L'Oréal Fashion Week

Spring 2006 Day FOUR

Salon Jie
Day Four of L'Oréal Fashion Week - what a day! Everything started at 3:00 with Salon Jie's entertaining hair & makeup show in the main runway room, and ended close to midnight with the szoldier show at the State Theatre.

Sweeter-than-pie Jae Brickman probably had the longest day of any model, having to arrive early for some serious hair and makeup work done for Salon Jie, then having to wait hours to do Mackage (the evening's second last show on the main stage), only to rush back from that and prep for Pink Tartan to close things out.

Giovanni's Justyna has emerged as a true star this week, having done four more shows Thursday (Denis Gagnon, morales, Mackage and Pink Tartan), to close out her week. The 18-year-old (who makes a lot of her own very cool clothes) is taking a year away from her studies and is currently weighing her modelling options. She only recently returned from a successful show season in New York (where she is with Vision).

Pink Tartan put on an AMAZING show last night, much as Modelresource had predicted. Yasmin Warsame was the star everyone had hoped she would be, both backstage and on the runway.

Elite's Irina Funtikova, who followed Warsame onto the runway, showed why she was in such demand in Europe.

Two of Elmer Olsen's new faces, Marta and C.J., have been making a lot of runway appearances this week, and have looked better and better each time out.

Great to also meet Elite's Meredith Mason, who flew directly back from a shoot with Paolo Roversi to do Pink Tartan, and Sarah Ruba, who we've been raving about for months.

And Sutherland's Francisco Randez continued to cause a stir, first in Mackage, then closing the night for szoldier.

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Elite Canada's owner Alecia Bell
with Kathleen and Bobbi Wiens

Giovanni's Lisa Cote

Francisco Randez

Elmer Olsen's Marta & C.J.
following Preloved

Designer Chase, with Giovanni's
Sharon Smith and Micah

Sutherland's Nelly Tsyrlin
with booker Daisy Chung

Elite's Allison MacGillivray
with Meredith Mason

Francisco Randez in ssoldier

Stylist Rad Hourani, Mode's Kelly Streit
and Giovanni scout Brooke Tremain

Giovanni's Justyna in makeup

Next's Yasmin Warsame

Next Models Sarah Ruba
and Renee Thompson

Sutherland's Jae Brickman

Elmer Olsen's Bailey Ruthenberg
prior to Pink Tartan

Justyna in Denis Gagnon