L'Oréal Fashion Week

Spring 2006 preview

Never before have Canadian designers had so much world-class talent from which to draw, and as last season boldly illustrated, quality models bring the camera lenses and the media to them.

Throughout fashion week Modelresource will be backstage, snapping photos and giving a behind-the-scenes view you won't see anywhere else, and on Thursday we will give modelresource readers a first look at the amazing lineup Pink Tartan has planned.

In the meantime, enjoy a sneak preview of the models you can expect to see at the Liberty Grand starting October 17th, as well as the most memorable models from the last shows.

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Heather Marks was just one of the highlights of last season's shows.
March's most memorable models.

Lydia (Next)
Yasmin Warsame and Vanessa Perron are two of the bigger names included in Next Models' show package for L'Oréal Fashion Week

At trio of Sarahs (Jones, DeGoede and the incredible Ruba) will also make the rounds alongside show-stealers like Jen Simpson and Chantelle Gerkes.

We're also watching for breathtaking blondes Gigi and Lydia to make an impression.


Paulina Murchie
Paulina Murchie (B&M)

Four of B&M's beauties, Shani Feldman, Holly Mitchell, Tori Leach and the very memorable Rachel Bryan (who has an amazing walk) have already confirmed shows leading up to fashion week.

In addition to Alyssa, Krstyal and Eunique from Modelresource's New Face Preview, be on the watch for fellow new faces, Paulina Murchie, Paulina Lukashova, Julie Levesque and Sofia.


Sogan (Nam)
In a slick little move, Nam Models took a different approach to promoting its runway girls in advance of L'Oréal Fashion Week, putting out five glossy cards of clean-faced models.

Nam owner Norwayne Anderson told modelresource he wanted clients to understand what they were getting when they booked his models, so Women's Director Aaron Hawco shot the girls with no makeup and the rest is left to the imaginations of those doing the castings.

Watch for 5'11" redhead Anya to make an impression, along with Willow, who recently returned from a successful trip to Milan.

A trio of 5'10" lookers - Kaitlyn, Debb, & new face Courtney - and 5'11" modelresource favourite Annak should also do well.


Jessi (Sutherland)
Sutherland is rolling out the big guns in time for L'Oréal Fashion Week, putting forward the likes of Lisa Cant, Nelly Tsyrlin and Jae, each of whom have set New York on its ear, alongside the likes of Modelresource Newface alumni Baiba, Jessica Lewis and Gabriella

Chantale Nadeau supplied gems like Myo, Mela, Christy Battell, Claire Oleson and Jessi M'Bengue also figure into a very strong mix of faces and bodies.

One of modelresource's favourites over the past few years, Laura Pilotte, should also be prominent again this season.


Madeleine (Elmer Olsen)

Superstar-in-the-making, Madeleine Berrevoets, returns from her first show season abroad, leading a young set of Elmer Olsen Models into fashion week.

In addition to flawless beauty Maria Dvirnik, the agency figures to send heads spinning with a fresh crop of beautiful new faces like 5'11" Grace and super-cute Ottawa import Sarra.


Kerry Parrett (Elite)
Elite Models, in addition to sending amazing newcomer Kerry Parrett on the rounds, is also pushing all five girls from Modelresource's Newface Preview for the upcoming L'Oréal Fashion Week

Already booked for shows are sexy Claire Cormeau and 5'11", 15-year-old newcomer Courtney Visscher, who are both coming in from Alberta for the occassion.

New faces Kaitlyn H., Kim D., and Meredith Mason (currently making friends in Paris) are also expected to figure prominently.


Nazoyan (Giovanni)

Giovanni Models makes a strong case for its models in advance of the upcoming L'Oréal Fashion Week

A strong mix of new and experienced faces - watch for Justyna and Kori Richardson to continue where they left off in New York, where each did five shows.

Modelresource favourites from last season, Kelly Fluker, Lisa Cote and Twyla Hayes are all back, along with the very cool Michelle Valencourt.

Expect to also see a fair bit of Brenna Rose, who has been booking solidly overseas, gorgeous Jen MacDonald, and stunning newcomer Courtney Fancy.