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Day Five of L'Oréal Fashion Week Spring 2007

Ford's Joanne Chia
Day Five was the big one for Modelresource, so lots of photos found themselves getting posted.

Before any of the shows got underway I caught up with Ford's Joanne Chia, who is a Canadian model living in Atlanta. She's in town for a few months now and made an appearance in the Slavka Plavsic show Friday evening.

The afternoon's first show featured designs from students at London's Fanshawe College, but unfortunately there was no announcement in the lobby to signal the show's start, so I quietly made my way in and watched the show with Eva Shaw from the back of the room.

A series of independant designers followed, starting with Janet Lapuz.

Ford's Tamara Iris (left)
and Hannah Quick for Janet Lapuz

Velocci's Mario Velocci and his wife Rupa

Ford's Hannah Quick (left) and
Jenna Judd for Dina Lyons

Gorgeous Shanu (Ford) for Slavka Plavsic

Joanne Chia for Slavka Plavsic

Siovan, Joanne, and Adrianne
following Slavka Plavsic

Next models Mangal and
Nenna for So(da)liscious

Jenna Judd and Hannah Quick for Christine Phillip

Tamara for Christine Phillip; her
third of four shows Friday

Like Tamara, Bojana would run from this show
straight to makeup & hair for Pink Tartan

Jenna, Bojana and Dustyn, all of Ford

Ford's Bojana
Bojana is rushed into hair & makeup for Pink Tartan, which is scheduled to start 45 minutes after the Christine Phillip show has ended.

While that's going on I ask Pink Tartan's casting agent, Paola Fullerton if all the models have arrived. Not only did everyone show up on time and prepared, Fullerton tells me, but most have taken the initiative to get into the shoes they will be wearing in the show and have started practicing their choreography.

In the runway room meanwhile, Pink Tartan's show producer Helen Krispis, is overseeing the laying of a white floor, having chandeliers added and rearranging the seating to create a more intimate feel.

Sutherland's Richelle Dobson shows off the stunning
hair and makeup for the Pink Tartan show

Elmer Olsen's Diana Wilson before getting into her first outfit

Elite's Heidi Marie en route to the change room

Elite's Meredith Mason... so beautiful

LEFT: An amused Richelle gets some touch-ups by Pink Tartan's Paola Fullerton
CENTER: Super-shy Next model Lydia Nyilasi waits patiently in makeup
RIGHT: Elite's Stefanie Hill - keep watching for this amazing 15-year-old

Richelle Dobson
Showtime! And I have to start by saying thanks to HIGHRISE Magazine, who gave up one of their seats when the Fashion Design Council of Canada neglected to assign me one.

As mentioned above, the set was quite intimate with the front row of seats pushed forward to the very edge of the runway. From the shots below you'll see I was in the second row, which was back far enough from the front row that it allowed for models to return to the top of the runway without crossing the next model. Sound confusing? The pictures explain exerything.

Scenester Shinan Govani missing Sutherland's captivating Natasha Deruyter

Stefanie Hill returning to the top of the runway

Flawless Pamela Bernier

Elite's Winnipeg doll Heidi Marie

Amazing Irina Funtikova

Super-cool Diana Wilson

Heidi Marie - note the chandeliers

Pink Tartan designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran
doing the after-show interviews


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