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Amanda, Cedric, Paola, Alan and Matti
Amanda, Cedric, Paola, Alan & Matti
I chatted with Pink Tartan designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran this morning at Starbucks. I felt the need to thank her for infusing some colour into a very dark fashion week, and to let her know how impressed I always am with the work Paola Fullerton does behind the scenes.

Over the past few weeks I've made several mentions of Fullerton, who was chiefly responsible for pulling the Pink Tartan cast together. That's her in the center of the photo after last night's brilliant show.

Flanking Fullerton are Pink Tartan's Amanda, Next Toronto New Face Director Cedric Lefort (who also had a big hand in the outstanding casting), Giovanni Toronto Director Alan Thomas, and Elite booker Matti Gidilevich.

Heather Marks and Ashley Macisaac
Heather Marks
and Ashley MacIsaac
I'm willing to bet when Ashley Macisaac first picked up a fiddle he didn't picture himself posing with top models and leading off main-event fashion shows. Funny how life happens.

I had the chance to interview Heather Marks yesterday (pictured here with MacIsaac), and hope to get that posted sometime over the weekend.

Keep checking back today too, though - many more photos on the way...
Lydia, following
Chulo Pony
Yesterday I got an e-mail asking if I get money from agencies for mentioning their models.


(ha ha... I'm still laughing...)

I get moral support and word-of-mouth advertising, and that's it my friends.

Just like a client, I get to know which models are coming down the pipe based on the effectiveness of the agents in promoting their new faces, and on what I observe.

Sometimes I need to be spoonfed, sometimes I disregard what they tell me, and sometimes I find it on my own.

In fact, half the fun of running a website like this is the anonymity and impartiality that comes with it (the other half is dealing with bookers, who are always rays of sunshine).

Yesterday I met Next Models' Lydia, whom I've known about for quite some time, and whose photo I added to the Next Profile because:

A) Her agent, Cedric Lefort, told me clients were showing a lot of interest and there was a strong probability she would be a major face for that agency, and
B) I really liked her look, and could see that potential for myself

This is good for new models to understand. A good agent can inflate a model's potential by understanding their clients' likes and needs, but they can't force anyone to like anybody.

A good agent can open doors, and then it's up to the model. After meeting Lydia yesterday I can see why Next has gotten behind her. She is completely sweet and fun to be around, and if I were her booker I would be so comfortable sending her out to meet clients.

Not only is Lydia gorgeous, she's also interesting and well-rounded. She speaks three languages, is studying anthropology and like Daria, she's an excellent sketch artist (she was showing Meredith Mason and me her sketchbook and it's seriously impressive).

Clients like multi-dimensional models that can speak intelligently about things other than modelling, and that's why I'm happy to write about Lydia even though Next isn't throwing any cash in my direction.

Elisabeth Lepage and Tara Lanoway
Elisabeth Lepage
and Tara Lanoway
On the left are two of the "rays of sunshine" mentioned above.

Elisabeth Lepage is a model-turned-booker who joined Elmer Olsen a few months ago after moving from Montréal, and Tara Lanoway is the super-cute Mens' Director at same agency.

Darius and Tara Lanoway
Darius and Tara
The nervous, "Hurry up and take the damned picture" look on Lepage's belle visage might have something to do with the fact she had just sent Lanoway's empty glass crashing to the floor right before the photo was taken.

The shot on the right, taken a few minutes earlier, is Lanoway with top male model Darius.

Siovan, Alexandra, Chantale
Siovan, Alexandra & Chantale
How cute is Chantale Nadeau? Just minutes ago I got an e-mail offering me five bucks to talk about her girls. I was going to anyways, but how can I turn down another latte?

Yesterday marked the Toronto runway debut of Siovan, in the Pink Tartan show. The Ford model joined fellow Nadeau discovery Veronique (placed with Sutherland) in the last night's event.

Gabriella and Veronique
Gabriella and Veronique
As I mentioned in my observations from the Pink Tartan casting, this label isn't afraid to go its own way, and was the only show featuring Siovan, Gabriella (Sutherland), Nazoyan (Giovanni), and (well...) Heather Marks.

Elite cutie Alexandra Lalonde - another virtual newcomer - was also part of that show. It was only her second runway appearance.

Sherry, Julie
Sherry Martincic
and Julie O'Donnell
I'll be posting more photos this weekend, before taking off to Europe for a bit.

Before I walk away from today's work (to prepare for Ireland by investigating this thing called "St. Patrick's Day"), here is a shot of Ford's Sherry Martincic and Julie O'Donnell livening things up at the Pink Tartan after-party.

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