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Day One of L'Oréal Fashion Week Spring 2007

Organized meyhem in the hair & makeup room

This was the scene last night as L'Oréal Fashion Week got underway.

In the picture's front left corner wearing black & white stripes is Richelle Dobson, who looked stunning last night.

There will be a better photo of Dobson a bit later in the day, as Modelresource will be updating right up until we get to the next shows.

Think she recognized me?
Here's a face that hasn't been seen nearly enough lately.

Lydia Nyilasi, whose writing livened up our summer, was part of the Fragmented Time L'Oréal Spring Beauty Trends 2007 show.

I didn't get to see her backstage (the shot on the right is straight from the runway) but I chatted briefly with her last week. She's back at university and doing really well, but making time for shows this week.

Robin Buss
Then there's Robin Buss, who still continues to inspire and entertain Modelresource readers.

I had a really good chat with her last night. Buss is so happy to be home for the shows because even though she loves the travel she gets really excited about doing the hometown runways.

She was in the Marie St. Pierre show last night, and what a pro... her expression... her walk... so impressed.

Miss Melissa Molson
If I could be stuffed into anyone's luggage it would be this girl's.

Last winter Melissa Molson spent Australian summer downunder. This year, after the shows, she's off to sunny Miami. Then likely New York. She's had a couple stops in Milan along the way.

Prezzle presents

Day One of L'Oréal Fashion Week Spring 2007

HIGHRISE's Cynthia Cully
with B&M's Gail McInnes
If you're wondering who the big surprise model was in last night's schedule... well... it didn't quite work out.

The whole flights, accomodations and show appearance fee idea that I told you about in the Fashion Week Preview didn't come together as planned, although there are some big names in town this week. Modelresource will keep you updated as we learn more.

Just a reminder Modelresource has a whole section of our Discussion Board set up for Fashion Week. We're anxious to hear your thoughts.

Chantale Nadeau
This is always one of my favourite sights at fashion shows.

Any time one of her models is on a runway, expect to see Chantale Nadeau beaming, and taking pictures.

This shot was from the Marie St. Pierre show, and just out of view is Nadeau's Claire Oleson.

Richelle Dobson with
Chantale Nadeau
I touched on it a bit earlier, but here's the photographic evidence to support it.

Richelle Dobson looks even better now than she did before having her son, Wesley.

She was absolutely glowing last night, and totally in charge of the runway. We'll be seeing more of her this week.

Lauren P
I really wish I had a clear runway shot of this girl.

Elite's 13-year-old Lauren P did her first foray down the catwalk last night and was excellent.

Her booker, Allison MacGillivray was bursting with pride following the 5'9½", Grade 8 student's debut.

Matti Gidilevich
and Alecia Bell
Speaking of Elite, this is booker Matti Gidilevich with agency owner Alecia Bell.

Elite is getting ready to move spaces at the end of next week, and Bell assures me everything is looking really good at the new office.

We also got talking about Bobbi Wiens, who just completed an amazing show season.

The 17-year-old is finishing high school this year... expect to see much more of her starting next summer.

Jess and Tamara
Two Ford girls I was happy to come across yesterday.

Jess, on the left, is from Barrie, Ontario and I just love her look. She has a few shows lined up this week, so hopefully we'll get more of her.

On the right is Ajax, Ontario's Tamara - one of the most naturally beautiful people you could hope to meet.

Check out Ford's website and you will know exactly what I mean about both of them.

Eva Shaw meets Drea

I loved my seat for the Fragmented Time L'Oréal Spring Beauty Trends 2007 show.

Modelresource was seated five rows in, about halfway down the runway, right where the models stopped to "reflect" in an imaginary mirror.

Facing the camera is Drea, who appears on the cover of the Canadian Model's Resource, while statuesque Eva Shaw shows off the back off her gown.

Prezzle presents

Day One of L'Oréal Fashion Week Spring 2007

Mario Velocci with Robbie

A few months ago Velocci owner Mario Velocci was involved in a rather serious car v. pedestrian accident in which he was not the one in the car.

Out of respect for his privacy Modelresource didn't mention it, but now that he's up and around we're happy to show his smiling, healthy face.

Glad to see you doing well, Mario.

Aaron Hawco, Tristan Tran
and Marisa Simonovic
This would be the South Spadina crew.

On the left is Aaron Hawco, who you can learn more about in the NAM profile that went online yesterday.

With Aaron are Next's Tristan Tran and Marisa Simunovic who came to support the 30 or so Next models that blanketed the runway yesterday.

Anya, Yamal, Lauren, Erika and Chantale Nadeau

Claire Oleson
There's a shot a little higher up on this page of Chantale Nadeau photographing one of her models on the runway.

This is what she was seeing at the same time (thanks Chantale). Claire Oleson looked amazing, as always, in the Marie St. Pierre show last night.

I got a quick word in with the beautiful redhead right after the show and she says Sutherland (which books her in Toronto) is keeping her very busy this week, with several photo and runway bookings.

Cindi Gerster, George Whiteside,
Cathy LeDrew & Sherry Martincic
The theme of last night's after-show gathering was "Honouring our Modelling Agencies," which I thought was a really nice gesture by the Fashion Design Council of Canada.

Each agency had their own table set up at Muzik (where the shows are being presented), with a roped-off area to relax and entertain.

Most of the staff at the various agencies get along quite well so there was a lot of mingling between tables and most of the rope dividers were removed. It was a good scene.

Part of my evening was spent hanging out with the very fun staff from Ford, who were also joined for this picture by top Canadian photographer George Whiteside.


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