty are the ones that still think Pimp & Ho parties are awesome.

Maria Dvrinik... in New York
The Mackage show featured Maria Dvirnik opening and closing. That should have been Modelresource's top story. Instead I get to tell you about obstacles and distractions.

I interviewed Dvirnik backstage once before - at New York's Olympus Fashion Week - and she was really quite charming. It's unfortunate I couldn't bring you her perspective on how it feels to open L'Oréal Fashion Week and support Canadian design.

I could give you my perspective on her appearance and fill the piece with photos of Dvirnik from this month's Fashion Magazine, but it defeats the purpose of registering. Don't you think?

Frankly I'm reluctant to continue doing this. I bring a unique perspective, and last season Modelresource recorded more than 16,000 page views of fashion week coverage. The site's audience is larger now and if there's nothing meaningful for me to report I'm actually doing the FDCC a disservice by leaving the impression that nothing is going on. And that's not fair to the designers.

I'll be trying again tonight because I really do enjoy a good fashion show and am generally impressed by Izzy Camilleri, Joeffer Caoc and Comrags. And maybe, just maybe, I can get some work done at the same time.

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