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Meredith Mason for David Dixon
Meredith Mason for David Dixon
For anyone that still doesn't understand the value of casting good models, look hard at this photo of Meredith Mason, taken at last night's stunning David Dixon show.

First, look at the way Mason stares into the photo pit and draws the cameras in with her eyes.

Next, look at the way the dress hangs perfectly from her frame.

Finally, take a look at every set of eyes in the crowd. At the instant this photo was taken large screens were showing the event on either side of the room, another model was entering the runway in the next outfit and literature about the show and its impressive designer was everywhere. And Mason has every eye on her (except for the guy in the back corner, but he's standing right next to Ashley Hart, so that's understandable).

I got a tonne of photos yesterday, so I'll be updating throughout the day. Please check back.

Niomi for Fantine
Niomi for Fantine
If you've been around the industry for a while you are probably aware of the expression "A good runway model wears the clothes and doesn't let the clothes wear her."

Elmer Olsen's Niomi is a perfect example of how to do things right. I can't really show it on the website, but if you get a chance to see video of yesterday's Fantine show, watch how Niomi takes control.

There are little things she does on the runway to make the clothes move in different ways - sometimes with her fingers, sometimes in adjusting her posture. It's always subtle and it comes from experience, control, and being aware of the clothes at all times.

Almost nobody in the crowd would notice the subtle things a model does to make the clothes work with her - and that's the way it should be. To be honest, I'm not even sure Niomi realizes it while she's out there. She's either really good, perfectly natural... or more likely she's both.

I've encountered a lot of models that practice, practice, practice in their homes and at their agencies. That's great, and keep doing it! But whenever you get the chance, try different outfits and take note of how they move with you. It makes a difference.
Melissa Molson
Melissa Molson
And just like that she was gone...

Yesterday I was remarking about how happy I was to have Giovanni's Melissa Molson back in Canada for shows.

The Mississauga model was insanely popular in Australia, where she is represented by Chadwicks, and made Sydney her home for an extended period last year.

Melissa Molson
Melissa Molson
for David Dixon
Then just before returning to Canada Molson broke her arm in a car accident, and returned home injured and unavailable until January.

Now fully recovered she's never looked better, and did several shows this week including David Dixon last night.

This morning however, Molson boarded a plane for Milan, where she is represented by Why Not Models.

Ashley Hart
Ashley Hart
Near the top of the page I mentioned how distracting Ashley Hart can be. This is what I'm talking about.

This Velocci model stands 5'11", and was chosen as the top model at last year's Canadian Model & Talent Convention.

I was in New York last month when Trump Models Director Jon Tutolo excitedly told me about his new Canadian signing. It's not hard to see why he was so excited.

Hart will be one of two Trump signings in tonight's Pink Tartan fashion show, along with Sutherland's devine Nelly Tsyrlin.

Two other Trump/Sutherland girls - Lisa Cant and Jae Brickman have also done Pink Tartan's shows in the past year.

Nam Models are having a strong week, despite Willow being in Milan.

Debb had a great show for Comrags the other day, Jenn Simpson's return to Toronto's runways was stellar, and Renee Thompson was as impressive as always before departing for South Africa this morning.

My biggest surprise though, was Oksana, who did her first ever runway appearance last night and nailed it. I certainly wouldn't have known it was her catwalk debut if I hadn't asked her after the show.

Watch for a lot more of Oksana in future seasons.

Last season I made it known that I would have liked to have seen more of Ford's Marija.

This season she is making her presence known and it's impressive.

A powerful brunette with deep smouldering eyes, impossibly full lips, cheekbones and a jawline you couldn't invent and a body built for the Riveira, Marija was quite simply made for this job.

Marija Bojana
Marija and Bojana for David Dixon
The fact that she knows how to take charge of a runway is just a bonus. She's simply amazing.

Marija was joined in yesterday's David Dixon show by fellow Ford model Bojana, who as you are likely aware was the runner up in the recent Ford Supermodel of the World Contest.

Bojana too, has been outstanding this week, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing her again tonight in Pink Tartan.

Grace, Alana, Audrey, Kassandra
Grace, Alana, Audrey & Kassandra
Yesterday I made a small mention of Elmer's Army, which has been parading up an down the runway at the Liberty Grand.

Unfortunately I had no photos to go with that because even though all were featured in the Mackage show that opened fashion week, I had some issue on that date.

Ryan Greenwook with Dana
Ryan Greenwood with Dana
Niomi you can (and should) see above, while Grace, Alana, Audrey Gair and Kassandra can be seen here together, and Dana, who has also had several memorable forays down the catwalk this week, is pictured with Elmer Olsen booker Ryan Greenwood.

Audrey - who I've been watching for two-and-a-half years and has come to a whole new level lately - and long-legged Alana and can both be seen in tonight's Pink Tartan show.

Rachel for Fantine
About a month ago, Next Models was the first agency to drop a show package on Modelresource.

Excitedly I posted it, expecting to see a lot of Andrea Gratton when the shows began.

Andrea Gratton
Andrea Gratton
for David Dixon
I haven't been disappointed in that, and yesterday I was quite happy to see Min as well in the Fantine show.

Totally slipping under my radar however, was Rachel, who is having a great week. As well as the Fantine show last night, she has appeared in Izzy Camelleri, Comrags and Andy The-Anh, and is booked for Chulo Pony tonight.

As busy as today has been (and wow, has it been busy?! - amazing what one can dig up with a backstage pass), I can't go on without recognizing Giovanni's Justyna, who for my money has the best walk in the city.

One of the interesting things I got from observing the Pink Tartan casting from the start, was casting director Paola Fullerton's observation that other models rose to a different level when they knew they were sharing a runway with Yasmin Warsame.

Justyna Justyna
Justyna for David Dixon
Justyna was in that show too, just as she will be in Pink Tartan's show tonight, and I was actually amazed in October by how well she carried herself in every show, regardless of what she was wearing or who she was with.

There's a coolness about this girl that puts her in a different league, and makes her a treat to watch.

By the way, while I struggle through sorting photos and attaching stories to them, check out Flare's daily blogs. I mentioned in my Fashion Week preview that I really enjoyed Lisa Tant's take on things in New York. That was even before I realized other Flare staff were covering the collections in other markets and also dissecting things nicely.

Now they're apparently sharing Toronto duties and giving the low down on the styles (What? People go to these shows for the clothes?). All the more reason to send readers their way. Just come back when you're done - I'm not through yet.

Lisa Cote
Lisa Cote
for David Dixon
When I posted the picture of Meredith Mason at beginning of the day (it feels like days ago now) to illustrate the value of booking solid models, I wrestled with that photo and this one of Giovanni's Lisa Cote.

The striking redhead also brings an incredibly strong, captivating presence to the runway but the shot of Mason was just a little clearer and less obstructed.

My last post today goes to this incredible girl.

Corestone's Tarot is one of those models that I mentioned earlier, that practices her walk at home each day.

She's 5'11", 15-years-old and was extremely close to booking jobs this week, but didn't end up getting anything despite an incredible walk. I have video of her walk - it's gorgeous.

Despite the fact she didn't book a single runway I've seen Tarot at the shows everyday so far, soaking up the environment. This is the kind of model that inspires me to write. This is a young model that gets it.

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