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Fashion Nation
Fashion Nation
I've always strived to keep this site fair. That's why I have to start by praising whoever made the decision to rid the fashion environment of the "International Call Girls." The girls were still there, promoting a long-distance cell phone plan, but they looked so much classier in black dresses.

Day Two was a much better experience. Despite a heavy schedule things stayed close to time, and the day featured Meredith Mason doing exactly four shows in two hours (Izzy Camelleri at 7:00, Pierre Jale at 7:30, Joeffer Caoc at 8:00 and Comrags at 9:00). Mason will be in two more shows tonight, and as you will note when Modelresource publishes Pink Tartan's lineup this afternoon (now available), she will be in that one as well.

Meredith Mason
Meredith Mason
What might have been my favourite show yesterday however, was the Fashion Nation presentation that started the day. I'm a softie for a polished runway presentation and I LOVED watching a core of models that knew where to place their hand on their hips, and how to extend their fingers. I loved seeing models do the three-step walk out from the end of the runway. It was a departure from everything else I have seen lately, and although I didn't recognize any of the all-Aboriginal cast, I loved what they were doing.

That isn't to say I don't love the tougher, more carefree walk that is more common. It takes a special kind of model to really pull that off without looking drunk, and yesterday was great. Ford's Marija was stunning throughout the evening, and although I'm not positive, I think Next's Andrea Gratton may have been in every third outfit for Comrags - and that's never a bad thing.

Nelly Tsyrlin
Nelly Tsyrlin
Nelly Tsyrlin absolutely takes my breath away whenever she enters a runway, and fellow Sutherland model Veronique looks like a natural despite her very recent entry into the world of modelling.

Elmer Olsen has a small army of models making regular rounds: Breanna, Niomi, Grace, Kassandra and Audrey Gair seem to be everywhere.

Other models I can't take my eyes off of: Giovanni's Melissa Molson who I am so happy to have back in Canada, Ford's Bojana who I'm so happy to still have in Canada, Elite's Kathleen who was destined for greatness from the start, and Velocci's Ashley Hart, who just launched her career a year ago and is nicely finding her stride.

Ashley Hart Marija Kathleen
Ashley Hart - Marija - Kathleen

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